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From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women: Masculine Mystique (Volume II) txt From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women: Masculine Mystique (Volume II), text ebook From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women: Masculine Mystique (Volume II), adobe reader From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women: Masculine Mystique (Volume II), chapter 2 From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women: Masculine Mystique (Volume II), From Eve to Dawn: A History of Women: Masculine Mystique (Volume II) 1c2ac9 The Masculine Mystique, The Second Volume Of Marilyn French S Monumental, Readable, And Unprecedented History Of Women, Analyzes And Evaluates The Lives Of Women In Societies Around The World Between Feudal Times And The French RevolutionDrawing Upon Fifteen Years Of Collaboration With A Team Of Researchers And Prominent Historians, The Volume Opens With Fascinating Chapters Comparing Medieval Europe And Japan, Disparate Cultures Which Nevertheless Shared Traditions Of Male Dominated Aggression And Competitiveness French Then Shows How, In Europe, This Tradition Led To Colonialism And Imperialism, And The Horrific Subjugation Of Indigenous Societies, Just As Women Were Subjugated In The Conquerors Home Countries As French Makes Clear In This Impassioned Women S History, Only With The French Revolution Did The Political Force Women Exerted Powerfully Change The Course Of History

About the Author: Marilyn French

Beyond Power On Women, Men and Morals 1985 is a historical examination of the effects of patriarchy on the world.French s 1977 novel,

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    3.5While I found this volume to be just as rewarding to read as the first, I had some problems They are listed below.1 I don t understand the implication that King Phillip s War has the highest death total on American soil The Civil War had dead I will admit that one can advocate that the effects, especially in terms of Native American population, were far reaching This section could have been a little clearer about what terms French was using in talking about the war.2 The section on North America is confined largely to the US, both pre and post independence There are two sentences about Canada in particular I learned about women in Canada by reading about and going to Notre Dame de Bon Secour in Montreal It is just as interesting and important as US women s history.3 Slave women and Native American women do not tempt to escape their white captors in great numbers because they do not leave their children White women, however, who are captured or taken by Native Americans, do not wish to leave because they might enjoy the sexual freedom So they want to leave children I m sorry I don t buy that, especially the two stories that French tells us Perhaps, the women were also frightened of being branded whores By simply tying it to freedom to love, French unintentionally backs up the then current and still currently held by some that women were uncontrolled messes when it came to desires.4 French implies that there was no rape in Native American cultures She says there was not a word for it I m sorry I can t buy the implication, have you read any folklore Still worth reading because of the amount of detail in terms of Central and South America as well as how male and female slaves everywhere were treated differently.

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    In the second volume of this four volume series about women in history, French discusses feudalism in Europe and Japan and the European invasion of Africa and the Americas, thoroughly accounting the genocide and enslavement of indigenous populations in Latin America and the importation of enslaved men and women from Africa to the American continent All the while, of course, focusing on the situation of women in each society To me, what left the deepest impression was the frank description of the horrors carried out by the European invaders of the Americas While aware of the history, every account I had until now come across was substantially attenuated.French s in depth portrayal of the lives of women in this period gives the reader a wholly new perspective into the history, one that has been repeatedly erased, ignored and forgotten Her effort in bringing these issues back up in a complete and accessible way are truly remarkable.The only thing missing from this book was a thorough final revision before publishing It felt like some paragraphs were repetitive or that they needed to be repositioned here and there Also, some minor inconsistencies in the writing, such as the Igbo people being sometimes spelled Igbo and other times Ibo, give the reader the impression that the book needed a few corrections.Despite this criticism, this book is an absolute must read for anyone interested in history and gender issues Ideally, a revised and condensed version of these four volumes would be a required reading in every high school.

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    While interesting and well researched with lots of references notes, this was still a bit dry and really just beat into one s head all the ways that women have been oppressed over this time period There s a lot of information about the colonization of the new world including Mexico and central America, as well as how slavery affected both female slaves and the white women.

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