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Moon California Camping txt Moon California Camping , text ebook Moon California Camping , adobe reader Moon California Camping , chapter 2 Moon California Camping , Moon California Camping ce1658 Tom Stienstra, The Nation S Top Selling Outdoors Writer, Invites You To Spend The Night Under The Stars With The Latest Edition Of Moon California Camping Extremely Comprehensive And Packed With Useful Information, Moon California Camping Covers Than , Camping Options Throughout The State, From Sites Nestled Among Towering Redwoods To Remote Backcountry Destinations In The High Sierra To Sun Drenched, Beach Side Campgrounds Detailed Descriptions, Directions, Contact Information, And Stienstra S Signature Scenic Rating Are Provided For Each Site Stienstra Also Includes Lists Of The Best Campgrounds, Such As Best For Hikes With Views And Best Family Destinations, As Well As Sixty Pages Of Helpful Camping Tips With Moon California Camping, Seasoned Outdoors Enthusiasts And Camping Novices Alike Can Experience The Best Of The Great Outdoors In The Golden State

About the Author: Tom Stienstra

Tom Stienstra is America s most traveled and best known outdoorsman, and now has broke new ground with his new crime novel set around the music industry, The Sweet Redemption, An Inspector Korg Mystery Music Money Murder Before writing this book, Tom met with homicide inspectors, rock stars and other specialists that helped bring the story to life, so you get the real insider

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    I received this a little too late in the season to really be able to check out many new places, so I polled friends who camp, and everyone agreed the information and ratings were pretty spot on for ones we collectively have visited The book is deceiving in size over 850 pages of ratings, information, contacts, maps, all in a very compact book that will not take up much space in your packing I have used Moon travel guides in the past, but this was my first time with one that does camping, so I am thrilled to see the high quality I received this book from the Publisher for an honest review.

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    I won this in the giveaways and it s awesome totally glad I won this I have seen some of the grounds but it s always nice to have them in one nice book.

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    Best camping book ever Sorry for the other states I loved it I don t know if I trust his scenic meter ratings but the info provided is beyond what I had expected He lists a few free sites that is one thing, I didn t know national parks had Crazy I initiated got in on a kindle and I just ordered the hard copy this will be by camping bible.All the sites are separated by region and well organized and easy to find read.

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    I read the first part with interest, I mean the generalities about camping, weather, how to sleep, etc.When it got to the spots described, it is much difficult to have an idea about them, if you are not in California.I was hoping to get information about the prices and the facilities, though According to the author, the prices per vehicle go from 15 to 50, but what is included just a place to put your tent or r.v or showers, refilling or your water, emptying the used water, etc It makes a huge difference Dome don t have drinkable water, or paying showersI could easily find the prettiest places The other classifications are much specialized, for divers, for hikers, et al Where do you ever find a family with everyone likes the same thing I ll keep the book, of course, and may use it practically in the future But it brings me back exactly to the lack of details with prices I won t buy or rent an r.v So, it would be a tent, and I think it is not cheaper than many motels, where you have water at the sink, a toilet in your bathroom et al I have friends who bought an r.v They spent than 50,000 for a mid range one They could afford it, so far, so good The problem came with making the spent money worth it No trips with planes, holidays meant r.v After a few years, the whole family was totally fed up The father was the only happy one, he drove The mother and daughters wanted to run away But I will try with a tent, once, to see what it is like I wish pictures would be in cluded.

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