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The Disallowed pdf The Disallowed , ebook The Disallowed , epub The Disallowed , doc The Disallowed , e-pub The Disallowed , The Disallowed 5eb1e456e9b Heng Lee Is A Goatherd In The Remote Mountains North East Of Chiang Rai In Northern Thailand, Very Close To The Border With Laos It Is A Tight Knit Community Where Everyone Knows One Another Heng Gets Sick All Of A Sudden, But Not Too Sick To Take The Goats Out, Until One Day He Has To Go To See The Local Shaman, Because He Has Started Fainting There Are No Medical Doctors In The Vicinity And The Shaman Has Been Good Enough For Most People For Centuries The Shaman Takes Some Specimens And Comes To The Conclusion That Heng S Kidneys Have Stopped Functioning And So Has Little Time Left To Live The Battle Is On To Save Heng S Life, But There Are Other Forces At Work Too What Will Become Of Heng, His Family And The Rest Of The Community, If He Takes The Shaman S Advice

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    The comedy in this book starts out well, especially when dealing with Den, the teenaged son of the main character Heng Den is not having any luck with the ladies, and has started having stray thoughts about the family s goats My only real complaint is the and they all lived happily ever after ending which seem out of place in a vampire novel.

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    When you see the word vampire in a book s description, it is too easy, in this facile world of the archaic categorisation used by most publishers, to dismiss the work as yet another regurgitation of the popular teen angst novels of late, or the titillating eroticism that claims to be an update of the original work by Stoker Well that is a pity because that particular trap will only have you re reading the same unoriginal works over and over again.Writing is a creative activity, and with The Disallowed , author Owen Jones has presented readers with a gem of a tale which sparkles with originality whilst still bringing back a certain nostalgia to those of us old enough to recall the memes created by the Hammer Horror movies of the mid fifties through to the seventies.Jones take on the vampire story starts with a major break from tradition in his setting of the tale Instead of the tried and tested Transylvanian castle of yore, we have a small agricultural village in northern Thailand in the present day There s no Count creeping around dark passageways either His counterpart is a simple goat herder, Heng Lee, who, through circumstances never fully explained, experiences a traumatic change that leaves its mark not just on him but, initially, on his immediate family and subsequently on the society in which he lives.The characters are wonderfully drawn, and Jones skill quickly has the reader sympathising with their plight As Heng Lee overcomes his situation and ultimately turns it to his advantage, many subtle parables regarding the working of our World quickly become apparent There is also a wicked vein of shrewd humour running through the tale that will provoke many a grin as the reader becomes engrossed in the trials and tribulations that await the protagonists.Highly recommended to those who dare to read something fresh and vibrant

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    Before I read this I kind of doubted that a story about Vampires could be humorous Well, was I surprised, happily I might add, that it was This is essentially the story of how a tiny village in the mountains of Thailand became a village of happy, considerate and prosperous Vampires Heng, who is the first to become a Vampire has no idea how it happened His aunt the village Shaman, tells his family how to keep Heng alive They do what she says Then Heng finds out he can take to the air as a bat He loves it His family accepts it.Then the fateful day when Heng and his son find two hikers hurt and they bring them back to their home.All I will say is this all ends on an actually happy note you really have to read it to see what I mean The Disallowed The Tale of a Contemporary Vampire Family

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    This is not your usual vampire book.It has nothing to do with Gothic horror or Bram Stoker.It is funny, provocative, new and refreshing and maybe what vampire stories should be about.Grass roots vampire story, great for backpacking or travelling, especially in remote places.I dare you not to like it

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