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    There s a whole lot going on in Tommyland Who co narrates a book with their penis Well, Tommy Lee of course By the time I read this memoir it had already been out for quite a few years released in 2005 However, I still found that it addressed many of the things I had wondered about over the years Yes, there is a lot of the usual sex, drugs and rock roll, but there was other intriguing aspects included in this memoir Tommy appears to have a good sense of humor and he doesn t seem to take himself too seriously he even gives readers some intimacy tips He shared a lot about his marriages, going to prison, the scandals, and of course the infamous sex tape But there were also some very tender and emotional things shared about his relationship with his family and some of the tragic things that happened both privately and publicly Hearing some of the things I had seen on the news from his point of view was very interesting and I felt that he came across as genuine and honest My time in Tommyland was definitely entertaining.

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    A talking penis narrating a book Digest that for a moment Nothing is worse than when a man thinks with one head instead of another I tried, in vain, to find a chapter authored by Tommy Lee instead of his penis I love rock and roll stories from an artistic point of view and the only chapter I enjoyed was about his musical influences, which showed a glimmer of Lee s intelligence Sadly, it was over too quick For as long as his legendary member is, this story was short on depth and interest.

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    This book was not what I expected at all There were some parts that were actually .touching His description of how his parents met and fell in love, his devotion to his two boys, and how he stayed with his father as he was dying to make sure he was comfortable were very tender Although a large portion of the book is sex, drugs, and rock roll, it shows that there s to him than just that I also really liked how he s respectful towards both Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson and recognizes that it takes two to make a relationship work He could have easily used this book as a means of lashing out at them, but instead he takes responsibility for his own faults and actions that led to the demise of both marriages.

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    There s something especially magical about a really good book that you didn t intend to read, that you picked up on a whim simply because it fell into your path somehow I remember years ago waiting for my then boyfriend to finish whatever he was doing, and lazily picking up the copy of V for Vendetta he had lying on his bed It s still one of my all time favourite books I read Tommyland in much the same way someone lent it to my boyfriend, I saw it lying on the coffee table, and I idly picked it up and flipped to the first page and got sucked into Tommy Lee s life, completely intrigued and eventually deeply impressed with his positive energy, his enthusiasm, his honesty, and his respect for others I ve never listened to his music, never watched his show, and I barely remember the media coverage surrounding his marriage to Pamela Anderson and his jail term I probably won t look into any of those things any further, but now I can say that he wrote a really great book, that his life is fascinating, and that he s a truly compelling and likeable human being Plus, he had great things to say about reading and about the search for meaning in life Don t worry, Oprah, I m not going to start the Tommy Lee Book Club or anything, but if all you people out there have time to read a book which I guess you do because you re reading this one , read a book that you find meaningful for one hour a day it s a great gift that you can easily give yourself Hell, if that book is mine, I m flattered Reading is like vitamins for your soul A good book can change your life as much as a perfect piece of music or an amazing painting It can take your world and show you parts of it you might be missing And don t you want to know as much about being a human as you can I don t know, but it seems to me that people don t do anything unless something is broken Trust me, I m one of them When you are in a bad way, you start looking for answers You go to a shrink, you get religious You call it soul searching or whatever you want, but taking the time to ask yourself the big questions isn t a part of the regularly scheduled program.Those who have a child or a demanding job, or fuck, just trying to get the bills paid and get a nice comfortable life for themselves know how fast the days, weeks, and years go by Finding time for yourself is a challenge, as dumb as that sounds I learned the hard way that everyone needs to make time for themselves, even if it s just a few minutes Do it More important, it s the only way you ll know who you are, how you feel, and discover what you really want out of life If you don t have those answers clear in your mind yet, don t worry, there s still time if you re still breathing Time is all we have here, so make the most of it If you need a regular reminder, check this shit out www.deathclock.com Get in touch with yourself so that you can truly, honestly, openly love and share the real you with whomever you choose If you don t, that s a lonely life, my friends You re walking through this world in a cell, just like I was, but it s worse it s a cell you can t even see pg 181 2

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    He kind of scares me but I love him This was much less disturbing than The Dirt much less drugs sex talk but there was still a lot The book was funny and he comes across as sweet, charismatic man who just wants to be loved and love his family and friends Still a big fan.

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    Okay, first of all, if you re writing a book and you ve identified your own genitalia as a separate from you character with its own lines and independent thought process, I am automatically going to judge you a little bit And not in a good way Not that Tommy Lee would really care clearly he s the last person to give a shit about what other people think of him but I had to throw it out there because it was SUPER WEIRD to read Also super weird I can t decide if Tommy Lee is a perpetual, whimsical man child or whether he has some obnoxious combination of histrionic and or narcissistic personality traits Maybe both I found myself ultra conflicted I admire his search for happiness and childlike wonderment at the world around him, and I think he s probably a relatively good father given the way he talks about his children But I also want to throttle him a little when he whines about not seeing the sun for weeks on end or forgetting how to interact with humankind after being celibate and alone in jail for 4 months YOU HAD A GODDAMN PHONE IN YOUR CELL, TOMMY YOUR ITTY BITTY BLIP OF JAIL TIME WAS A SLIGHT INCONVENIENCE AT MOST Overall this book was an easy read, largely pornographic, with a scant few moments of insight and inspiration Don t ask me why I was expecting anything else If you re into Motley Crue and or rockstar memoirs, I d stick with the Nikki Sixx productions I suppose having been sober for 14 years may have saved Mr Sixx a few brain cells with which to tell his story Sorry, Lee Your penis ruined it for me.

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    If you read this book, I ll assume that you re as big of a Tommy Lee and Motley Crue fan as I am If you re not into Tommy Lee, well, why did you read this Dummy Although he does discuss Motley Crue, that s not the point of this book Most of this book focuses on Tommy and his life his thoughts, his marriages, the infamous sex tape of course , his time spent in prison, his children A large part of this book is sex, drugs, and rock and roll but from this book it s clear that there s to him than that He never trashes Pam Anderson, and it s obvious that he still thinks very highly of his ex wife Heather Locklear He thoughtful, reflective, and completely acknowledges a lot of the mistakes he made in the past He s a pretty deep person, and I actually appreciate him for it Why the three stars It s not a well written rock bio, and at times I found myself skipping parts of it because he d either already said it before or I just plain wasn t interested But it s cool I still love Tommy Lee.

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    First of all that is a straight five star read Why Because those are just one person s thoughts on the life he s lived, and other stuff Makes sense to either agree or disagree It s all in the disclaimer, so just give it a quick look before either committing to the story, or walking away.I do have a habit of judging books by either the aftertaste they leave, or the amount of fun I had while reading them This is by far one of the most fun reads, and I it s amazing, because there are no underdeveloped characters, most of the events are surreal, and overall it was a read worth spending 2 days on and some bucks.So, if you decide to read it, get used to the fact that sometimes you would think there it is, you said it, so true , and sometimes you would shake your head no, but you might learn something It s also partly a simple, not overdramatic look at the same events from the Dirt, and Heroin Diaries Anyway, apparently it s time to move on to next autobiography.

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    I quite enjoyed this book, and absolutely loved the humour Mr Lee brought to this story Also, his sincerity and fortrightness appealed to me Mr Lee seems the type to tell a story the way it is as far as possible and allowed in a book like this , no matter the rough bits, no matter how bad it makes him look.The way he explains being in jail and how hard it was, the birth of his children and his separation from his second wife these explanations sound so real and sincere that they really shook me Yes, I knew already that Tommy Lee is a real person with a real life, not just a drummer or a party person or a face on a cd cover But now I feel I ve had an actual glimpse of who that person is, and he s someone I m happy to respect and read of For sure

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    From thought I knew what to expect from Tommy Lee s Tommyland After all, I d devoured The Dirt, the autobiography of Tommy s band, Motley Crue I d been transfixed and even a little transformed by Crue bassist Nikki Sixx s The Heroin Diaries.And now, coming a little late to the party, I ve got Tommyland in my hands At last And while I was expecting some of it like tales of his first ever girlfriend, who possessed a rather unique ahem talent one thing I certainly hadn t been prepared for was narrative asides in the style of a Greek chorus.Only, this Greek chorus is provided by Tommy s penis.Yes, boys and girls, you read that right I ve got to note, too, that Tommy s penis is quite the funny character Maybe even a little bit wise, too.That s not to say that Tommy himself isn t funny or wise He s quite entertaining, in fact, and for the most part, Tommyland is quite readable This is actually high praise Tommy comes off as a regular guy He s got his fan boy moments He s also got his rock star moments But perhaps the most poignant moments involve the death of the little boy, Daniel, in the Tommyland pool during a birthday party.I remember that I remember an awful lot of what happens in Tommyland, in fact, and I m not the world s biggest Crue fan Odd, given that I keep reading the books they put out Yet how could anyone miss the media circus that was his marriage to Pamela Anderson The jail time Tommy served Seeing it from the inside gave me what I was hoping for in this book a new perspective Tommy s made me stop and consider how it feels to need to have a few personal moments, only to find a photographer parked in the tree outside your bedroom It s hard not to empathize with Tommy and Pamela at times This from me, who admitted to liking the train wreck they seemed to be.I stand corrected In fact, the romantic in me would love to see them figure out how to make it work without the stresses they had to face, without the paparazzi, without the anger.I always pick up these music themed books with the hopes that they ll inspire my fiction, or teach me something new From that standpoint, Tommyland succeeded the paparazzi bits aren t the only things I learned or was inspired by Perhaps the biggest inspiration came in Tommy s comments about the almost constant lawsuits It s his off hand manner, the way he dismisses them all with mentions of the legal fees it s quite telling His relationship with music, too, is special It s what a number of my own fictional characters share, so to hear Tommy articulate it the way he does wow Nothing like the reinforcement that I m on the right track with, for example, Mitchell His relationship with his dad, the houseboat episode, is both touching and mind blowing.Say what you will about Tommy Lee I ve got a newfound admiration for his gentle, tender side He may be that bad assed rocker we ve all come to know and roll our eyes at, but there s to him Much, much .I can t say I loved Tommyland the way I loved The Dirt, or the absolutely brilliant Heroin Diaries This book didn t knock my socks off the way both of those books did I don t think it s meant to it s merely meant to be Tommy s story His life, his explanation of this wild ride he d been on up to that point.I hope there s a sequel, telling us what Tommy s been up to since Tommyland came out I won t wait so long to read it.

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