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    What to say, what to say This story didn t take long to read, largely because Georgia Beers is an awesome writer whose clever, no frills style keeps me engaged.Unfortunately, I just couldn t fully click into the passion between Sarah and Natalie s characters I mean, Finding Home has all the proper tools to for me to fall in love Yet, it didn t hit the mark for me this time, resulting in a 3.5 rating No character crushes, no swooning And it didn t help that Andrea, Natalie s best friend, couldn t win me over Her presence felt frustrating than wise.Ah, well I still enjoyed the progress and Beers remains one of my all time favorites Maybe I ll revisit her Puppy Love Series as a pick me up

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    A predictable ending but I enjoyed it nonetheless sweet simple love story Story of 2 women, Sarah and Natalie, who fell in love but didn t quite realise it till towards the last quarter of the book The one thing that they have in common initially is their love for a dog, which both believed belonged to them lost by one of the MC and found by the other My takeaway on this story if you want something bad enough, you have to be brave enough to voice out your thoughts minds something we all lacked at some point.

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    I was a bit slow imo, but other than that it was a nice and quick read.

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    Loved it It s a sweet, simple story of two lovely women falling in love Read it in one afternoon Georgia Beers never disappoints, her books are always very realistic, very touching, and very well and humbly written She doesn t need complicated words to make the reader interested and invested in her stories I ve come to really appreciate this kind of writing easy, clear, straight to the point I also like the attractive characters of Finding home and their relatable emotions, the perfect pace of the romance that just lures you in, and the fact that Beers doesn t bother with too many supporting characters and subplots Her books are for the romance lovers and the romance lovers only I m not an animal lover, I rarely understand the emotional tie people have with their dogs I know, don t hate me , and so I was reluctant to read Finding Home at first I thought it would annoy me But I was craving a good old easy feel good romance today and so I dived into this one despite my reservations And I was so surprised at how touched I was by the story, by the dog, by the women s love for him and the impact he has on both of their lives Great read.

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    I love the build up of their relationship There were also those tingly and happy feelings this gave me while reading My only quibble is that it left me kind of hanging with the ending But this is definitely one of those vanilla romances that I really love to reread.

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    Quite good, the first half of the book was slow but it gets better.

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    Every now and then you find a book where a part of the premise irks you so much it taints the rest of the plot In my case, this happened to be one of them From the moment Andrea delivered her impassioned and myopically judgmental speech on how Bentley was Nat s dog, I found the book progressively difficult to read The circumstances in which Sarah lost Bentley hardly described her as an irresponsible monster who deserved to part lose her dog, nor did the way in which Nat briefly cared for said dog merit her gaining 50% custody of him But fine, so different people will probably feel differently about things like that until circumstances gang up on them in the same way as they did on Sarah, anyhow I finished the book anyway Now to be fair, the writing was generally clear There was often little confusion about what was happening or who was in the action However, I did think the relationship between the two main characters lacked a little something There are characters of whom one says, These are polar opposites who attract , but for some reason, I am uncertain one may say that of S and N here They never really feel as though they work together, shared fondness for one dog notwithstanding Was it my irritation for the plot device that forced them closer together Perhaps But it would not surprise me if a few other reviewers including ones willing to accept the aforementioned plot device felt the same The particular friction that makes such Opposites Attract relationships so delicious seemed muted to an occasional bump here.This is my first Beers book Bit of a shame it had to be one I flat out failed to enjoy, but I am going to try some of her others shortly in spite of that.

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    I started this book as a bit of fluff to read before bed, forgetting how well Georgia writes her characters The two main characters were quite believable, with legitimate motivations, quirks and well thought out personalities But the star of this book was Bentley Yes, he is a dog, but he had, and expressed, his own personality just as much as the humans in this book Between you and me, I wanted to throttle Sarah s brother for losing Bentley This is only my second book by Ms Beers, but I enjoyed this one the best It was easy to sink into, like a warm bath, and just as easy to enjoy I was very happy with the ending, I think the book and the characters really came full circle.Sweet, satisfying and a cute dogwhat s not to like

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    1,5 stars F F romanceDid not finish at 2h45min of total 7h40min.Other MC and her friend found a dog and they thought it is ok not to give it back to correct owner who was missing her dear dog I did not like any of the characters and had to give up listening.

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    Ok love story if a bit far fetched.

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Finding Home download Finding Home, read online Finding Home, kindle ebook Finding Home, Finding Home f88d455c97ac Deciding To Escape Her Disaster Of A Life, Sarah Buchanan Takes A Temporary Position With Her Company Overseas But That Means Leaving Her Dog, Bentley, At Home So When Natalie Fox Finds A Skinny, Terrified Dog Outside The Bakery, The Blue Eyed Canine Becomes The Catalyst For A Relationship Between The Two Polar Opposites