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Wild About Rachel chapter 1 Wild About Rachel , meaning Wild About Rachel , genre Wild About Rachel , book cover Wild About Rachel , flies Wild About Rachel , Wild About Rachel 6ce96a6fadc56 Wrestling Alligators Might Be Easier Than Falling In LoveFormer Debutante Rachel Hansworth Longs For The Days When Alligator Was Followed By Pumps Or Handbag Broke, Rachel Takes The Only Job She Can Find Removing Nuisance Animals From Florida Homes Unfortunately, Fighting The Attraction To Her Boss Proves Difficult Than Wrestling A Gator Army Veteran Mark Winters Needs Help With His Business, But He Wants Rachel He Must Honor A Promise To His Dying Mother And Find A Fianc E A Real Girlfriend Isn T Part Of The Plan He S Been There, Done That There S Only One Problem He Can T Stop Kissing Rachel She Refuses To Be Duped By Love Again, And He Won T Let A Few Hot Make Out Sessions Tear Down The Walls He S Erected But She S All About The Big Bonus She Ll Receive If She Helps Mark They Ll Lower Their Defenses Enough To Trust Each Other When A Wild Animal Is Involved, But Can They Pull Off The Fake Fianc E Ruse And Not Be Bitten By Love

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    What a fun and original story from debut author Blaire Edens Wild About Rachel traps you right from the start as the wildlife adventure continues to crescendo The two main characters, Rachel Hansworth and Mark Winters, have a unique chemistry and their relationship is complete with desire, excitement and conquering fear Ms Edens is an terrific storyteller and her words kept me engaged from the very first sentence, You want me to wrestle what I loved Rachel s character She grew up a debutante on the wealthy side of town, with not a care in the word as long as she adhered to all of her parents commandments and kept up appearances Rachel learned the hard way to trust and make herself a success, after her sleazeball of an ex husband left her for another woman and mortgaged her childhood mansion to the hilt, which left her with tremendous debt She waitressed at a sleazy diner in order to make ends meet until she reconnected with army veteran Mark Winters, a former geek from high school, who gives her a job assisting him with his successful animal relocation business.Mark s character is hot, sensitive and fearless He swore he would never fall in love again after he lost his beloved fiancee and super smart canine companion during his deployment He has made a nice life for himself by relocating Florida s nastiest beasts, while taking care of his terminal mother He always had a crush on Rachel, so with them working together, and Rachel agreeing to be his fake girlfriend in order to give his mother something to look forward to, they fall in love.Some of the scenes from this story are a complete adrenaline rush From the capturing of a venomous snake to the baiting an alligator, Rachel learns to conquer her fear of reptiles, with Mark s help Mark is able to work through his sadness and grief by being honest with his mother and himself Overall, this is a well written entertaining read, with a truly likeable couple that find adventure intoxicating.Complimentary copy courtesy of Entangled Publishing.

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    What s a girl to do when she s used to living like a socialite and is now facing the possibility of living like a pauper because she s short on cash, and works at a job she hates Well if you re Rachel, you look for a new job of course, and you end up working with an old classmate who has a secret This old classmate just happens to work in the animal extermination and retrieval business Thing is she absolutely hates scaly things, so overcoming this is a big hurtle if she takes it Her former classmate Michael looks nothing like how she use to remember him and it doesn t hurt that he looked really good She takes against her better judgment even when he tells her the secret that just may derail everything They didn t count on the backlash but when it came they actually learned something They actually made quite a good couple despite the few hiccups along the way and it was a fun, witty read that had a few tear jerky moments, but you ll enjoy it So if you get a chance, pick up a copy You won t be disappointed.

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    Well, this turned out to be a pretty good read I m always a little weary about debut novels because you most of the time, when it comes to writing, practice makes perfect So my expectations were not set too high, and I was pleasantly surprised I loved both Mark Rachel s characters Both strong and determined and likeable The story was really cute Yes, it had some expected moments cliches, but very well written and fun I loved the whole rich princess looses everything and has to work for it all It made the story realistic And the whole fake girlfriend thing gave them both the opening to fall in love they needed Really great read ARC provided via NetGalley by Entangled Publishing, LLC for an honest review.

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    Big Man Here Now Me Alpha You Not Worry Me Fix Lines like this sprinkled throughout the book will have you giggling The author is witty and fun The plot of a down on her luck debutante and a geek from her past makes a wonderful story There s a real romance but it s still sexy This is a super cute story and sweet romance Some situations will have you squirming, but from fear, not being sexy Hah, this was a good romance read and well worth the purchase.

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    Very good debut novel from Blaire Edens I was so interested in finding out what was going to happen that I stayed up late to finish this one Very well written with a good pace and true life emotions It s a fun story with very likable characters that are both strong and determined I look forward to reading many books by this new author.

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    This was a fun story to read from a new to me author Can t wait to read from her In this book we have two people who went to high school together getting reacquainted Both have issues to deal with and the journey they take is both humorous and heartwarming This is one I would definitely recommend.

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    A girl who grew up in the Country Club lifestyle is forced to start over funny, touching and very romantic Full review to follow..

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    When I was first offered a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review I was a little wary I m one of those people that checks reviews and Goodreads author pages, and I saw this was a new author I m so glad I took the chance on reading it It s books like this that help me keep my sanity after a long work day Not too heavy, and not too light One of my favorite things is when an author can tell a story with something horribly sad, such as losing someone, and still add levity throughout the story It s a difficult thing, but I liked how she did it Rachel, high school debutante, always minded her p s and q s growing up She behaved the way her parents wanted her, and married the preppy guy someone like her was supposed to marry She didn t get her happy ever after with preppy guy Instead she got burned and left with a mountain of debt She s desperately trying to save her home, and prove to herself that she can do it on her own She knows her job as a waitress isn t going to cut it As she tries to get a better paying job she meets, or should I say reunites, with MarkMark, her geeky tutor from high school, always had a crush on her After 8 years in the military and 2 hard losses, he s not expecting much out of life He only focuses on his dying mother, and his business His business is successful, but he s made 2 promises to his mother The college degree he can do himself online, but to meet and marry a Lady is tough After meeting Rachel his protective instincts come out, and he also sees how they can help each other Yes, the fake fiance trope is done a lot, but in this instance it works One of the main reasons it works for me is because the 1st person to use the fake fiance bit was actually Rachel not Mark I really enjoyed that they both had issues to overcome Together they balanced and complimented each other While Mark was definitely someone to swoon over, I really loved Rachel s character She could have easily been the poor little rich girl and instead was a fighter I ll definitely try out this author s next work.

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    Wrestling alligators might be easier than falling in loveFormer debutante Rachel Hansworth longs for the days when alligator was followed by pumps or handbag Broke, Rachel takes the only job she can find removing nuisance animals from Florida homes Unfortunately, fighting the attraction to her boss proves difficult than wrestling a gator Army veteran Mark Winters needs help with his business, but he wants Rachel He must honor a promise to his dying mother and find a fianc e A real girlfriend isn t part of the plan he s been there, done that There s only one problem He can t stop kissing Rachel.She refuses to be duped by love again, and he won t let a few hot make out sessions tear down the walls he s erected But she s all about the big bonus she ll receive if she helps Mark They ll lower their defenses enough to trust each other when a wild animal is involved, but can they pull off the fake fianc e ruse and not be bitten by love Review Very fun, smart romance for this debut from author Blaire Edens.For a first time author I think Ms Edens did an excellent job of bringing the reader in and keeping us entertained I thought the writing was good and the characters were well thought out.I liked the idea that trying to save her house Rachel goes for a job catching and relocating wild animals For a debutante to not just fall back and let her family take care of her financial troubles, takes a lot of inner courage The scenes where Rachel is learning to catch the wild animals are at times funny and scary Rachel s character so easily could have come off as one dimensional, but she really has all these great layers to her I liked Mark, this former geek turned hottie with emotional issues is a good paring for Rachel Both of them have been hurt in different ways by past relationships and I liked that Rachel is the stronger half in this instance The fake fianc e has been done a million times, but thought it was handle in a fresh way.I cannot wait to see what else this Author brings us 4Stars

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    From wild animals to wild sex, WILD ABOUT RACHEL is nonstop fun from beginning to end.Rachel Hansworth Morrow was NOT going to wrestle alligators Ever But when former classmate Mark Winters makes her an offer she can t refuse, she really has no other choice but to accept the job at Wild Things Mark needed an assistant to help him corral wild animals, but he also needs a lady to fulfill his dying mother s wish that he finds a classy woman to settle down with Rachel can help with both of those things Pretty soon their ruse turns real, but Mark s got some issues that are keeping him from admitting his feelings for Rachel Can he move on before he loses the best thing that s ever happened to him WILD ABOUT RACHEL is such a fun book that you don t mind that this story is pretty cookie cutter since the setting is unique and funny Rachel is an uber wealthy girly girl whose cheating ex husband left her broke and desperate She s not afraid to work and get her hands dirty, which totally made me love her although her stubbornness at getting over Mark s issues knocked her down a peg in the opinion department Mark was an interesting character, full of contradictions He was sexy and manly but still that insecure geeky guy at heart He based his decisions as an adult on what his mother wants for him, even though he had to lie to her to make those things happen I really liked them as a couple and thought that their relationship wasn t all sunshine and roses but it seemed pretty real for the most part There were only a few sex scenes but they were nicely done and pretty erotic Though there were some editing consistency errors in WILD ABOUT RACHEL, I still found it to be an excellent read overall.

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