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    This is deeply, thoroughly OK, middle of the road inoffensive book, unless you are a fridge in which case you will probably not approve of being moved around the countryside Fridges like to settle down They are naturally homebodies Movement can cause bubbles in their coolant tubes which is generally bad news So this is one of those gently amusing books arising from somebody deciding to do something stupid for a bet Had Hawks tried to do this in a less prosperous part of the world a good part of the narrative would have been concerned with attempting to rescue the fridge as it was repeatedly stolen or impounded for alleged customs violations.However for reasons possibly not even known to the author, but alcohol may have been involved, he got involved in a discussion that terminated in the assertion that Irish people were so nice, what with that natural tendency to good natured kindliness of theirs, it would be possible to hitch hike round Ireland with a fridge Now that duelling is currently illegal, this is the kind of assertion that can only be proven in one way You may, particularly if you are from Ireland, find this book to be condescending in that it is based on the belief that Ireland is a wondrous country full of good natured people up for helping somebody out to win a ridiculous bet You may on the other hand notice that the fridge is small enough to sit on a bar stool which I suspect was an important factor The book written about the attempt to hitch hike round Ireland with a mega fridge imported from the USA, or one of those giant contraptions from the 1950s would be longer and filled with cursing As it is this the kind of book that the Irish Tourist Board should probably be surreptitiously promoting Good for a wet afternoon.

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    This is a gimmick travel book, and the gimmick is awesome the author made a bar bet that he could travel around Ireland with a fridge And by travel, I mean hithchike Unfortunately, that s the funniest part of the book The rest of it I got the feeling the author hadn t quite settled into his narrative voice in a written medium much of it sounded like the kind of prolonged story that d be hilarious if someone told it to you while you were having a couple of drinks with him That doesn t really make for a book, though.Ultimately, this is a forgettable book with an unforgettable concept.

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    Completely ridiculous and fun A British man drunkenly accepts a 100 pound bet that he can t circumnavigate Ireland while hitchhiking with a small fridge which ends up costing him 130 pounds It s heartening to see all the people who help him out and really get behind his quest Hawks has a real gift for laugh out loud funny writing And there s something moving about the whole journey, too the insight that can come from doing things that are a bit silly Makes you want to find a household appliance and head out on the open road.

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    This was a fairly entertaining book which does exactly what it says on the tin Lots of laughs included and Hawks personality certainly shines through Having been to Ireland myself, I can certainly appreciate the craic It s not going to change your life but still worth the read about an entirely unique and wacky bet

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    This guy s funny But ridiculous.It reminds me of my travels from when I was in college, when much of the excitement was a direct result of me and my friends being stupid and broke, and consequently everything around us goes wrong And all of us wishing we were getting laid.Tony Hawks is basically all of those things Except he s probably still a little less broke, a smidge competent, and a whole lot funnier than your average idiot on a college road trip The premise, of course, is that Hawks was drunk enough to accept a bet that he couldn t travel the perimeter of Ireland in a month with a refrigerator, and he was foolish enough to follow through with the bet once he was sober again.The big plus in all of this is that our hero, the author, does get picked up and hosted by a lot of good local characters, and he does manage to pepper his writing with some very nice reflections on the surrounding culture And it s a very easy read.

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    One drunken night, somebody wagers that Tony Hawks, a British comedian, can t or won t hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge in tow Wrong He does so, as the title of this comic travel memoir makes clear, which is hilarious.Unfortunately, there isn t much hilarity once you get past the title There s an amusing encounter with Prince Charles in a rope line, which I ll long remember And to be clear, Tony Hawks did crack me up approximately a dozen times Really cracked me up But a dozen laughs over the course of an otherwise deeply unfunny, ploddingly dull 250 page book qualifies as a bomb.My advice smile at the narrative embedded in the title and skip the book.

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    Generally interesting enough , quirky and cheeky in many ways I think a lot of the humour didnt work for me but may do for those reading it from a non Irish view point Things that may seem a bit mad to some all felt very mundane to me so didn t grab me really.Still a fun enough book and an interesting look at what people will do if they hear about something going on on the radio.

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    Honestly, one of the funniest, happiest books I ve ever read.

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    This book was awesome it s soo the type of travelogue I love to read The title alone is enough to make you want to read it and the cover, as tattered as it may be , but the premise behind his quest really hooked me I read this book in about 2 days, and can honestly say that there wasn t a boring part to be found In fact, I found myself laughing out loud at some of the people and situations he encountered, or just the way he described them He s definitely got a way with humor, which I m sure lended to my enjoyment of the story Also throw in that Ireland is a beautiful and enchanting country I recognized many of the locations from my visit to Ireland a few years ago , and that the Irish are an amusing and lovely culture and I was smitten with his story Overall, this book was definitely a thumbs up for a traveler such as as myself but I can see how many different people would enjoy reading this It s just too funny and quirky NOT to love it

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    What happens when you make a stupid bet while drunk at a bar If you are anything like Tony Hawks, you actually try to win the bet With 100 at stake, Tony Hawks decides to hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge even though buying the fridge cost him 130 Round Ireland with a Fridge is a travel memoir about the adventures Tony Hawks had with his fridge.First of all, it is important to point out that Tony Hawks is a British comedian and is not to be confused with the skateboarder While he is best known for his travel memoirs, Hawks first claim to fame was as the lead of the comedy band Morris Minor and the Majors, which had a hit with a Beastie Boys parody in 1988 He is also a voice actor, most notable for voicing a vending machine and a suitcase in Red Dwarf.This book starts off with Tony Hawks talking about how he doesn t spend much time drinking or going to bars Then for the entire novel he drinks in bars as he hitchhikes around Ireland Putting aside this huge contradiction this book is actually very entertaining and manages to captivate the audience for its 246 pages Travelling from Dublin to Donegal, from Sligo through Mayo, Galway, Clare, Kerry, Cork, Wexford, Wicklow and back again to Dublin this a story of the people he meets along the way.The fridge actually become of an asset that Tony Hawks originally expected, helping him get rides, free accommodation and even pick up woman Even the fridge had its own adventures it was christened by a nun and even went surfing While this may seem like a gimmick you will find some interesting philosophical thoughts on people and life as Tony Hawks reflects on all the experiences he had with his fridge.I had a lot of fun with this book and I am so glad to have read it There were so many laugh out loud moments I especially enjoyed Hawks views on marathons and still offered plenty to think about As a travel memoir I expected something like Bill Bryson and while the comedy is there I think there was opportunity to teach people about Ireland and its culture Highly recommend this book and I plan to seek out Playing the Moldovans at Tennis so I can dip back into Tony Hawks writing again.This review originally appeared on my blog

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