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    Julia saves an infant from a burning car to discover that she is the daughter of archangel Gabriel She finds out that the angels have been watching over her for her lifetime She was abused as a child by her step brother..the answer for that She had to suffer to learn about humanity Yeah..okThere is a ton of info dumping in this book Then you have the creep archangels watching her every move Don t let her get attached to some one That is the kiss of death in this book We can t have any attachments to the humans I have no clue why I finished this book There were a couple of parts that I enjoyed Her relationship with her boyfriend wasn t horrible.Then there was the explanation of the other angels children that have walked on earth Including one of my heroes It just couldn t save the rest of this mess.The story jumped around and that ending Let s just drop off the story in the middle of nowhere That works..NOT I think I need an award for making it through this I m gonna go eat a cookie I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.

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    I don t want to rate it yet because I want to do the purchased copy when it comes but I ll just say that I read once that if you sign a book or agree to work with someone on a book you have to be willing to read it dozens of times This is the kind of book you WANT to read over and over The kind that offers new details every time you go back and makes you want to know what is next It s beautiful.

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    This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Review also posted on my blog The initial thing that attracted me to this book were the archangels I can t really remember whether or not I ve read a book about them before which most likely means I haven t , but Divinity just set the bar for all the future ones Julia Samson is the main character in this book From the start, we see that Julia s life wasn t easy She was born with the name of Sera such a pretty name , but ended up being adopted as a child by her uncle, Bill Samson and his wife Nathalie hence name change Her biological mother was defined as crazy and had to be put in an asylum Julia never knew who her father was and even her birth certificate said unknown Little did she know that she was in fact only half human, whilst the other half was given to her by her archangel father, Gabriel.Julia didn t associate with a lot of people She had her boyfriend named Alex Williams, who was a seemingly good guy He seemed to really care about her, he even went as far as stand up for her against his own mother God bless not that she listened either she wasn t that bad, honestly Her best friend was Charlie, a pregnant Australian woman with an abusive boyfriend she met on Facebook three years prior during a Texas Hold Em game can I just say that my dad s obsession with that game is was ridiculous.I think Michelle L Johnson did a good job on portraying the different characters I liked how we got to know Julia piece by piece as she was slowly figuring out who and what she was along the way herself It sort of felt like I, as the reader, was figuring out who I was, because I didn t really know anything Though I must admit that Julia having a picture framed of a random family is a bit sad I read the entire book and I still feel sad about that The progression and character development was good One example for this is Isabel Williams, Alex s mother, who seemed like she didn t like Julia at all, though you later on figure out that it wasn t really that at all.The story was captivating So captivating that I actually read it in one sitting, which is something I haven t done in quite some time I felt like there were tiny hints along the way, for instance when Julia was little she had a dog who one time looked like it had human eyes Julia s adoptive mother aunt therefore named the dog Gabriel Coincidence I think not The book was so well formulated and laid out It raised some questions, it made you both think and see what was happening.One comment that I might have about this book is about the part where Julia sees Gabriel for the first time He obviously seemed familiar to her and she knew his name, but at the same time, when you see mist forming above you and there s suddenly a person in front of you ISN T IT NORMAL TO FREAK OUT Did her archangel blood kick in at that point I don t know I would ve gotten really scared maybe this is a sign that I m definitely a chicken For those who like fantasy, you should definitely check it one out It was interesting from start to finish, and you ll most likely wonder why it s no longer dark outside because you lost track of time.In the end Divinity kind of played with my feelings Not only was it overwhelmingly exciting, but it was also an adventure Isabel s words to Julia which where something along the lines of you have a family now was wonderful.

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    Adult Urban Fantasy at its best WOW WOW DIVINITY just blew my mind Changed the way I look at the world, and all of the unexplainable things we encounter every day I won t give you a re cap of the synopsis here Pick up this book and get ready for an intellectual, mature Urban Fantasy story Michelle L Johnson s vivid details, flawless writing, and smooth integration of the speculative into reality make her an emerging force in the genre that s going to rock the Urban Fantasy world, and push it to higher standards than it s ever met before.This book is not some casual, teenaged angel TV drama This is a smart, adult story with seamless writing, gorgeous imagery, and raw emotion that will leave you gutted at first, and then a little bit hopeful, and then full on, Kindle clenching, spine bendingly gripped by suspense as the action takes twists and turns I don t typically find angel stories terribly believable, but DIVINITY is realistic to the very last page I felt like I was right there with Julia as she experienced her true nature revealed.DIVINITY goes deep Way deep Touching on many subjects that average paranormal UF books shy away from, Michelle L Johnson takes us on a journey that digs into the most difficult moments in life abuse, abandonment, and the heartache that comes alongside not really knowing where you come from Yet through all the pain, there is light Julia finds hope and strength within herself This isn t a story where the heroine meets some guy that fixes all her problems When Julia meets the Archangels, her problems multiply, and so must her inner strength in response She s a sophisticated heroine who has been through some terribly dark times, and must emerge stronger than ever before.The Archangels speak in a manner that clearly separates them from being human I love this aspect of DIVINITY When you read the Archangel point of view chapters, you re immersed in a world that you ve imagined a few times through stories growing up, but never truly seen until now You see it in DIVINITY You re right there with the Archangels, overwhelmed by their majestic power, enveloped in their wings, and in awe of their mystique.Julia had everything I beg for in a heroine She s tender and yet strong, and when disaster strikes, you feel every moment of her pain But then you feel her anger, too Her determination Her hope I was cheering for her every step of the way.I hear there is a sequel to this story Michelle GET IT TO US NOW Michelle L Johnson has set us up in a multi layered, complex, and yet thoroughly integrated world of the balance between mankind and the Divine, and I can t wait to embark on the next journey Julia takes.Five stars

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    I was interested with Divinity because it dealt with angels and half angels I stated to enjoy the book when Michael came into the picture It was a slow process but I understood that we need the black story so that we knew who Julia is as a person.Julia is a person you would want to meet and be friends with She had a hard life but didn t know it was about to get even harder There wasn t always people she could count on but she had started to turn it around this last year Then she finds out she is half angel and things get worse in her life Michael comes into the picture and trains Julia in her powers However, Julia learns quickly and far then Michael teaches.Divinity will keep you wanting to watch Julia grow into her powers and fight the A nwel But will that be all she has to fight or learn about, no This was a quicker read for me even though at times hard to follow along I did enjoy it in the end and can t wait for the next book.

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    From the beginning we were thrown into this story as Julia, heroically saves a child from burning in a car crash From that moment, you know she s special, and things start happening This story has twists and turns, and you are captivated as you slowly begin to learn who Julia really is, and what kinds of powers she holds within her In between there is dialogue between the realms which I loved because it added so much dimension Divinity was a beautifully told story filled with love, pain, self discovery, strength, and hope I m definitely looking forward to the next installment

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    Loved this and cannot wait for the sequel.

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    Imagine your reaction if the Archangel Gabriel appeared before you and announced that he was your father, and that you re half Archangel Not half angel Half Archangel Would that create a little upheaval in your world When Julia Samson, the main character in Michelle L Johnson s new novel Divinity meets her father yep, that s Gabriel, the Archangel Julia is pointed down a path that seems pre determined, or least Gabriel and the other Archangels think it is Julia, however, has overcome many challenges in her 30 some years on Earth She s not going let angels suddenly tell her who she is and what she s supposed to do Johnson has created a great cast of characters, discarding the traditional angel persona in favor of a fresh, less powerful and human, group of Archangels They have a non traditional purpose too, assigned to keep the Earth simply balanced instead of pure and good That leaves lots of room for error and disagreement among the Archangels, and it s clear Michael, the so called leader of the Archangels, doesn t have much control over his team We meet Archangels who are stubbornly independent, manipulative, and each working his or her own agenda based on different perceptions of what balance is.There s something evil in this book, as you might expect, but in Divinity Johnson completely discards the traditional devil and demons from Hell as evil concept She gives us instead a dark and powerful force called the A nwel that the Archangels have never before encountered, something they can t see or feel, and something that makes them genuinely afraid The Archangels are vulnerable, almost human, in their response to the A nwel They turn to Julia because only she can see what it is, even if she s not yet ready to face it.The earthly cast is equally diverse, though not always truly earth bound, and Julia s understanding of her life and half human, half angel nature forces her to revisit every important relationship in life since birth Johnson weaves the large cast of characters around Julia as she searches for answers, all wrapped up in a multi level universe of Earth, a level where the Archangels live that is definitely not Heaven, a mid level that provides a great setting for several scenes, and wherever it is the A nwel comes from The story weaves skillfully back and forth in time as Julia searches through her past, uncovering surprises and gaining fresh hope, while at the same time discovering her powers as an angel and searching for the A nwel We also move freely among the levels of Julia s world, learning to flow between Earth, the middle level, and the higher level just as she does At the center of it all is Julia, and what the makes the book truly work are the complex relationships that evolve Julia s boyfriend Alex, his mother, and her closest friend Charlie, anchor her Earthly presence Michael mentors her as she learns about her angel side, while her father, Gabriel, remains distant and aloof, confusing and hurting her.Of course, Julia must deal with the A nwel, even if she isn t sure what it is or if it s evil The hunt for the A nwel is artfully weaved into the plot as well, and the final confrontation forces Julia to act Exactly how would be a spoiler, though I will tell you the 300 word epilogue will send a shiver down your spine and leave you wanting .

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    What really says something about this book is the fact that I didn t care for the subject much at all but still found myself engrossed in the story and wanting to read I am not a religious person, and while this book may not be religious per se it is definitely all spiritual and such with talk of god here and there It s about Julia finding and accepting her angel heritage and of having faith and being strong Like I said, not really my thing, but somehow I still loved this book.Julia has had a rough childhood, but since has had a pretty decent life She owns a successful restaurant and has the sweetest most loving boyfriend Sure some weird things happen to her but she has learned to deal with them What she has longed for her whole life is a family But the night when she finds out that the archangel Gabriel is her father, instead of being happy, she s pretty pissed She s understandably angry with him for allowing all of the bad things that had happened to her happen when he was able to prevent them, and also for abandoning her Since she is openly unaccepting of him, the most powerful archangel, Michael, takes it upon himself to teach and protect her See, she is one of twelve children sired by an archangel because they are there to try to keep the balance of good and evil on the earth But those children don t always live long lives And with Julia her safety is even important for what she might be destined to be She actually accepts all that she s told rather well and is pretty much on bored with all But then tragedy strikes view spoiler I was really surprised when her boyfriend was killed off only about a third of the way in I really would have liked him around especially considering it appeared he knew a lot of what was going on And if what he mother thought in the end was true That was a whoa moment hide spoiler

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    This book is so much than what I ve come to expect from the multitude of paranormal fantasy stories available about angels It was anything but predictable and from one page to the next, it drew me in I could barely put it down I had to know what happened next A good book will make you become emotionally invested in its characters and this book did just that I smiled, I giggled, I gasped, and even felt a little teary throughout the story I was torn between wanting to have an absolute resolution by the end and hoping it would be left open for a sequel I was very glad to find this isn t just another paranormal love triangle romance It s a got a great story line that just doesn t need that kind of distraction to make you fall in love with it Bottom line, get this book Guaranteed to be your next new favorite

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Divinity download Divinity, read online Divinity, kindle ebook Divinity, Divinity 15f05f78212d When Julia Climbs Into A Flaming Car To Save A Trapped Child, She S Left Wondering Why Either Of Them Survived Then She Learns That Her Father Is The Archangel Gabriel, And That She Is Half Human, Half Archangel With Guidance From Michael, The Most Powerful Archangel, Julia Sets Out To Discover Her Own History And Explore Her Angelic Powers But Her Journey Is Cut Short When An Evil Force, Invisible To Human And Angel Alike, Tears Her World Apart Now Julia Must Fight Through Her Despair, Harness Her Newfound Gifts, And Risk Her Very Soul To Stop The A Nwel And Protect The Family She Never Knew She Had What She Doesn T Know Is That Archangels Have Secrets Too