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Anne Boleyn's Ghost summary Anne Boleyn's Ghost, series Anne Boleyn's Ghost, book Anne Boleyn's Ghost, pdf Anne Boleyn's Ghost, Anne Boleyn's Ghost de018b3fb0 A True And Shocking Ghost Story About One Of England S Most Famous Queens, Anne Boleyn Witnessed On Numerous Occasions Throughout The Centuries At Her Historic Home, Hever Castle, And The Tower Of London, Where She Was Executed, As Well As Many Less Familiar Places You Wouldn T Necessarily Expect To Find Her, Anne Boleyn S Ghost Is Considered To Be One Of The Most Frequently Seen Ghosts In The United Kingdom One Day In , A Family Visited Hever Castle On The Five Hundredth Anniversary Of King Henry The Eighth S Accession To The Throne An Outing Full Of Twists And Turns, Their Day At The Castle Had A Few Surprises In Store For Them As They Walked Through The Castle S Ancient Rooms, One Of The Family Members A Budding Photographer Unknowingly Captured The Ghost That Has Mystified So Many Individuals Since Her Dramatic, And Rather Gruesome, End It Is Anne Boleyn Like You Have Never Seen Her Before Her Ghost No Longer Dwells In The Shadows But Has Appeared In Her Full Glory In Front Of One, Unsuspecting Photographer S Lens Almost Five Hundred Years After She Was Executed At The Tower Of London, Anne Boleyn Appears Not A Day Older Than The Day She Lost Her Head This Is The Story Of That Family S Eventful Day At Anne Boleyn S Historic Home, Hever Castle, And The Mysterious Photographs They Took

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    This book was not what I thought it was I thought it would be a fictional story about the Ghost of Anne Boleyn who haunts the Tower of London Instead, it turned out to be about someone the author taking pictures during a tour of Hever Castle and when the pictures were developed from a nondigital camera , he saw what appeared to be signs of a ghost Now to me, only two pictures could possibly be that of a ghost With the type of camera he was using, it was possible some of the pics could have been a double exposure common with early non digital cameras or the person at the store who developed the photographs could have used too much solution Some of the pictures I could not even see the faintest hint of a ghost or what the author said he was seeing I have no problems believing that there might be ghosts or spirits haunting historical castles, houses, battlegrounds etc That wasn t my problem with this book My problem was that the author should have spent time taking pictures and less time with explaining Anne s history My other problem was that I kept wondering if a digital camera would have shown the ghost if he had used one Also note, this was a VERY short book I finished it in 20 minutes on my Kindle and estimate it might be 50 pages at best if bought as a paperback or hardcover.So, unfortunately, I have to give this book 3 stars and that s being generous.

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    Not greatIt was a little hard to believe Most of the background history was a repeat of other books.Cannot believe the story of his sighting

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