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    As the author states, there are a lot of books on how to find a job, write a resume, behave in an interview I ve read a lot of them in the last twelve years as someone who teaches people with criminal records how to go through these procedures So why should you get this book Because it is about separating yourself from the pack instead of conforming to it Branding yourself like a product would be on Madison Avenue because let s face it, you are selling yourself in this process It includes different methods of distinguishing yourself from the other resumes in that tall stack, or from the other suited drones waiting for the interview in the lobby, without having to make yourself uncomfortable It also gives the reader some insight into the thoughts of the employers which is very valuable when it comes to designing your answers If you are looking for a job or are trying for a promotion, the advice in this book can go a long way towards putting you first in the employer s thoughts.

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    As a recent graduate, my focus has switched from needing to graduate to needing a job I went to a state school and my top concern has been competing for jobs against people like unstoppable Clarissa, those with an elite education and a plethora of contacts This book contains useful advice from the author s professional experience as well as navigates one through the daunting application and interview process.Really glad I bought the book and have been encouraging friends to do the same.

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    In this world of flexible jobs a nice way to say that the companies exploit the workers until they need them and then they just say goodbye is extremely important to know how to find a new job, not only for young people without any experience, but for everybody who is still able to work and has no other income.

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Why Hire Jennifer? download Why Hire Jennifer?, read online Why Hire Jennifer?, kindle ebook Why Hire Jennifer?, Why Hire Jennifer? 0e07210051cd Why Hire Jennifer Is A Modern Manual That Arms Job Seekers To Find Their First Real Job And Every Job Thereafter It Is Written For College Students, Grads, Twenty Somethings, And All The People Who Know Them It S Written And Illustrated In An Accessible And Friendly Style That S Easy On The BrainFinding Your Unique Positioning Or Brand, And Communicating Why Its Components Are Useful To The Firms Is The Key To Finding A Good Job The Problem With Most College Career Services Is They Emphasize The Students Similarities As Opposed To Their Differences It S All Backwards