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  • Paperback
  • 289 pages
  • Lesio
  • Joanna Chmielewska
  • Polish
  • 22 December 2018
  • 9788370430825

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    Sadly Joanna Chmielewska was never published in English at least I have not heard about it It is my firm belief that when it comes to funny mysteries nobody and I do mean nobody can create anything funnier One of the reviewers mentioned that it is worth learning Polish just to be able to read her books and I completely agree You might get away with learning any Slavic language and find a corresponding translation as it is quite possible to make a good translation between any Slavic languages and Chmielewska was translated into most of them Anyhow the woman is the sole reason I like cozy mysteries although some of her works do not fit in the genre To be fair she wrote quite a few mediocre books, but this is a different story Strictly speaking this book is not exactly a mystery It consists of 3 interconnected novellas each with some very minor mystery element All of the following description of the plot is my very own translation, so do not judge the book harshly until you find a good professional translation The main hero is Lesio Kubajek The guy works in an architect bureau with his colleagues Janusz, Barbara, and Karolek The three stories are about the crazy adventures of the four people that have seemingly the most boring job right after insurance agents Read and you will understand that when it comes to architecture, archeology as shown by Indiana Jones is very peaceful and uneventful Crime Far from Ideal When it comes to drawing Lesio is practically a genius As all geniuses he lives in his own universe which only occasionally intersects with the real one For this reason most of his action while making some sort of sense from Lesio s logic point of view look absolutely out of this world from common one The guy fell in love with beautiful Barbara as you know geniuses do it periodically with all sorts of people The biggest obstacle on his way of winning her heart was his HR woman Pani Matylda who always caught him being late geniuses never bother to show up at work in time and humiliated by making him write yet another explanation in a special book How to avoid this Needless to say the simplest way just to come on time had not occur to Lesio Fun and completely absurd situations ensure Yes, even a pink elephant made an appearance The Robbery of the Century You might get a wrong impression that Janusz, Barbara, and Karolek are absolutely normal people compared to their colleague This tale will convince you that when it comes to craziness the trio will give Lesio a good run for the money It all began with all four ended up in dire straits financially speaking Inability to pay mortgage, vital home repairs, and phone and electricity bills plagued poor people They had two ways of improving their situation winning lottery, or winning a competition of the best project for a tourist center To succeed at both they only needed to rob a train remember common logic does not apply.Sufficient to say their pursuit of the former made their boss Hipcio doubt his sanity for the first time in his life he made a mistake of thinking about their craziness from the point of view of common sense Their pursuit of the latter made poor guy call for an appointment with a psychiatrist The Road to Glory The quartet had to come to a small town to study the location for a possibility of creating an international tourist attraction the said city had a ruin of an old castle.Can they both the castle and the city survive innocently looking architects To make things even exciting the four people were given a Dutchman through an exchange program Thanks to his Polish ex girlfriend he knew only a very specific part of Polish curses the best part if you ask me If you think the situation cannot become absurd than in the first two stories wait until you read this one.So how funny is the book The first time I read it my jaw hurt until I finished the book I laughed that hard Have you ever experienced laughing so hard and so long it really hurts, but you could not stop nonetheless It was exactly this The first novella gently starts with being amusing, but by the time you read the second one hysterical non stop laughter is guaranteed Whenever I feel really down and need some serious means of cheering up this is one of the books I read I literally lost count to the number of times I reread this one Just recently I felt somewhat depressed and decided to read it yet again I still laughed out loud quite a few times Can you guess the rating Any book making me laugh uncontrollably after a gazillion rereads worth 5 unconditional stars The most appropriate way to review this book would be to write the second time exactly what I wrote above, but in Polish Sadly my knowledge of the language is practically zero and I have to apologize for not doing this.

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    Dopiero st d si dowiedzia am, e powsta a kontynuacja Lesio to ksi ka, nad kt r p acze si ze miechu W tej chwili mgli cie pami tam wszystkie trzy rozdzia y, ale najzabawniejszy by ten drugi, kiedy wraz z ekip pr buje wykolei poci g Wy yny komizmu Jedna z najzabawniejszych ksi ek, jak kiedykolwiek przeczyta am.

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    Przed lektur Lesia Joanny Chmielewskiej przeczyta em mn stwo komentarzy do tej ksi ki, w kt rych to czytelnicy wr cz rozp ywali si nad genialnym rodzajem humoru, kt ry to, podobno, wype nia jej strony Po lekturze Lesia dowiedzia em si , e mam specyficzne poczucie humoru Sytuacyjne gagi, kt re co chwil uwydatniaj si w tre ci ksi ki, wyda y mi si przesadzone, a cechy jej bohater w wyolbrzymione Rozumiem, e cech satyry, jak niew tpliwie jest ta powie , jest wy miewanie opisywanych zdarze czy postaci, ale tutaj mia em wra enie, e autork w pewnych momentach zdecydowanie ponios o Nie spodoba mi si te sam uk ad ksi ki jedynym zastosowanym podzia em, jest wyodr bnienie 3 du ych rozdzia w, co zdecydowanie przeszkadza o mi w jej czytaniu Jedyn pozytywn cech , kt ra rzuci a mi si w oczy, jest przyjemny spos b narracji, kt ry to skuteczniej wprowadza mnie w dobry humor ni kabaret, kt rego liderem mia by tytu owy bohater ksi ki.

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    It is worth to learn Polish to read this book Fantastic description of the way of living only 30 years ago

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    Dawno si tak nie mia am jak z tego przebrania z garbami Bardzo mi si podoba o.

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    V poslednej dobe m m astie na knihy, ktor ma nebavia Ako e ta sa to d , ale Neviem, proste nie je to ono akala som, e budem ma v bruchu k e od smiechu a ono ni P r krnov.

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    Absurdalne i smieszne, nie moglam przestac sie smiac w zadsadzie od poczatku do konca ksiazki.

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    Raamatud, mis alguses ei tundu eriti head aga siis arenevad ja arenevad ning muutuvad heaks lugemiselamuseks, on lihtsalt m nusad Palju paremad, kui need, mis alguses on palju lubavad ja siis justkui m est alla veerevad Lesiot v iks vabalt reklaamida ka kui l hijuttude raamatut, sest erinevate lugude algus ning l pp on priski selgesti eraldatud Kaanepilt on muidugi suhteliselt puusse valitud ja ei v ljenda kuidagi raamatu tegevustikku, humoorikust ning v rvikaid tegelasi.

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    HA Mo e i nie pami ta am fabu y, ale wiedzia am, e jest to niezawodny rodek do lepszego samopoczucia i nawet katastrofa biblioteczna spowodowana szukaniem tej e ksi ki na p ce tego nie przy mi a.

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    Just off the scale Worth learning Polish just to read this book You will cry with laughter all the way.I have revisited this book so many times, it will disperse even the densest clouds over your head.

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About the Author: Joanna Chmielewska

Joanna Chmielewska is the pen name of Irena K hn born 2 April 1932 in Warsaw , a Polish writer and screenplay author Her work is often described as ironic detective stories Her novels, which have been translated into at least nine languages, have sold than 6 million copies in Poland and over 10 millionJoanna Chmielewska graduated as an architect in 1954 from Warsaw University of Technolo