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The Secret at Chichen Itza chapter 1 The Secret at Chichen Itza , meaning The Secret at Chichen Itza , genre The Secret at Chichen Itza , book cover The Secret at Chichen Itza , flies The Secret at Chichen Itza , The Secret at Chichen Itza d5788170968ab SOON TO BE A PILOT FOR TELEVISION SERIES The SECRET AT CHiCHEN ITZA Will Be Landis And Maya S First Television Experience The Equinox Is Coming And One Of The Legendary Cursed Iguana Sisters Will Make Her Annual Journey Down From High Atop Chichen Itza S Grand Pyramid, La Gran Pir Mide , To Look For The Lost Princess Itza Emerald And The Mayan Village At Chichen Itza Will Feel The Wrath Of Their Curse Continue If She Can T Find It Landing At The Chichen Itza Airstrip In The Steamy Mayan Jungle, Temperatures Start Rising When The Small Plane Casey Grace And Her Daughter Landis Are In Narrowly Misses A Huge Green Iguana That Has Mysteriously Appeared In The Middle Of The Runway A Local Ejidatario Has Taken Possession Of Chichen Itza S Royal Jaguar Sanctuary His Dastardly Plan Is To Destroy The Sanctuary Where He Thinks The Lost Princess Itza Emerald Is Hidden Landis And Her Friend Maya Have To Think And Act Quickly To Find Out If The Legend Is True And The Princess Itza Emerald Really Exists The Jaguar Keeper At The Sanctuary Entrusts The Teens With A Copy Of An Ancient Legend Codex Recently Unearthed At Chichen Itza Which They Read To Help Them Solve The Mystery Or Will They Solve It In Time The Secret Of Chichen Itza Includes Entertaining Flashbacks To A Mayan Time Years Ago Taken From Real Life Accounts From The Book The Mayas, The Sources Of Their History , Casey And Landis Make Learning About The Mayans Interesting And Entertaining Great For Schools And School Projects, Too

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