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Dangerous Girls pdf Dangerous Girls, ebook Dangerous Girls, epub Dangerous Girls, doc Dangerous Girls, e-pub Dangerous Girls, Dangerous Girls 3aee00e95cd The Truth Is Rarely Pure And Never Simple It S Spring Break Of Senior Year Anna, Her Boyfriend Tate, Her Best Friend Elise, And A Few Other Close Friends Are Off To A Debaucherous Trip To Aruba That Promises To Be The Time Of Their Lives But When Elise Is Found Brutally Murdered, Anna Finds Herself Trapped In A Country Not Her Own, Fighting Against Vile And Contemptuous Accusations As Anna Sets Out To Find Her Friend S Killer She Discovers Hard Truths About Her Friendships, The Slippery Nature Of Truth, And The Ache Of Young LoveAs She Awaits The Judge S Decree, It Becomes Clear That Everyone Around Her Thinks She Is Not Just Guilty, But Dangerous When The Truth Comes Out, It Is Shocking Than One Could Ever Imagine

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    Wouldn t we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough Why, hello there, awesome book You managed to take me straight out of this whole Goodreads censorship deleting reviews fiasco and plant me right inside another time and place many brave books have tried and failed this past week to do what you have done So, thank you Dangerous Girls is in danger It s in danger of being underread It s in danger of being given a quick once over and then dismissed as something vapid, senseless and probably crap It isn t, my friends It s damn good Dangerous Girls is one of those multi layered books that does several different things at once and still manages to do each one equally well Haas does what, in my opinion, all good mystery writers should do she doesn t hang everything precariously balanced on her reveals The ending is fantastic but it doesn t matter because the book is also about so many other things It is a satisfying story from start to finish that took me through so many different emotions.So, what is this book It s a mature YA mystery I use YA with some hesitation here because it s full of all the kinda stuff that will make some parents clutch their rosary beads sex, alcohol abuse, drug use oh yeah, and there s that whole murder thing too It s about a teen summer vacation gone wrong Anna, her best friend Elise, her boyfriend Tate, as well as others, all go to party hard, get laid and have fun Then, one day, Elise is discovered stabbed to death in her bed and Anna and Tate are the prime suspects From there, we are taken on a journey through a murder trial that seems to paint Anna in a worse light with every piece of evidence provided The story of the present is also broken up with flashbacks into how Anna and Elise became friends.This is a dark story that takes you through the many nasty corners of teen girl friendships but it also shows the other side, the importance of friends to one another and the complicated psychology behind it all Elise is such a wonderfully complex character I think most people know an Elise That reckless, volatile person who is always the life of the party, so confident, often overtly sexual and looking for a new adventure at every turn But underneath there s something a bit different, a sadness or an anger or loneliness, that hides beneath the mask they ve created.My knowledge of the law and judicial system is limited to one year at AS that I hated, so I m far from an expert on what is realistic or not But I ve always been fascinated by the portrayal of court trials as a kind of show or circus where everyone plays their parts Where it isn t about guilty not guilty, but about the performance you put on and how convincingly you deliver the script Like in the musical, Chicago Anna s trial resembles a circus and it horrifies me at the way each little piece of a person s life can be taken out of context and manipulated to mean whatever the prosecutor chooses Scary.I honestly loved everything about this wild little gem and I m now going to recommend it to everyone I know That means YOU too.

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    I ve regretted every display of emotion I had throughout this book about two minutes after it was over, because I had barely taken into myself the knowledge that I ve reached the last page before I realized that this book had a knife so deep in my side I didn t feel it until it twisted.I still am not certain what emotion I most strongly associate with Dangerous Girls but that ending made me want to immediately disconnect from all social media and go herd sheep and sell berries and mushrooms and herbal salves on the side of some mountain road for a living So, what is this book about Dangerous Girls opens with a distressed 991 call heralding a dreadful crime before swiftly travelling back in time in order to start at the beginning, following the chain of events that each led to this tragic conclusion Anna and her friends were on spring break in Aruba spoiled, rich untouchable teens, seemingly immune to life s troubles Only death couldn t be swiped away by a credit card and when one of them gets heinously murdered for unknown but likely unsavory reasons, Anna finds herself trapped in a foreign country where everyone, including her friends and family, are doubting her innocence and a detective seems to have settled into a deep rooted single mindedness to prove her guiltiness.As the chilling investigation progresses, long repressed secrets and rumors clamor for air, and day by day, the skeletons in the closet begin to tumble out It becomes quickly apparent in a series of whiplash reversals and stunning reveals that these characters aren t what we thought they were their whole personalities and motivations are crime scenes where evidence of their true selves has been hastily hidden except that nothing really stays concealed forever.Though Dangerous Girls is based on a relatively familiar premise, it takes the form of a thoroughbred thriller about the nature of identity and the terrible secrets that can survive and thrive in even the most intimate relationships It s a structurally brilliant novel, moving back and forth across timelines to reveal each character s respective exhilaration and anguish but holding the ultimate revelations back until just the right time The pacing is impeccable, with urgency increasing to an almost breathless point as Anna is faced with the possibility of being prosecuted for a crime she hasn t committed.This is a craftily built procedural thriller that sports one hell of a twist I can t say any about the plot without giving away too much anathema to us readers but it is safe to say you will be left absolutely throttling you brain to try and figure out how the hell the story is going to end, right up to the book s final climactic scenes Everything I thought I knew was upended and the story became something far stranger, and troubling This wallop of a surprise hit me clear out of the blue when I read the ending I was the emotional equivalent of Steve Harrington from Stranger Things waking up from unconsciousness in the back of a car with four children, of which one is illegally driving the car.Dangerous girls may begin as a whodunit, but by the last page, it will have you wondering whether there s any such thing as a who at all And if you re anything like me, you ll find yourself in a bruised funk for a few days after, rapt and emotionally spent Because cool as this book is, it s twice as cruel.BLOG TWITTER INSTAGRAM TUMBLR

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    I can t believe it Have you ever read a story that you completely, absolutely loved but that freaked you out so much you re not even sure you can keep the book in your room any This book is dangerous It makes you feel joy, sadness, hope, betrayal and your heart will be on the edge at ever end of chapter A massage would be perfect right now Or lying on the beach NO, not a beach EVERYTHING but a beach, especially in a foreign country.That s how I felt and still feel about this book the whole time I was reading it I m not sure I could ever read it again but my reading experience has been one of a kind and I actually want you to experience it as well This book will impress you, one way or another, I am sure of it Abigail Haas is one talented author.I ll never forget this story It probably will haunt me for some time, yes, but I will deal with it It s a thriller and you certainly will feel it I only started reading this genre recently same thing for comics but I assure you that many other reads in that genre will follow.When I look back, it s crazy how much I felt connected to our main character, Anna, who was accused of killing her best friend, Elise Oh, how much I despised Elise She s the kind of person that brings trouble everywhere she goes and steps I know some people in real life like that and I even started thinking that maybe that s just how they are, not necessarily doing it on purpose But, DAMN, that girl is asking for it.You will probably realize that Elise is a very very similar character to Alison from the Pretty Little Liars series because 1 she manipulates people, 2 constantly flirts with guys, 3 has that attitude as if nothing can get to her Plus, hey, she was murdered The pacing was fast and, with that story, it just grips you and doesn t let go until to HAVE to take a break because this is not a happy rainbows and sunshine story and reading it in one sitting can be overwhelming The writing Perfect I don t give five stars often but I found nothing in this book that could have been a weakness to it or that I didn t enjoy Truth be told, I had doubts before starting this read Was I going to enjoy it What is it about anyway Some people doing crazy stuff on Spring Break Well, it s than that Spring Break is not even the reason why all of this meaning the crazy stuff happened and I am eager for you to discover what the story contains Its secrets.There are also some mild similarities to the movie Spring Breakers which I enjoyed watching even though, when I look back, I realize that it had a very poor plot This book is a masterpiece without a doubt and I am looking than forward to reading Dangerous Boys.

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    Wow That was one heck of a book.Apparently I am really late in reading this I can t believe I missed the hype maybe that s a good thing I came across it a few weeks ago and it peaked my interest I thought it sounded interesting but I was very surprised by how much I liked it I was hooked right from the start.A group of friends are excited for their senior year Spring Break trip to Aruba Anna and her best friend Elise are especially excited for the trip Anna is also happy her boyfriend, Tate and a few other friends are coming along A couple of days in and the group seems to be having a lot of fun drinking and partying in the clubs etc. However, their trip is cut short when Elise is found brutally murdered and Anna along with Tate are the ones being blamed for her death I was addicted and unable to put this book down as Anna tried to fight the charges and prove her innocence in a country far from home There seemed to be some similarities to some real life cases in this book Amanda Knox and Natalee Holloway to name a couple, but in my opinion there was still a lot of originality to this story I was very interested in the Knox and Holloway cases I watched quite a bit of the media coverage and read some of the books so that may one reason why I enjoyed this book so much However, I really don t think that s the only reason Told from Anna s point of view, the story moves easily from past to present We learn about Anna and Elise s friendship and the relationship between Anna and Tate Although it seems to focus primarily on the three of them, there are many other relationships and interactions with other people essential to the story The trial was like a circus The prosecutor seemed to have it out for Anna from the start I felt the tension and suspense as if I was in the courtroom watching it all unfold As I read I remained uncertain about what happened and what was going to happen nextI can t even imagine what it would be like to be fighting for my freedom in a foreign country How terrified I would be It boggles my mind However, I would never ever have been allowed to travel as a teenager to a foreign country without my parents I m terrified of the thought of it coming up with my own daughter Would I allow her to go I would not want to hold her back from experiences that could enrich her life, but I don t know how I would feel about a trip like this or any other trip for that matter I thought the author conveyed Anna s anxiety and the turmoil she was going through very well She doesn t understand how this could happen How can everyone not see that she s innocent Who killed Elise Was Tate involved She starts to doubt everyone as they start to doubt her Wouldn t we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough This book was about much than a student who was murdered on a spring break trip Sex, love, jealousy, youth, guilt, innocence, and a whole lot Abigail Haas writes about relationships extremely well Relationships between lovers as well as friends The truth can be far from anything you would ever expect A fantastic and compelling read that I highly recommend

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    This is one of the best YA novels I ve read in a long time I read the entire thing in one sitting which is EXTREMELY rare for me Thoughts I loved it overall, but there s something about it that I can t put my finger on that didn t completely wow me I think it was the final twist and how I expected to be shocked But I m thinking that s a fail on my part than the book because Haas clearly gave me all the clues I needed from the beginning She simply planted enough doubt to make me question if I was correct all the way till the end The beauty in the novel lies in the way Haas wrote the flashbacks and how she played with the psychology behind friendship Very well written I remain impressed.

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    5 Stars A fantastic, twisty little read Ever since becoming utterly blown away by Gillian Flynn s Gone Girl, I ve been on a psychological thriller kick, relentlessly searching for my next suspenseful, twisted, yet still plausible read I believe I have finally found that in Dangerous girls. I think what makes books like this one, Gone Girl, and We Were Liars a bit difficult to embrace for some readers is the fact that many of its characters aren t very likable And I don t believe they re necessarily meant to be, but they each make one hell of a story There are a couple things you need to know right off the bat about this book It is not a love story Yes, there is a certain degree of romance entwined, but if you re searching for a butterfly inducing, happily ever after escape, you will not find that here What you will find is a chilling plot saturated with lies, deceit, mystery, and murder One that will lead you to question the merit of each character, even your narrator, as you wonder whether you are inside the mind of a cold blooded killer, or just the wrongfully accused I, for one, devoured this read I m a total sucker for whodunit scenarios and this one certainly kept me guessing A pinch of the plot Anna and a group a friends head to Aruba for spring break, longing to let loose and have some fun without any adult supervision But what s meant to be a fun, carefree trip quickly spirals into a nightmare surrounding a murder case that has pinned Anna as its prime suspect.The story opens with the chilling transcript of a 911 emergency call, instantly setting the tone for the dangerous content ahead The plot moves rather quickly and sort of flickers all over the place backwards and forwards in time, and not exactly in a neat, orderly manner But it worked wonderfully This haphazard sort of storytelling added layers, and amped up the suspense, never allowing the reader to grow too comfortable in one particular setting The details were delivered slowly, effectively enhancing my excitement and many times, horror as I read I loved the fact that these detailed transcripts, police reports, interviews, and formal documentation were included, as well as the vivid courtroom trials I could see this story playing out before my eyes, and I m certain it would make an excellent transition onto film I m not here any, I m not anywhere all I am is sheer, pure rage and fists and skin The writing THE WRITING.So amazing and eloquently structured powerful, and executed to perfection Keep in mind that there is a juvenile feel to pieces of this story, but this is classified as a Young Adult and the characters stay true to that The writing itself is top notch, and completely blew me away However, as enraptured I became with this book, there was a slight disconnect for me, although not enough to drop my rating PLEASE do NOT open this spoiler if you haven t read the book in its entirety it will ruin the whole experience view spoiler For the majority of this read, Anna s inner dialogue seemed entirely too innocent As though she herself believed she didn t do it Towards the end, we start to see some instability on her part, as well as statements that led me to believe she was guilty However, I feel there should have been a few vague signs pointing to Anna from the start Although, there WERE a few The story was told entirely from her perspective, and I felt her initial characteristics did not smoothly transition over to where she ended up I felt just a bit unconvinced, but still was floored by the events in this story hide spoiler

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    Dangerous Girls scared the hell out of me For real And that s saying something, because I m not easily frightened except for clowns and freakin dolls with blank eyes who stare but who wouldn t What do you mean, everybody isn t afraid of dolls and clowns Are you kidding me They re so fucking weird and unnerving that I shiver when I think about them Anyway, the fact is, I can read about almost anything without being scared at all, either serial killers or ghosts, yet this book reaches my biggest fear not being believed by others Why did this book affect me so much Perhaps it s because I can relate When I was in my early 20s, I was friend with a girl who reminds me Elise and Anna, for that matter not really in their behavior, because we didn t go out like them no judgment here, just facts , but because how possessive our friendship became Quickly, we developed a fusional relationship, and yeah, at first I didn t realize, that was so subtle She was nice, we got along well, we had fun, and we let go of many other friends without even realizing it, creating a protecting cocoon around us When my BF and I started to date, we came across the same difficult adjustments, and after some time, I genuinely thought that we were good Until she started calling me all the time, and our interactions became filled with jealousy often than not I felt it, this urge to swear that everything would stay the same, to promise anything to make her happy about the situation, while in my heart I just wanted to tell her to leave me the hell alone because I felt suffocated That was it we finally stroke a balance but the fact remains that I ve stayed scared as hell by female relationship for a few years, until a wonderful friend convinced me that a real friend wouldn t want to make you feel guilty for being happy Feeling neglected is hard and unfair, and I m not saying that we have to forget everyone when we re in love, far from it But emotional blackmail is never okay Is all this unsolicited personal information helping to understand this book, you re asking I don t know, but I think it affected my perception of the story, showing me, if I needed it, that the way the relationships are portrayed here, how twisted they seem to be, can be fucking realistic, unfortunately The truth is, we all would look guilty When everything can be interpreted in a way or another, how can you be sure that you re not digging the grave that will send you to jail That everything can t be twisted to make you look guilty You can t, that s simple like that let alone in the society we re living in, always so saturated by information that we have a hard time deciphering what to believe And if that s not the most frightening thing of the world, I don t know what is Throughout the book we suspect everyone , including the main character, Anna, and that s what gives Dangerous Girls so much strength in my opinion view spoiler Now, I must admit that I saw it coming but would I have if I hadn t see all these reviews saying I ll be mindfucked in the end I don t think so hide spoiler

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    HOLY FREAKING JESUS ON A BICYCLE.The actual review is here.And, in case you re wondering, no, I don t feel any better, today How much do you love me Consider this book as a twisty mystery novel, consider it a YA psychological thriller, consider it what you want, but don t everunderestimate it I mean it Don t.Abigail Haas apparently likes to screw up with people s head And, be careful, because she s really good at it.To be honest, I jumped into this after a series of disappointing novels, and I didn t expect much from it I was looking for something light but that could also shake me a bit.Oh boy, if only I d known what I was getting myself into, I d have ard and shielded myself Or my heart Or both.Dangerous Girls is the papery confirmation that you should never judge a book by its cover I mean, feel free to disagree but it doesn t do it justice at all, in my opinion.Did I like it I loved it.Did I regret reading it Not an inch.Did it make me feel things Yes, and they all rhyme with pain.I highly recommend it to all those people who are in for a challenge Not because this story is hard to get through, but because it will leave you empty and numb for days and days after you ve finished it.Not everyone can cope with that but, if you feel like you are not afraid to let a book ruin your day or week or month or year or life please, give this a try, because, seriously, it will rocket speed your brain to the moon andperiod There s no turning back.I forgot to mention that it will also make you question your whole friendship history This book should come with a warning sign And a therapist trimestral subscription In short, Elise and Anna are friends The best of friends, the matchy matchy, sharing clothes and sleeping over, kind of friends.One day, while they re on vacation, Elise gets murdered and Anna gets accused of being the killer The journey inside her head begins, and so does this story I could go into details, on and on, about how this book also presents a substantial amount of subplots, or how it narrates about other characters, as well, because the author clearly doesn t want you to miss out on anything, but I d be dwelling And lying.Dangerous girls revolves around a murder Wrong.It revolves around a friendship Simple, you might say There s nothing simple about this novel.We all have been there We all have had someone, during our teenage years, for which we would have hiked a mountain, for which we would have stolen a bag of chips at the store Someone for which we would have killed, without having second thoughts Anna and Elise s relationship finds its roots in all of this It baths in love, a love so torrid and deep, nobody else can understand Nobody else is allowed to understand.Not even their group of friends Not even Tate especially not Tate , Anna s boyfriend When you think about it properly, you ll realise it s not even an equation, it s never been one, because other people can only gravitate on the surface of these two best friends bubble, and never on the inside Never too close Elise and Anna become friends almost by chance, almost by destiny There s something that pulls them together, even when they should be miles miles and miles, because I m still too much into this book and virtual worlds apart, they can t help but collide, and melt together They wrap each other and themselves together in a blanket made of obsessive affection, of morbose domesticness White lies, slow glances and sharp teeth become their favorite weapons Elise and I fall into friendship like gravity According to the Cambridge Dictionary, gravity is the force that attracts objects towards one another, especially the force that makes things fall to the ground.Did you see that That is what I like to call foreshadowing at its finest.The story flows perfectly I read it all in one sitting I also might have stress eaten a whole pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, because of it, but that s not important.What s important is that this book is not just decently hyped over, it s not just fabulously carried out this book is pure evil disguised as pure goden Abigail Haas s style is simple, but it has something to it that puts you in your place with a few sentences I think it most of all teaches us that a writing style doesn t need to be pompous and polished to go straight to the heart AND THAT FUCKING ENDING.I m still shaking Did you hear that noise That was me, one day after, yelling into the void, because of this novel.The writing digs deep and through Anna s mind It mocks you, it takes you by your hand and shows you facts that you need to know, even when you ll feel like you don t want to It gives you a version of a story you can t help but see as the truest one.It introduces you to Anna and her unreliable narration She s young, pathetic, jealous, mean, and real So real you ll find yourself embracing her anxieties and doubts as your own The structure of the novel brings you back and forth into a spiral of past and present situations that are there to help you solve the mystery.But, at the end of the day, the point here is not even about solving a mystery.It s about friendship, and the things you d be willing to do for it.

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    WOW, I LOVE WHEN BOOKS COPY REAL LIFE Especially when it s totally uncredited The murder case in this book just is the Amanda Knox case Here are all the similarities I noted some spoilers of case specifics but basically just details of what the synopsis already reveals white, pretty, Western female students living together in a foreign vacation spot one roommate friend is murdered Meredith, I think, in Amanda s case, and Elise in the book the other roommate friend is the prime suspect Amanda versus our narrator, Anna even the names are close the boyfriend of the suspect is also investigated the case becomes a total media circus the crime is sexualized by the media both cases attempt to reveal a nonexistent sexual attraction the suspect felt toward the victim photos are used as evidence in particular, photos of the suspect and her boyfriend laughing and kissing hours after the discovery of the body, and photos that make the suspect look murderous and dark there are bloodstains in the bathroom the suspect claims not to have noticed initially the suspect becomes, well, suspected due to shock making her behave as if nothing happened which makes the media go crazy the media repeatedly dubs the suspect cold blooded killer the media and the prosecution refer to the suspect as a sociopath with little or untrustworthy proof the prosecution in the foreign country is under international pressure to find the killer thus, the prosecution attempts to depict the suspect as prone to violent outbursts and spells of intense anger they also ignore other suspicious figures potential suspects, including a man from the area who was harassing the victim, connected to recent burglaries, and soon fled the country the murder weapon was a knife from the kitchen with the suspect s fingerprints on it both victims were found dead of multiple stab wounds in pools of their own blood, with their clothes removed or tampered with which leads to the sexualization of the case both suspects used the following alibi spent time with their boyfriends, then showered the evidence is largely circumstantial there is no concrete timeline offered by the prosecution personal writing of the suspect is published used as evidence Amanda s diary a poem and short story of Anna s the suspect spends months in a foreign prison the suspect makes a highly publicized, tearful apology to the family of the victim for their loss the suspect pleads not guilty THERE S EVEN A F CKING NANCY GRACEOn top of that plagiarism from reality, this was boring and slow, and I hated the characters, and the big reveal made no sense, probably because it was smushed into a handful of pages after reading hundreds.Bottom line Don t bother Watch the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix instead Isn t real life fun

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    EDIT Okay I really fucking hate myself a little for doing this but I m taking a star off bc I predicted something huge It was still such an amazing read for me and I want to thank Abigail Haas for giving me the biggest mindfuck of a thriller in my life.Initial reaction Shit mother fucking fuckballs ass bitch, I did not sign up for this Pls excuse me, I m just slowly dying.What the fucking hell did I just read What the fuck is that What the fuck is this What the fuck is anything What the fuckity fuck is wrong with me Guess who wasn t expecting to be fucked so unexpectedly in the mother fucking brain Guess who fucking read this 400 and something mother fucking page book in one sitting Guess whose fucking brain cannot fucking function Guess who doesn t even know what her fucking life is any I cannot take this unbearable pain and high level of mindfuckery This is fucking torture I did not ask for this Pls send help I m going to pass out and then wake up and then pass out again and then wake up and I don t even fucking know what the fuck I m typing That s basically what this book does to you.RTC when I can fucking think properly.Will there be a review I don t fucking know, kids Um so like it s been 7463514263733211394975 years since I ve read a thriller and that s really sad since thrillers are my shit ALL THESE FANTASY BOOKS ARE TO BLAME FOR DISTRACTING ME Anyways, I m finally reading this highly praised thriller.

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