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    I m basically copying this from what I wrote on my blog, which is why it s so lengthy I thought this was positively delicious And I m not just saying that because I got the book for free, either I m not afraid to trash free stuff, you know Hi there, Old Navy Jeans You still suck I m saying it because it really is lovely.I first encountered Ms de los Santos s writing when I picked up her book Love Walked In off one of those tables at the megabookstore with the buy 2 paperbacks for the price of 3 signs or whatever I don t think I ve ever hidden the fact that I am a sucker for an attractive book cover despite all proverbial advice not to choose one s reading material or anything else that way, and the cover for Love Walked In spoke to me Anyway, I ended up loving the book and was so pleased to learn that de los Santos was building further upon those characters with Belong to Me.Reading Belong to Me is like walking around with one of those geared towards children READING IS FUN posters pinned to your back That s what it is pure, unadulterated fun It is a 390 page reminder of why I love to read It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me roll my eyes at the questionable realism, it made me snort, it made me nod my head in agreement, and it made me want to jump into the pages and hang out with most of the characters and then it made me want to jump out of the pages and hang out with the author I mean, sure, we read books sometimes because we want to be moved at our very core or because we want to feel intellectual or because we want to learn or because it won a Pulitzer or a Booker Prize or whatever But sometimes we read to be entertained Belong to Me does just that and the best thing about it is that it does that without being too embarrassingly vapid or chick lit ish.It doesn t hurt that I want to be friends with Cornelia Brown, the main character, either, despite the fact that she describes herself as weighing about the same as your average sack of groceries I tend to resent thin people I can get past that easily with her description of her first suburban dinner party It was a pastel colored prairie of linen pants and sleeveless tops, stretching in every direction as far as the eye could see I stood on its edge and felt myself in my dress turning subtly, like an early autumn leaf or a days old open bottle of red wine from easy and elegant to overreaching and tarty And then, later, as she so appropriately describes the way I feel at most events involving my in laws I m good at dinner parties I wanted to shout Dinner parties are my natural habitat I am appropriately dressed and good at dinner parties Cornelia, honey, you re not alone.I don t want to ruin the book for you by telling you much , since I suck at keeping secrets and will inevitably overshare too much of the plot, but you should definitely read this Set down War Peace for a little bit and settle in for some scrumptiosity a word, I promise And Ms de los Santos, if you re anything like Cornelia or Clare or any of your other characters hell, even Piper like viper but with a p and you re up for a chat over too much wine, I d be honored to join you I can t wait for your next book to come out.

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    3 stars 4 stars I m not sure Some of the writing is terrific I mean really stop you in your tracks wonderful Many lines struck me as so lovely I had to read them over and over And yet I m just not sure how I felt about it overall.The story is told in 3 different voices and I don t like that Cornelia, a woman who has just moved from NYC to the suburbs, Piper, a woman of roughly the same age who lives in the neighborhood Cornelia moves to, and Deveraux, a 13 year old genius boy who moves to the same town from California with his single mom those are some names, huh Cornelia s voice, for no apparent reason, is in the first person I suppose she s supposed to be the protagonist but we aren t treated to of her intimate thoughts than the other voices, nor did I relate to her perspective any better If anything, the first person voice is the least honest and intimate of the three So maybe I don t understand the point of writing in first person Perhaps there was some reason that went over my head Or else maybe the author was just having trouble separating the 2 female perspectives If it was the latter, I think she should have just scrapped the idea.There is some serious woman on woman meanness in this book and, as a rule, that pisses me off It perpetuates the notion that women are awful to each other You may say that s true and literature merely reflects it But that doesn t mean I have to like it By the end you get to know the women better and understand why they re so catty Sort of Not really You grow to like them in spite of their shitty behavior, let s say A little OK I didn t grow to like them but I think I was supposed to.One of the subplots is a young mother of two who s dying of cancer Some of those chapters I skimmed over, peeking out between my fingers, singing La La La I Can t Hear You in my head Partly because I didn t want to cry on an airplane, which is where I read it, but mostly because it was just too close to home and I m of a head in the sand type when it comes to horrible things I can t control.It was a page turner for sure The story is compelling as hell and takes some very interesting twists and turns Unfortunately, view spoiler everything is tied up way too neatly in the end I mean come on It s one thing to say everyone lived happily ever after and another thing entirely to show them all romping around together at a picnic loving each other in spite of all logic hide spoiler

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    sigh finally finished it This book was a selection for my non GR bookclub and not my choice I m not going to describe the story line because I suck at that so all you are getting, as usual, is my opinion.The first half is difficult to read The author loves to embellish everything Paragraph upon paragraph of description of something that is not even that important to the storyline I d say she spends the first half of the book just describing the characters I put the book down about halfway through, because I was not enjoying, and picked up something else Since it is for my book club I tried again after I read a leisurely book.Once I started again, it finally got a little interesting There was actuall conversation between characters and a little less description I still found myself skipping paragraphs when the author went on another unnecessary descriptive tangent The story, once you found it was nice enough VERY sad through out the book, a lot of death talk with I could do with out Though when it comes down to it she could have completely eliminated one set of characters and made the book a lot enjoyable to read, at least for me.

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    What a sweet story really, with nice poetic references and beautiful, loving people that don t exist anywhere but in books like this So, yeah of course, I hate them. Mostly because I m that woman the urbanite who moved to the suburbs and I m that woman longing for the security blanket that is estrogen induced friendship Of course I didn t have the hot doctor husband and the financial security and BA in Art History, But, you know those are really just the perks of the story, not the meat Anyway, lord knows I tried to look for that bond, that isstay with me, folks but the women in my suburban setting do not quote from Cukor s The Women. Or Hell, let s be real, the new version coming out will suffice They aren t interested in new relationships and they most certainly do not hold dinner parties or, at least, none that I know of So, forgive me if I snub my nose at this wispy Winona Ryder esque Cornelia character and I do that with the utmost respect to de los Santos as I really did like this book because she achieves what I m still waiting for 5 years out I have to admit that this would make a great chick flick I envision Nora Ephron and see an all star cast of Daniel Craig, Kiera Knightly, Kelly Ripa s husband can he act It doesn t matter and yes, maybe they CAN dig up Winona I can t imagine that she s busy Maybe they can get those Twilight kiddos to play the wise beyond their years 14 year olds I envision some great movie tie ins from Corningware and Roche Pharmeceuticals I just re read that and it sounds like I hated the book, I really didn t Chock me up as bitter And if you showed up at my door with a plate of cookies, I wouldn t necessarily turn you away, Winona. honest.

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    A great follow up to Love Walked In your favorite characters plus new ones to fall in love with I just love De Los Santos s style of writing, it sucks me right in and I want to be friends with her characters.

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    3 A charming comfort read.

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    I fell in love with BELONG TO ME This novel is so beautifully written, and the character are so wonderfully described I felt I knew them Only after I finished reading did I discover that the author s previous novel, LOVE WALKED IN, included a few of the same characters, and I m now looking for a copy This novel contained quite a few memorable lines The book was about family, friendship, lying to protect others so many different things I really hated when BELONG TO ME ended I would not consider this chick lit, and I highly recommend it I shall be looking forward to the next book written by Marisa de los Santos I received this book for my honest review.

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    I had bought both books together not knowing much about them, I didn t even realize they were connected was actually afraid I had bought a collection of poetry by mistake so I am happy I read them in the right order This sequel is better than the first in a lot of ways the characters have edge, the plot is less predictable While the premise city girl moves to suburbs, insert cliched snarky lines about soccer moms in their SUVS baking muffins for the new neighbor while gossiping about her behind her back is not in any way original, it was nice to at least meet some mean people in de los Santos Sweet Valley world However, this was another case of overblown characters villains and heroes well defined and what really annoyed me was her perpetuating her own weakness, as in, heroine is looking forward to an evening with a friend, but hastens to add, dont get me wrong, I love my husband with all my heart and soul and cherish every moment with him, I just needed some girl time It s ok, Marisa, we weren t about to call in a relationship specialist or lose starry eyed love for your perfect man and woman with their perfect marriage as is affirmed by every character who meets them in fact, not only is it normal for her to disentangle herself from her unbelievably you got that right good looking husband, but it would actually be refreshing if they existed in any mode other than inhumanly perfect and while they do hit a rather large bump, it s still encased in plastic for the most part and seems removed from reality However, while the junior high maturity factor of every good character going to an ivy league while bad characters do not and all that was super irritating, I STILL really enjoyed reading it for its well paced and high quality talent as far as overall narrative and dialogue goes In this book she does pull a lot of that Piccoult stuff that I cannot stand, setting the scene up to end with that perfect last line or clincher moment or whatever, but if you can roll your eyes past it it s a very enjoyable Shabbos afternoon read.

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    Cornelia Brown and her husband Teo have been married for two years and decide they ve had enough of city life They find a a house in the suburbs in a nice neighbourhood.Cornelia meets Piper Truitt who lives in the street Piper is exactly the kind of person Cornelia was worried about meeting Piper is a very picky type of person and is one for perfection and very judgemental.Cornelia also meets Lake and her son Dev Lake is a single mother who works as a waitress in a local restaurant and she and Cornelia become instant friends.It doesn t take long to discover that even in the suburbs people have serious problems or their own.And in time Cornelia and Teo will find ways to help those in need.It took awhile for me to get into this book and I found it a bit slow in the beginning By the time I got half way through it I started to enjoy it and thought there were some funny characters and touching moments.

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    Well This was downright lovely

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Belong to Me download Belong to Me, read online Belong to Me, kindle ebook Belong to Me, Belong to Me aa81f78cd29b Everyone Has Secrets Some We Keep To Protect Ourselves, Others We Keep To Protect Those We LoveA Devoted City Dweller, Cornelia Brown Surprised No One Than Herself When She Was Gripped By The Sudden, Inescapable Desire To Leave Urban Life Behind And Head For An Idyllic Suburb Though She Knows She And Her Beloved Husband, Teo, Have Made The Right Move, She Approaches Her New Life With Trepidation And Struggles To Forge Friendships In Her New Home Cornelia S Mettle Is Quickly Tested By Judgmental Neighbor Piper Truitt Perfectly Manicured, Impeccably Dressed, And Possessing Impossible Standards, Piper Is The Embodiment Of Everything Cornelia Feared She Would Find In Suburbia A Saving Grace Soon Appears In The Form Of Lake Over A Shared Love Of Literature And Old Movies, Cornelia Develops An Instant Bond With This Warm Yet Elusive Woman Who Has Also Recently Arrived In Town, Ostensibly To Send Her Perceptive And Brilliant Son, Dev, To A School For The GiftedMarisa De Los Santos S Literary Talents Shine In The Complex Interactions She Creates Between These Three Women She Deftly Explores The Life Altering Roller Coaster Of Emotions Piper Faces As She Cares For Two Households, Her Own And That Of Her Cancer Stricken Best Friend, Elizabeth Skillfully, De Los Santos Creates An Enigmatic And Beguiling Character In Lake, Who Draws Cornelia Closer Even As She Harbors A Shocking Secret And From The First Page Until The Exhilarating Conclusion, De Los Santos Engages Readers With Cornelia, Who, While Trying To Adapt To Her New Surroundings, Must Remain True To Herself As Their Individual Stories Unfold, The Women Become Entangled In A Web Of Trust, Betrayal, Love, And Loss That Challenges Them In Ways They Never Imagined, And That Ultimately Teaches Them What It Means For One Human Being To Belong To Another