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    I ve always really enjoyed rock autobiographies and this one was no different Aerosmith is one of my favourite bands and getting a behind the scenes glimpse at how the band came to be was an absolute treat I ve read Steven Tyler s book as well but I really enjoyed getting to see the perspective of another band member, especially one as fascinating as Joe Perry I absolutely adored the pictures as well, they were such a great addition to the book and I kept flipping back to look at them at feast my eyes on Aerosmith in their glory days.

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    Overall I really enjoyed this one, it was great to read all the back stories on how the band was formed and how he stayed successful whether in the band or on his own Sometimes the book seemed a little long but still kept me interested ARC provided by Netgalley

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    OMG i just wrote a giant open letter to joe perry and it did not save GRRRRRRR will attempt to recreate it later.so annoyed right now.gist 1 bland and boring 2 cowriter issue bad choice felt sounded unauthentic for example It was a magical time when the chaos of the noisy world was becalmed by a blanket of freshly fallen snow seriously how do i reconcile that sentence coming out of joe perry s mouth 3 the ladies servicing the groupies mentality of objectification, or opposed to misogynistic attitudes confusing 4 punch steven tyler in the face, already jaysus 5 nothing new here 6 wasn t looking for dirty little secrets or shenanigansbut was expecting something soulful and not magical time in the snow blechness 7 no spark, no life in this book which is probably the total opposite to how things were.

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    MehI guess my expectations were a bit too high, considering it s Joe Perry s memoir At times it reminded me of Keith Moon Instant Party Musings, Memories and Minutiae, which might possibly be the worst biography ever written The bits about the music, the producers, the recording process, the studios, etc were slightly interesting But, apart from that, it was just plain painful.Whiny, bitter especially towards the end and, overall, boring Don t waste your time and your money.

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    I ll admit I m not the biggest fan of Aerosmith, but I am familiar with their work and enjoy some of their hit songs and was a bit curious about what dirt lead guitarist founder Joe Perry had to dish up including his sometimes dysfunctional yet brotherly relationship with Steven Tyler So this memoir while not super juicy was a welcome break from all the romances I ve overdosed on lately.And I also have to admit I didn t expect to enjoy it as much as I did I actually started the book at about its halfway point, reading chapters about the band once they were already famous Then I realized I needed to get the full story and see just how Joe, who idolized Jacques Cousteau as a youth and wanted to be a marine biologist became an American rock god Sheer determination and an intense desire and love for rock n roll was the way for Joe young Joe Toxic Twins Joe and Steven The book details Joe s mostly idyllic middle class upbringing, his drive for success, how he met all the members of the band and how it was formed, his struggle with addiction, his first marriage and how it nearly destroyed the band, his solo period that lasted several years, the second marriage to his soul mate Billie that turned his life around, and his love almost hate relationship with bandmate Steven Tyler Perry holds nothing back, even when it makes him look bad And he even does some name droppingsome of them you d never expect to connect to Joe Perry, including Ricardo Montalban , Tom Jones, a comment from Bette Midler that made him blush, and a relationship with an older woman view spoiler Laugh In s Judy Carne hide spoiler

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    In Rocks, the world finally gets to peer inside the world of Aerosmith via the eyes of lead guitarist Joe Perry It s a warts and all look without the interruptions of front man Steven Tyler Perry walks readers through his early scholastic struggles and his yearning to lead a musical life Then Rocks shifts focus to the infancy of Perry s musical career as he played wherever, whenever and with whoever he could When Perry moves to Boston the Aerosmith line up isn t complete but it is close and readers watch the journey of the band as it begins At the start, the Perry Tyler dynamic is already there and Perry is insightful as to both the good and the bad of this relationship Perry also speaks to his love and hate relationship with both drugs and liquor As Perry details the Aerosmith s meteoric rise of the 70 s, decline of the 80 s, rebirth in the 90 s and then the decline rebirth cycle they started revolving through after that readers learn that communication was the key and when it didn t happen for a variety of reasons the band would fall apart But when the communication was there, the band flew like the logo their name inspired Readers also learn about three close treasures in Perry s life his wife of many years, Billie who helped hold him accountable when he wanted to slip back into drugs , his sons who he took on the road with him for many years , and The Joe Perry Project much than a side solo band but a creative outlet for Perry This is a great book for fans of Aerosmith, fans of rock, fans of blues, fans of music and musicians just starting out It makes one wonder about the lead singer lead guitarist dynamic in all bands It makes one wonder about the music industry and what it does to people This reader wishes that the book had been a bit longer The chapters including the 60 s, 70 s and 80 s and early 90 s through Get a Grip were much detailed than the later chapters If material was edited out of these later chapters, it really should be put back in to give the book balance Fans won t mind 50 pages.

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    As far as rock and roll bio s go, I really liked Joe Perry s story It was interesting to compare his version of Aerosmith with Steven Tyler s DOES THE NOISE IN MY HEAD BOTHER YOU I enjoyed learning about Joe s childhood, musical influences, and rise to stardom This book included interesting anecdotes and personal reflections from one of Rock s great guitar icons.

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    I received this hardback copy from the publishers Simon Schuster as a give away here on Goodreads for my honest review.I enjoyed this book very much Perry talks in detail about how he grew up, desperately wanting a guitar ever christmas to how the boys of Aerosmith got together, fell apart then got back together and everything inbetween His second marriage is still going strong almost 30 years Quite an accomplishment in the rock n roll life This book is packed with pictures from his childhood, friends, family, famous friends, at gigs, concerts and many candid ones.I very much enjoyed reading this as a fan of Perry s and Aerosmith May he keep rock n on

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    What s not to love Joe Perry,told by Joe with a forward by Johnny Depp

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    Steven s antics, my arrogance, all the stuff that went on with the other guys it all pales against the knowledge that long ago this band became something bigger than all of us Joe PerryAnd so it is that one of the greatest rock guitarists of his generation understands his place in this world, among the hearts of his fans, and in the grand scheme of rock and roll s progression through America s culture and that of the world But, Rocks My Life in and out of Aerosmith is a refreshingly frank examination of the band s trek from mischievous and somewhat troubled teens to their roles as husbands, fathers, legends and statesmen of the highly commercial art form of rock and roll, as much as it is Perry s reflection on his personal history and those of his relationships with his three primary loves Billie Montgomery Perry, Steven Tyler, and Aerosmith, seemingly in that order While many of us embrace others as brothers from another mother or sisters from another mister , Perry examines and shares his relationship with Tyler with heartbreaking honesty As a lifelong fan, I eagerly anticipated this memoir and, though it lacked in revelations of Perry s personal thought process as a performer, his candor, regarding the progression of the band and their interrelationships, is not only eye opening but also something deserving of respect and awe Perry is often economic with his words during interviews but Rocks will certainly be a great feast for fans who may have long craved from the guitarist This memoir is true to Perry s public persona while baring a great deal of what has, until now, been mostly private pride, frustrations, heartaches, joys, and, above all else, private thoughts Rocks My Life in and out of Aerosmith is a must read for not only Aerosmith fans, guitarists of all levels, but for anyone curious about living a dream, accepting the pitfalls of that dream, the struggles of bonded, lifelong friendships, the angst created by those same friendships, and how to embrace the life we create for what it is as a whole and as the sum of its parts.

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