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The Vagabond Vicar chapter 1 The Vagabond Vicar, meaning The Vagabond Vicar, genre The Vagabond Vicar, book cover The Vagabond Vicar, flies The Vagabond Vicar, The Vagabond Vicar c52dae2cf8021 Vicar William Brook Is Biding His Time In The Small Village Of Amberley, Desperate For A Missionary Posting Overseas He Hadn T Counted On Being Captivated By Cecilia Grant, A Free Spirited Artist, Who Challenges Him At Every TurnCecilia Is Destined To Marry A Local Aristocrat Or At Least That S What Her Mother Thinks But The Darkly Handsome New Vicar Seems To Understand Her In A Way No One Ever Has, And She Finds Herself Drawn To Him Even As He Holds Her At Arm S LengthAs Their Relationship Blossoms, Dark Secrets Are Revealed In Amberley And A Scandal From William S Past May See The End Of Both His Career And Their LoveThe Vagabond Vicar Is An Unashamedly Romantic Historical Novel You Ll Fall In Love With If You Love Jane Austen And Georgette Heyer, Can T Get Enough Of Downton Abbey Or Cranford, Or Just Prefer Old Fashioned Boy Meets Girl Stories, Try Reading Charlotte Brentwood Sensuality Level Sweet Only Kissing Please Note, Although There Is Some Mention Of Religious Subject Matter Due To The Hero S Occupation, This Is Not An Inspirational Novel

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    How often does a romance from the past and across the pond ride the edge of completely romantic, completely enchanting and is completely devoid of heaving bosoms and the snobbery of the Ton Charlotte Brentwood s The Vagabond Vicar has all of the trappings of a time in history where station, reputation and having the right pedigree are of utmost importance William is a young vicar with dreams of aiding the poor and lost around the globe What he gets is a small English town, a little off the beaten path and a group of parishioners who are set in their ways, of doing things the way the old vicar did things It doesn t help that William is unmarried and not looking to change that any time soon His new post was a disappointment until he meets Cecelia, a ray of sunshine and fresh air in an otherwise gray and stagnant environment Through sheer force of will, they avoid each other, because Cecelia s mother has other plans for her future Impropriety would ruin her, deserved or not.As in any true romance, there is a villain doing his worst to keep two lovers apart But will the vile Mr Barrington use his family s power and wealth to sway the town even further away from the young vicar Will he attempt to blackmail Cecelia into marriage or at least an arrangement Are these the worst of his sins Secrets, lies, scandal and misunderstandings, they are all in this delightful tale from Ms Brentwood, as well as young love Some may find that confession is good for the soul, as well.Want a Mom safe romance to share that is warm, has tension, is driven by characters that are so very likeable Here it is, The Vagabond Vicar, a gem of a find, pure entertainment, and a trip back to a time when social proprieties could make or break a young woman Charlotte Brentwood has captured the feel and atmosphere of a trip back in time, while giving us two wonderfully kind personalities who are drawn to each other like a moth to the flame No eyeball sizzling steam, just pure romance, told with a confident hand in a totally sigh worthy way A real feel good tale that will leave you smiling.I received this copy from Charlotte Brentwood in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date October 14, 2014Publisher Charlotte BrentwoodGenre Historical RomancePrint Length 279 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleReviewed for

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    Possible Spoilers 4 stars I left off a star for two reasons 1 This is a clean read kisses only.2 The last 20% seemed to be a bit rushed and not as detailed as the rest of the book.If you like slow sweet romance where the love develops naturally and slowly then this is for you The h H were very well developed characters Both are honorable yet not without quirks The story s pace was nice and steady and I did not skim The writing was very good, and I loved the witty humor of the hero.It was sweet, but not sickeningly sweet, low angst but not without conflict Just perfect for me.There was a reviewer on who complained about historical inaccuracy regarding propriety, and although that person may be correct, I felt it was so minor that most would not notice. AND whose to say that all people of that time actually maintained propriety at all times Needless to say this did not bother me.Long and short, I really enjoyed this book, though I do prefer some spice in my reads, I didn t miss it that much.I would certainly recommend this to others with similar tastes and would definitely consider reading by this author.Safety Hero heroine both virgins They are their first only and last.Violence abuse NoRape yes not shown or detailed at all Done to a secondary character off scene.Adultery NoCursing NoSex NoHEA ILY yesMarriage Yesbaby No

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    3.5 Stars I could relate to some of the characters in The Vagabond Vicar in one way or another and in this case, especially the vicar I sometimes have a plan of what I want to have happen in life and when it doesn t go my way, I try to make the best of it, but secretly long for That s just what the vicar, William, does He dreams of spreading the good word to people in exotic places, where they are dying for the truth Unfortunately, he finds himself stuck in England, and in a small town set it its ways Despite his best efforts to be reassigned, he has to stick it out for awhile Since he s not sticking around, he doesn t plan on love.As in most small towns, there are some interesting characters Mothers are lining up to make a match between the vicar and their daughters and he does a good job of evading them The men try and reject him, until he makes it clear that he doesn t want to stay The Barringtons are an interesting bunch, as is their maid, Amy, who also happens to be good friends with Cecilia.Cecilia goes against the grain and doesn t give much thought to being a proper young woman She is definitely unique, yet beautiful, and is easily distracted She s determined not to fall for the young vicar, just as he s determined not to fall for her There s a subtle humor to the story, as well as bits of mystery and intrigue that captures the reader s attention, but it is a gently flowing story.The romance is sweet and the characters are entertaining I especially enjoyed the interactions between William and Cecelia, because I never quite knew what I was going to get I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    3.5 starsSince the blurb for this book is so long, I won t do any sort of recap summary here I ll just jump right into what I thought This was a good regency romance It was gentle and slow moving as you might expect The characters were good and although I didn t feel particularly attached to them, I was interested in them and their outcome.Both William and Cecilia especially William spend a lot of time in the book remunerating the many fantastic qualities of the other Sometimes the on and on repeated descriptions got a bit much but overall this was a book I enjoyed It was clean and sweet and full of classic, small English town quirks and had many of the qualities you might look for if you love regency romance.

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    Thank you to the author, Charlotte Brentwood, for gifting me a copy of The Vagabond Vicar in exchange for an honest review Personally, I m not an expert at all on this time period but from what I do know, I loved it I really loved reading about a different time period and what life was like back then This book mostly focuses on small town life and what it was like as a young girl being cornered into marrying for status While we re on the topic, I want to mention that, while this book is written in a completely different time period, you don t really have to know anything about said time period because everything is so clearly explained And even if it isn t, you can easily infer.There are two main issues addressed in this book, both uniting together into one large plot point the romance Let me explain what I mean Our female MC is Cecelia and because she is from a small town, she has limited options when it comes to marrying higher on the status ladder Her mother and father are pushing her to marry for position, not for love which is her main dilemma She is a very free spirit and being tamped down by a possessive man sounds excruciating to her Which is when William comes in and saves the day William s issue is his wander lust prone soul He feels as if his life is calling him to preach his religion in far off countries and convert the native populations However, he is stuck in the small town of Amberly His problems are much deeply rooted than that but I don t want to spoil anything so I ll stop there Those two problems are brought together in a constructive and seriously romantic way I loved how the romance was used as a constructive device The romance also developed very naturally and felt very realistic.Now, a little about the characters In general, throughout the entire book, I felt like I was right with the characters There are two different POV s for our two MC s that flowed very nicely together and created a good contrasting dynamic in the story Ms Brentwood did an excellent job in building 3D characters that felt very real to me I do wish we could have learned about Thomas as he seemed so important to William and we don t really get to know him that well before he disappears.The last thing I want to talk about are the themes There were several related themes in this book that fit so well with the aim and direction the book took Some of the themes included not fitting in, wanting to belong, and being true to yourself As you can tell, it goes in that order throughout the book and each gradually fades into the next.The Final Verdict Such a lovely, romantic story complete with complex characters and storylines The romance never felt forced or rushed, with everything flowing nicely from one event to the next.4.5 starsQuotes There would be physical hardships, to be sure, but the knowledge that he would be makin ga real difference would see him through He wanted to see what had made her laugh It would behoove you to remember, gentlemen, that I am not Mr Johnson I shall be back, Emma, he said, mark my words We will be bumping into each other in the hallway again before you know it Her cries gave way to laughter, and she swiped her tears away as she stepped back I ll hold you to that, sir While the pull to adventure abroad tempted him, perhaps it was all a horrible gamble that would pale in comparison to what he had here.

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    I really, really enjoyed The Vagabond Vicar It flowed well, I felt immersed in the setting and the story, I liked the characters, and I felt the romance between Cecilia and William There were also the usual societal niceties from the time and a quaint village with interesting and quirky characters that kept things lively.I thought this was such an interesting premise, not for the plot alone, but how the story takes two unique characters who appear somewhat opposites in nature, sets them in a small town, gives them expectations that they have no desire to fulfill, and then throws in some sparks I also liked that the romance slowly built and that friendship came before anything else, well, except attraction I also liked the humor, such as when Cecilia just presumes that the new vicar will be an old man and then is practically dumbfounded when he is a rather attractive man instead And she shouldn t be attracted to the vicar and the vicar shouldn t be attracted to one of his parishioners, right There were lots of other moments that had me smiling I also enjoyed the almost kisses and how the romance became intense as the story progressed Just marvelously done.I really enjoyed these characters I loved Cecilia in all her distraction, how genuine she was, her eye for beauty and how she would get lost in the moment, but also her sensibility I also loved William He s serious, caring, a hard worker, loyal, and above all a gentleman They each balanced the other out I also liked the way the villain came to play his role, the town gossip, the other townspeople and farmers, William s maid, and Cecilia s family who added a whole other dynamic There were quite a few different personalities, but they were each unique and added to the story.If you enjoy historical romance that is traditional and clean, but still with plenty of sparks, I d definitely recommend The Vagabond Vicar I m looking forward to seeing what Brentwood writes next.Content There was a reference to a lady being taken advantage of and a brothel, but this was definitely clean.Source I received a complimentary copy from the author, which did not affect my review in any way.

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    I truly enjoyed The Vagabond Vicar The book blurb does a fantastic job of summarizing the story that I m not going to do that here What I am going to do is tell you how much I liked it The village of Amberley may be small, but it holds some challenges for the new Vicar William finds that he doesn t have to sail to far off places to find adventure and share the gospel William Brooke is a refreshing Vicar He s not a sniveling toad, who is fawning all over his patrons, the Barringtons He is bold in the way he tries to reach people, even going to unsavory places to help them and show them God s love He is somewhat socially awkward, and past experiences of rejection have left him afraid of love, and because of this he keeps people at a distance.Cecilia Grant is seen as dim witted by most people Always so engrossed in her observations, she often isn t paying attention to mundane conversations But in reality, she is very insightful, especially when it comes to William Within minutes of their first conversation, Cecilia understood William s desire to be off ministering to the people of some far off exotic place I loved Cecilia straightforwardness, and I often found her humorous I loved what she prayed to herself while she was listening to William s sermon, help me concentrate on the sermon, not on the vicar s figure Amen The Vagabond Vicar is a very charming and sweet read that I would highly recommend I look forward to reading from Ms Brentwood FTC Disclaimer I received an e copy of the story from the author for my honest review.

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    Thank you net galley for the advance reader copy of the novel I enjoyed this Regency era historical fiction and that it was a clean romance I did feel that there was a lot of unnecessary secondary action that took place to stir the plot about the 75% mark William and Celcilia were great characters who bonded together as friends first which helped move this story along Good read overall about overcoming obstacles when in love.

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    Rating 4.5 The cover of this book seemed to be such a lovely painting Planning the Grand Tour, by Emil Brack I was really taken with it.I think this is the first book I have read where the vicar is the main character of the story It was an interesting perspective I liked the vagabond vicar s character There did seem to be a lot going on throughout the story some suspense and tension I always like books with going on in a plot line than just romance.I may have the try other books by this author.

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    Disclosure I received a copy for review from the author Thank you, Charlotte Brentwood, for the opportunity Yes, this is an honest review. When Charlotte Brentwood contacted me about The Vagabond Vicar, the reason I agreed to read it was that the heroine shared the same name as one of my favorite authors I hadn t really known what to expect, and was delighted to have read such a wonderful story.The Vagabond Vicar is a charming romance and follows William Brook, a young vicar who has just been given his first assignment William had dreamt of working in Africa or India, or some other faraway land but his rector has decided to send him to Shropshire instead William had reservations about being given such a mundane parish assignment when he d wished for a challenging location As he settled into Shropshire, he realized it wasn t as easy as he thought it would be He was so preoccupied with how he felt about serving Shropshire that he hadn t considered how the people of Shropshire would feel about him Indeed, there was a lot of resistance, considering the previous vicar had served the parish for than 50 years It s a beautiful coming of age and a coming of faith story where William discovers the wisdom in God s purpose for him, but, at the same time, it s a beautiful love story between William and Cecilia I thought it was interesting how Cecilia, especially, tried to grapple with her attraction to William, who is, a man, yes, but also a man who has a higher calling William hadn t planned on falling in love either, especially with Cecilia, who, initially struck him as a bit odd But, when their paths kept crossing, William slowly started to see the compassionate and caring woman that Cecilia is.The risk of love meant the risk of pain His life was a study of careful detachment, a myriad of lives he hoped to touch, without allowing himself to be touched in return The only people in his life he d every fully let in were the rector, his first mentor, Thomas, and to some extent, Dean Roberts Anyone else he d sought to love was either gone or had rejected him By and large the Church was safe, and even then he revealed precious little to most of his co workers Cecilia made him want to open up, and the way his words tumbled forth impulsively in her presence was frightening Chapter 9I enjoyed how their love story gradually unfolded, and how each encounter was an opportunity to discover a little bit about each other In the end, when they declare their love for each other, there is no doubt that it is genuine and rooted in something greater than just physical appearances It s refreshing to take the historical romance out of the ballrooms and receiving rooms during The Season, and have the courtship happen as part of one s daily regular journey She gazed out the window at the roses and foxgloves, but what she saw was the blooming of something infinitely precious in her own being He was so kind, so generous, and yet so mysterious A man of the world, and yet also a man of the cloth Chapter 12The Vagabond Vicar encapsulates village life very well portraying both the pleasant and not so pleasant aspects of Shropshire After breakfast two mornings later, William found Emma polishing the mail salver industriously in the parlour Good morning, Emma, he greeted her I am sure you will be able to see your reflection in that tray by now The maid broke into an uncharacteristic smile I need to use this, sir You have mail Proper letters, like Oh, really The possibility of news from the outside world was pathetically thrilling Where is it Emma patted the right pocket of her apron May I have it, then She shook her head and looked wounded If you ll only sit down, sir, I ll bring it to you on the salver, properly Chapter 4A friend who recently started reading romance novels asked me to recommend authors stories that were similar to Jane Austen I think I ve got one for her, and this is it.The Vagabond Vicar is Charlotte Brentwood s debut novel I was so happy to read that there will be two follow up novels after this According to the author s end notes, Book 2 Gloved Heart will feature Amy, and Book 3 is titled Mr Barrington Meets His Match.

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