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The Big Picture Story Bible pdf The Big Picture Story Bible, ebook The Big Picture Story Bible, epub The Big Picture Story Bible, doc The Big Picture Story Bible, e-pub The Big Picture Story Bible, The Big Picture Story Bible 875e974ca36 No Child Is Too Young To Begin Learning About The Greatest Love Story Of All God S Love For His People, As Portrayed In The Bible David Helm And Gail Schoonmaker Have Together Created A Colorful Book Of Bible Stories Written Especially For Children Ages Rather Than Simply Retelling Portions Of The Bible, This Book Presents The Big Picture The Unified Story Running Through The Old And New Testaments Twenty Six Stories Together Form Parts Of This Big PictureSimply Written And Beautifully Illustrated, This Book Teaches Children The Bible S Whole Story So They Can Begin To Appreciate The Fulfillment Of God S Promise To His People The Big Picture Story Bible Is Perfect For Parents To Read To Their Children And For Older Children To Read On Their OwnFirst Published In , The Big Picture Story Bible Has Been Widely Praised And Used By Parents It Now Comes With An Audio Recording Of The Book, Read By The Author And Presented On Two CDs, One Each For The Old And New Testaments Great For Sunday School Classes And Trips In The Car, Children Can Listen To The Text And Follow Along In The BookBook Details Format Book CD Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age And Up

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    Many of you know that I am very particular about the christian books that I read to my kids I m often saddened by the lack of doctrine and mis truths that are taught to our kids in the most popular Bible books So I was very reluctant to embrace the Big Picture Story Bible , but I have and here s why.First, it doesn t make the Bible into a bunch of moral stories or Veggie tunize it , instead it shows the whole plan of salvation from Adam and Eve to the New Earth Secondly, it doesn t impart motives or words to the biblical characters that aren t stated in the Bible.One of the popular kids Bibles right now is the Jesus Storybook Bible It has Biblical stories than the Big Picture Story Bible, but I find that I often have to edit it as I m reading The author takes some liberties with what the Bible says, in order to write in the style of a fairytale story and I find that those liberties often convey incorrect truths or trivialize real truths It makes me wonder if we are really teaching them the Bible or a different version of a great fairy tale Lloyd Jones does a great job of showing how Christ is in the whole Bible, but I think she undercuts the story with her desire to entertain at the same time back to The Big Picture Story Bible I ll get off my soap box now David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker have done a really good job of staying accurate to the Bible, although they do misquote Mark 1 10 and Luke 3 22 when they say a dove flew down and rested on Jesus referring to the Holy Spirit, but that s the only thing I ve noticed thus far.One of Milan s favorite stories from the book right now is God s Great Sign Part 7 Which is the story of the Israelites in Egypt painting their doors with the blood of a lamb so that God would pass over their house and not kill the first born Gail s illustrations show a father holding a lamb and then the next picture you see them painting the door frame of the house, followed by a picture of Pharaoh weeping over the body of his dead son It really is a good representation of the biblical story.While we were at The Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago, we had a chance to hear David Helm at the panel discussion How To Teach Children and Youth the Gospel Story He strongly made the point that we should be reading to our kids from the Bible, that this book The Big Picture Story Bible came out of his church wanting to create a resource for the families in their church to do family worship a few times a week at home, specifically families with young kids Does this book teach all the Bible stories No, it misses a lot of them, but it does help you see how to teach from the Bible in a way that your 3 year old will understand and enjoy and remains true and accurate.

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    This is the best Children s storybook Bible out there I think The illustrations are not very good, but the Biblical storyline and theology is stronger than DeYoung s smaller synopsis and Helm doesnt take the liberties that Sally Lloyd Jones does All that said, all three of them are quite good But The Big Picture Story Bible takes the cake in the Bierig home.

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    My four year daughter really enjoyed listening to the CD of this This is an easy to understand big book of bible stories.

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    By far one of the best of bible story books I ve read The only draw back which I still don t have settled in my mind, but for those that do care it has images of Jesus Good sound theology weaving the theme of redemption from sin and disobedience to the long awaited messiah Gods forever king is the verbiage used Most kids bible story books water down the reality of sin and focus on the love aspect which God is love But we also are sinners in need of redemption, both go together While the pictures aren t my favorite, they weren t bad.It gets a 5 star rating bc my boys 3 and 4 LOVED it I was very clear this is a bible story book, not the actual bible, but the stories really happened and are true from the Bible This fostered many great conversations for us and when it was done they said when can we read it again But my question is, for young children images play a powerful role in learning, and we do read the actual bible to them, there was something very tangible for them to see pictures as I read, the Bible stories really came alive for them and they connected concepts of scripture Jesus really was a man and really was God While I understand we do not worship and make images of God, this was in the time of history God had not manifested Himself as fully man and fully God, veiled in flesh Should we ignore how visual of learners little people are and miss out on setting biblical foundations out of pietistic doctrinal concerns, or emphasize what is reality and just have extra conversations in teaching Is this really Jesus We don t know what He really looked like, but He did live on earth as a man and God at the same time We don t worship this picture bc it s not really God Etc etc it s building relationships, building sound theology, and also engaging little people in the faith as covenant Children, speaking to them as children but not as too dumb to engage theological conversations To have heart conversations about who Christ is and what He has done is so incredibly sweet Lol, so there is my random musings on whether to have images of Jesus or not.

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    Grasping the continuity of the Bible is difficult, even for adults It s easy to read it as many separate stories, each one written to reveal something about God but not necessarily connected to one another But to view the Bible like this is to miss the big picture, the story line that is hidden in the pages, waiting to be discovered That story line is the Christ centered story of redemption.In The Big Picture Story Bible, David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker simply yet superbly tie together the major stories of the Bible and show how each of these stories continually point to the fulfillment of God s promise of redemption The book begins with creation and the Fall, showing how Adam and Eve, who were once joyful in the fellowship of God, disobeyed But, even from the very beginning, God gave Adam and Eve a hint that he would not always be angry with them God promised that one day someone would come and crush Satan s power over people But that day was a long way off pp.48 49 Through the stories of Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, the prophets and other, we continually read the reminders of God s promise By the time you get to the New Testament, there s a great expectation that surely something is going to happen and soon What a very big day What God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David had arrived in the birth of Jesus p.256 257 The book tells of Jesus ministry, his death, burial and resurrection It closes with another promise that Jesus would return again and that God s forever people will one day live in God s forever place under God s forever rule p.450 David Helm and Gail Schoonmaker take what is often simply told as individual Sunday School stories and writes the story of the Bible in such a way as to make it accessible to children Each page is filled with colorful drawings that beautifully, yet simply illustrate what is happening The book does take a few liberties in describing some situations, like giving the background for why Caesar decided to count all the people in his kingdom Additionally, many details about Biblical events or stories are not covered, but are briefly mentioned, if at all But keep in mind that the purpose of this story Bible is to look at the big picture and, as a result, many smaller details or stories may not be mentioned.Every family with young children should have a copy of this story Bible It certainly gave me a great reminder of how the Bible all fits together The Big Picture Story Bible is an excellent way to teach how the whole Bible is about God, how each story builds to the coming of Jesus and how even today, we wait for the final chapter to be written in the story of redemption A huge Thank you to Crossway for providing a copy of this book for review.

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    A pretty little amazing book to introduce children to the truths found in the Bible At two, this was officially the longest book my daughter has ever sat through She even repeated some of the things it said and was fascinated with the pictures.

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    Outstanding Rich concepts in plain language How the people of God find a place to live under the wonderful rule of God Highly recommended for ages 2 7.

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    Jesus is God s forever king I ve read this to children in Sunday school and it s a joy to read it now to my toddler.

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    I ve been reading parts of this book to my children for about a year and a half now but haven t gone through it myself until now I liked the metanarrative approach of this children s Bible to show the cohesiveness of the Scriptures many stories Obviously simplistic and glossy on it s details and I don t agree with all it s wording but a great book for it s aim It would have been nice if the author included scripture reference on the section title pages I also enjoyed the way this gave about equal space to the Old and New Testaments, with a major space given to Jesus miracles and life It is a great Bible to start off toddlers with as the violence is subdued and it talks to why certain things are happening My son and daughter have enjoyed it over and over.

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    My husband and I read this to my 3 year old as we incorporated it into our nightly family devotions I love it because it gives a big and sweeping narrative of both the Old Testament and New Testament thus the title Big Picture Every story points to Jesus similar to The Jesus Storybook Bible and the author does a really great job of drawing out Biblical themes and principles in each story telling I especially appreciated the Genesis story and illustrations I would highly recommend this for parents to read with their children.

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