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What I Did On My Summer Vacation summary What I Did On My Summer Vacation, series What I Did On My Summer Vacation, book What I Did On My Summer Vacation, pdf What I Did On My Summer Vacation, What I Did On My Summer Vacation 3bd00f8b60 SterekThere S Something Weird About Beacon Hills That Stiles Can T Quite Put His Finger On The Way Everyone In Town Knows His Name The Day He Arrives The Way They Insist The Melancholic Howling That Echoes Through The Forest Every Night Is Just A Dog The Way His Dad Denies Getting A Dog, Even Though Stiles Comes Home To Find One Sprawled Across His Bed, Some Big Black Thing Whose Eyes Gleam Red In The Right Light The Way That Massive Oak Tree Out In The Woods Vibrates Under His Touch, Pulsing With Sickly LifeThere S Something Weird Going On In This Town, And Stiles Is Determined To Get To The Bottom Of ItArt Credit Words Complete

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    This is a werewolf AU, setting up the Sheriff as the new lawman of Beacon Hills Stiles comes home for the first time for summer break from college, and he soon realizes that the quaint town is full of strange happenings and deep secrets What s especially odd is that his dad has seemed to have adopted a stray dog a dog that Stiles finds himself increasingly attached to.If you re looking for a flash and bang sort of story, then this isn t it Instead, it s the slowest burn to ever burn I admit I m not usually one for Derek stuck in wolf form, but perhaps because it was such a gradual buildup, it was believable and it definitely insinuated itself into my good graces Nonetheless, this is an engaging and entertaining tale Derek is particularly and severely scarred here concerning the death of his family Stiles of course, is the only one who can bring him out of his self imposed exile Despite a nice central mystery, this really is all about Derek and Stiles, which is why we read these fics in the first place right It s all about healing and forgiveness, about taking responsibility, and especially about Stiles coming into his magical powers and becoming an integral part of the pack So yes light on the smex but heavy on the feels it was lovely to watch them form a friendship, work together, fall in love, and become each other s everything.And they lived happily ever after, the end.

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    You know that moment when you are reading a great book and you are waiting for a certain event, but it never happens. That was this Sterek for me.I loved it, I really did A nice slow burner I was so intrigued from the start with what was going on in the town And when Derek finally shifts from wolf to human, yay Stiles and Derek grow even closer and it s not long before it s than friendship.But I was waiting for some awesome Sterek sex Because. come on Stiles is 20 years old, he is in love with a hot specimen like Derek, but the two just keep kissing and cuddling It was frustrating Was I the only horny person here, who just wanted the banging to happen It felt unrealistic They find out they like each other as than friends, they sleep together in the same bed night after night, they kiss, they cuddle, they make out, but nothing else happens Not even off page I felt like these guys had no libido.And the object they were looking for to save the town Boy, I had this whole theory that it was Stiles, and the ritual involved marathon sex Well no such luck..There is some minor Sterek sex at the end, but it was actually a bit meh, and no real sex. Not even when Stiles would be leaving for college the next day.So, a great read, with excellent writing Could have used sex though But that could also be my depraved mind

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    That was super good My whole life I have loved the paranormal and loved any story I could get my hands on when it was the whole town So, this was pretty cool and this might be my favorite Beacon Hills.I ve read a couple fics now where Derek is a wolf and Stiles thinks he is a dog and he also thinks he is his dog I think I like that kinda story too This one did a great job of building a relationship between the two of them without any words from Derek.And of course, I love Magic Stiles.The end made me a little bit sad but overall I think this was a great read It was fun.

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    Cute slow paced Sterek fic where Stiles moves to magical Beacon Hills and strts learning how things are Derek is a wolf for the first half of the book which works because there s still personality there, though it bugged me a bit how everyone knew except Stiles.For me it was too drawn out and I started to loose interest as it continued, there wasn t a real sense of urgency about the plot and it meandered a little so the conclusion was anti climax.A pleasant read, comfortable read though.

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    This was mostly excellent Long, slow burn, lots of plot I loved this version of Beacon Hills, where everyone was in the know about the freaky deaky, but I didn t like how they tried to hide it from Stiles I was also quite disappointed in the lack of sex, considering the fic had an Explicit rating on AO3 All we got was one good blow job scene, at the very end I also would have liked an episode or another installment, showing what happened with Stiles and college, and afterwards.

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    I love these au Stereks.

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    4.5 starsThis was engaging It was hard to step away from it sometimes I went to bed at six this morning I took away half a star because, damn it, I wanted sex

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    There s also a podfic that I want to listen to.

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    Enjoyable slow burn , everyone says They re right.

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    Read 12 9 2014Re read 03 18 2016

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