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About the Author: Jayne Ann Krentz

The author of over 50 consecutive New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic suspense in three different worlds Contemporary as Jayne Ann Krentz , historical as Amanda Quick and futuristic as Jayne Castle There are over 30 million copies of her books in print She earned a B.A in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degre

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    I am a huge JAK fan, but this book left me angry and frustrated I am upset with myself for actually finishing it The story is so contrived that it is laughable These are two people who have known each other for about 2 weeks, and yet claim to love one another They know practically nothing about each other, yet decide to get married, and as soon as possible , too What ever happened to sharing a life with someone you know and respect The hero is overbearing, arrogant and chauvinistic The heroine is described as wild, reckless, independent, strong , etc., yet lets the male push her around like a child Her entire family treats her like some psychotic time bomb, who can t be trusted to behave herself in public That totally contradicts her being a self made, successful businesswoman Her family practically throws her at his stranger who comes to stay at their lodge, and they trust him than they trust her They are pleased when he whisks her off for a night in his apartment Puh lease Nothing about the inter personal dynamics is believable.About a third of the book is dedicated to a completely idiotic argument about who trusts whom , and is hugely unconvincing and does not make either of them a sympathetic or a compelling character In short two people I couldn t bring myself to like spending a lot of time manipulating each other and battling over stupid issues that shouldn t even be up for discussion like what a woman can or can t wear, what she can or can t do with her own money Unbelievable scenes and ridiculous dialogue Definitely not JAK at her best

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    This is one of JAK s earlier books, and as such the hero is a bit commanding While that isn t my favorite aspect, the heroine manages to hold her own and he does see the the light.What I enjoyed Filomena She can take care of herself, has a good sense of fun and can hold her own with Trent Trent He could have toned it down a little, but I get the feeling he would eventually I commend how Filomena handled Gloria I would have slapped her at the very least.What could have been better The family worrying about Filomena causing a scandal was a bit overboard view spoiler I m not sure why Brady thought Filomena would welcome him I guess he just had an over inflated view of himself hide spoiler

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    This is one of those books I did not particularly think was good the first time I read it, but after re reading it several times, I have grown to enjoy the characters and the situation It lacks Ms Krentz s trademark humor, but I loved the clothing design parts, although I kept expecting Fil to justify her clothing choices by mentioning that she advertises her clothes by wearing them, which is nothing but the truth and something Trent should have been able to respect Instead she allows him to force her to change her dress and doesn t make this claim I m not sure why Trent s insistence on the dress change bothered me so much, but it did, in spite of the fact that I agreed with him and felt Fil had made a poor choice for the venue she would be in Go figure.

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    early krentz.good genre reading short novel.

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    I don t usually write reviews, but the general public had to be warned about this stinker There will be cursing below.There will be spoilers in this review, however I m not sure a book this bad can really be spoiled Do yourself a favor and read something else by JAK instead I really wish I could give this book an even lower rating I m an avid romance fan and I ve really loved JAK books in the past, but honestly this is the worst one I ve ever read I almost didn t finish it but then I decided to do so out of a morbid curiosity about the subplot.TOP 5 REASONS TRENT RAVINDER IS THE WORST 1 He claims he likes Filomina but all he ever wants to do throughout the whole book is repress her so that she acts nothing like her real self and then have sex with her If he really loved her, he would accept her for the person that she is at the VERY LEAST he would give her the benefit of the doubtwhich he never does I don t see how this relationship ever worked, it s like JAK wrote him in as a creepy asshole stalker and then realized oh crap I don t have another hero I guess I ll just make my main character fall in love with this guy 2 He overuses the word Elf Don t get me wrong I m totally fine with fantasy novels, I m even okay with men comparing women to ethereal creatures Hell I would have bought it if she had turned out to actually have elven blood, but none of this occurs He does t even dignify each new observation with some nuance of her character It was maybe okay the first time, and I could have accepted him telling her she reminded him of an elf and then explaining whybut the way this comparison is just randomly thrown into the novel with no supportit was horrible and awkward It was way out of the blue and out of character for this guy who in every other way seemed like a domineering asshole.3 He dominates Filomina physically Fuck that Is it somehow okay for this guy to basically rape her in the car when she tells him she isn t comfortable with what he s doing Okay sure he backs off, but not immediately and he tries to pressure her into having sex with him when she isn t ready, that isn t the mark of a hero in my book He also controls her using his physical presence and makes her change her outfit at one point All of this would have made sense if he was the villain in the story, but since Filomina s character has basically said she doesn t feel comfortable with people bigger than her and she hates being pressured and physically manipulated, why would she ever fall for this neanderthal 4 He is an arrogant jackass Seriously, not once does he doubt that Filomina is just going to fall for himthat kind of plot is only interesting when it falls down around the pig headed jackass s head..but instead it somehow works for him Don t get me started.4.5 He has been looking for a wife So basically if he hadn t been at this magical place in his life where he was ready to settle down he wouldn t have wanted to be with her WTF This guy is supposed to be the big romantic hero, why did we even need that detail of his life Also would he not have b een happy if she hadn t decided to marry him It sounds like he s looking for someone to be married to him instead of being in love with Filomina 5 On top of all of his bad qualitieshe doesn t trust the main character Seriously I couldn t believe that shit the one thing that redeemed him was that maybe he loved and trusted her. and then at the end we re all supposed to be soooo happy he believed she wasn t FUCKING HER STALKER TO GET BACK AT HIM ohhh congratulatiooooons clearly you trust her in everything importantoh wait except for financial matters even though it was blatantly obvious she wasn t trying to manipulate him Trent supposedly fell in love for her BECAUSE she was mischievous and full of live, but at his first chance he tries to restrain her and turn her into some fucked up little housewife.Okay now that I ve worked out some of that rage let me just spare a moment to say what I think about Filomina herself Honestly she was the reason I kept reading the book I thought she was fun and interesting and I was enjoying hearing about the way she handled herself in public Granted she was a bit too restrained for my tastes, but that was fine I was seriously pissed about the way Trent treated her after she showed admirable self restraint in every single interaction with the antagonists she was placed in yet another anti trent side note here, what right did he have to control her on what amounted to their first semi date Anyway I was on board with her and I was looking forward to a rousing story of a feisty woman teaching a man to respect her as an equal and trust her good judgement, but Trent never respects her or even acknowledges that she is handling everything well He just takes her family s side and doesn t defend her rights at all Anyway the turning point for me where I put this book down and almost didn t pick it back up was when Trent has sex with her, and she turns around and becomes this doting stupid docile little bitch I couldn t stand watching this formerly interesting character snivel with doubt and insecurity She was all of a sudden his biggest fan, it s like he screwed the personality right out of her I couldn t believe the direction this book was taking, all of a sudden she wanted to cook for him And she had to seduce himwell obviously so she could see she could trust him oh waitthat makes no fucking sense oh well we ll pretend this is female empowerment Finally this strong independent woman who doesn t need a man to complete her yells that she s going to MARRY this guy she has known for maybe a WEEK and then just runs into his arms because she can t take care of any problems herself She s just a sad little girl I would say that just reading this book set the women s lib movement back by about 50 years but honestly I ve never felt like burning my bra and marching on Washington If there are women who are attracted to these kinds of guys then I ve never felt sorry for them Guess what ladies, the only we should take from this book is that when you let yourself be controlled by a man you lose your sense of individuality and all the respect of your peers If I hadn t already read several books with strong and interesting female characters by JAK I would probably never read anything by her again.

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    This book taught me not to judge a book by it s cover It looks boring and possibly something my mom might like to read I have checked it out at the library twice and I finally read it Wow was I wrong The story was fun and the characters were compelling The chemistry almost sent me ablaze It s hard to hide a blush while reading at my desk I really enjoyed it and I will not be recommending it to my mother.

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    I enjoyed it better than some others of hers that she has written There wasn t the whole structure that she usually uses of Guy meets Girl have emotional difficulties and misunderstandings while there is a Bad Guy Girl in the background Finally at end Bad Guy Girl confronts Girl while spilling the beans and describing in detail their evil plan Girl and Guy confess love and or Marry if not already married But for some reason I still can t get enough of Jayne Ann Krentz s books.

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    I really liked parts of this It s mostly a fun, fizzy awkward ugly duckling returns to her small town a self confident swan sort of story But then these annoying chauvinistic patriarchal sex role nonsense parts would intrude and stomp around it was like having someone talking or texting in a theatre an intermittent, annoying distraction.

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    The alpha male in this book bothered me Everyone treats the heroine like she s this fragile thing that will never be able to stand up For herself and I just don t care for that story line Other than that the book was ok.

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    this book wasn t what i expected it to be I thought it would be a light hearted romance, but i was wrong it was than that It show a woman who was willingly to fight for what she believe it, even thought it would cost her the love of her life.

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