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O. Henry's Apprentice: Twisted Stories For A New Generation files O. Henry's Apprentice: Twisted Stories For A New Generation, read online O. Henry's Apprentice: Twisted Stories For A New Generation, free O. Henry's Apprentice: Twisted Stories For A New Generation, free O. Henry's Apprentice: Twisted Stories For A New Generation, O. Henry's Apprentice: Twisted Stories For A New Generation aaa3aee43 Twisted Endings Is A Mind Blowing Collection Of Mystery And Suspense Stories With Unexpected Endings One Man S Patience Will Be Tested At An Amusement Park One Man Will Be The Judge Of Life And Death One Group Will Determine The Best Way To Fight Crime One Boy Will Decide How To Beat The School Bullies One Woman Will Find A Way To Deal With The Desecration Of Her BodyGet Ready To Experience Action Packed Mystery At Its Finest The Characters In These Five Stories Aren T Prepared For What Happens Next You Won T Be Either Just Remember, Bad Things Happen To Good People Really Bad Things Strap Yourself In For An Adventure That Never Lets Go

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    You know how the saying goes if you don t have anything nice to say, then don t say it I m assuming the rule doesn t apply to reviews, right Still, I ll try to keep it short If I were the writer, I wouldn t want to hear someone drone on and on about how much they hated my book.So I ll try to be gentle This collection isn t my cup of tea These stories are a little mediocre and predictable There That doesn t sound so bad believe me, I m controlling myself.Okay, on the good side, all five stories have fast moving plots, a bit of a twisty ending, and decent language There are, however, several clich s that were like fingernails on a chalkboard One is My life flashed before my eyes Really, please don t use that phrase Really.First impressions are everything The beginning of a book usually puts me in a good mood or at least makes me want to read on Sometimes I realize right away that the book is just too boring or confusing or violent for me to continue On rare occasions, the first 10 pages make me furious That s what happened here I toyed with dropping the book like a hot potato, but I kept thinking, no, you must give it a chance Surely it will get better As I read on, I only got madder the first story seemed like nothing but a rage against fat women.It s about a guy who s in an amusement park with his daughter the woman working a ride reminds him of his ex wife It s a very short story, yet in just a few pages the words fat and waddle appear often, and the hatred with which he talks about his ex wife is disturbing It was offensive, and I was shocked NOBODY in this overly PC world would dare to create a character with this much prejudice But there it was, page after page of fat woman disgust I wasn t sure if it was hatred of women or hatred of fat people, or both, but it doesn t really matter The writer would probably say that it was the character who had this disgust of fat women, but I don t buy it I tried to simmer down and see it through when I got to the ending, I was impressed it was twisty and cool But then I thought about it and realized, no, the whole premise of the story was unbelievable.So I went, steaming, into story number 2, worried that the theme of ragging on fat people or women would prevail, but luckily it did not Story 2, 3, 4, and 5 were all very different and mediocre at best I will always wonder how I would have felt if the writer had reordered the stories so that the wretched first story was placed, say, in position 4 or 5.This book hasn t been widely reviewed, but one or reviewers compared his stories to those of O Henry Pa lees What a joke These reviews must be from family and friends.I mostly read contemporary fiction and a little bit of crime drama I don t really know what genre this collection falls under It s not a typical book I would read It was free on Kindle and looked interesting, so I gave it a shot Sorry to say it was a waste of my time At least it was short, so the pain didn t last long I feel bad that I ve given the book such a negative review, but I must be honest I was mildly and I do mean mildly interested in seeing the five stories through, so I almost gave this collection a 2, but just couldn t do it I hated that first story so much, the entire book left a bad taste in my mouth.

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    Originally reviewed on LauraofLurkingI received a free copy of this book in return for an unbiased reviewStrong language NoneDrugs NoneViolence Some, Semi graphicSexual content NoneThe teacup lady 4 5This story started with an interesting and sweet point of view of a dad trying to make his daughter happy, while simultaneously suffering from the heat I found it a bit heavy in metaphors in places, but something I felt was balanced by the latter part It had a good, and I felt unpredictable, ending.Bitter Water 3 5A man gets an offer to move to a new town with a job, home etc included After a gift basket arrives he goes to the shop it came from, meeting a creepy old man who owns it This man tells a story, believability of the telling aside, I felt it meandered and was predictable.Neighbourhood Watch 4 5Fast paced pithy dialogue, but in the opening scene I felt there weren t enough tags to say who was saying what, meaning I got confused about one character s opinion A good story, I particularly liked the twist.The Amazing Flea Circus 3.5 5This was fairly mundane and predictable for the large part A family go to a flea circus and the least willing participant in the room is picked as an assistant There were a few small surprises, but overall you could see where it was coming from quite early.I did particularly like the writing style of this story though, particularly the line The thing looked like it was from the 1800s and still had the original dust.The Rock Toss 5 5First page a lovely refreshing family scene this will never end well And I was right It ended so very very bad, for the characters anyway For little old me, the reader it was a smooth treat.Overall this was a great little anthology Some of the twists were obvious from the start, but in most cases this didn t reduce the enjoyment The writing was crisp, if occasionally sacrificing emotion or depth to keep the stories short.I look forward to reading the sequel.

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    Disappointing short story horror collection Twisted Endings, supposedly 5 disturbing tales however, as I can only connect with one disturbing tale I feel this short kindle read is only worthy of one star The opening The Teacup Lady is original, sharp and most important contains an unexpected and very neat little conclusion As for the remaining 5 tales the final story The Rock Toss is worthy of mention This appeared to be, on the surface, an unusual little story but unfortunately it was very easy to understand the direction the author was proceeding and therefore the conclusion was sadly predictable It must be said that I am not the greatest fan of short stories as within any such groupings there are very few that can sustain my interest throughout and I usually find that only one or two have any real reader or literary value Having said that in 2011 I read with delight a very intelligent and colourful collection called Entwined Tales from the City by A J Armitt which were brilliant and highly original in their delivery here is my review from that time What can I say for a mere 0.86p you can acquire a truly original horror short story collection What makes this book so different is the fact that all these stories are joined together in a very clever way The writing is very taut, bright, fresh and new, and I loved every word So often in the past I have been disappointed when reading horror books, but AJ Armitt is a breath of fresh air and I urge you to downlodyou will not be disappointed refers to.Entwined Tales from the City 13 Dark Twisted Tales, reviewed on August 7th 2011.

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    Good StuffThese stories were a little different than what I usually read but Disturbing is the right definition This one I read for free and it was better than some of the books I ve paid for Don t you hate when you go by someone else s review and the book ends up not what you expected Well I know a good Horror and Thriller when I read one and I am usually very honest with my reviews This was not disappointing just to short.kozetteksmith

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    I loved all the stories, disturbing indeed I really nice quick read.

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    Most of the stories were pretty good, nice quick reads I really enjoyed this collection.

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    Twisted endingsA book full of some shocking and truly twisted takes that you have to Read to understand I Loved It

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    I absolutely loved these, perhaps it s a result of my generally having low expectations of things or perhaps it s my admiration for the style the stories are written in Either way, they made for a pleasant read, even if a couple of the stories were predictable to me.

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    I really didn t think these stories were disturbing, and I certainly wasn t surprised by any of the endings I pretty much figured out what was going to happen, and I was talking to the characters, Look out , Don t be so stupid You asked for this.At least it was short.

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    Free 07 06 14 Short Stories

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