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Theater Hopper: Year One chapter 1 Theater Hopper: Year One, meaning Theater Hopper: Year One, genre Theater Hopper: Year One, book cover Theater Hopper: Year One, flies Theater Hopper: Year One, Theater Hopper: Year One 76347612ffa1a Theater Hopper Year One Collects The First Year Of The Popular Online Comic Theater Hopper Between August , And August , Strips In All, Each One Complete With Brand New Commentary From The Author That Reveals The Genesis Of The Comic And The Tips And Tricks The Author Learned Along The Way Which Jokes Worked Which Jokes Bombed How Did The Character Design Evolve Theater Hopper Year One Is As Valuable As A Resource To Other Web Comic Artists As It Is Entertaining To Fans Of Movies, Pop Culture And The Folly Of Celebrity Worship Extras Include Guest Strips From The Era As Well As A Part Crossover With Movie Punks

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    Theater Hopper is one of the best web comics out there There I said it I m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to this comic The collections of the first three years are some of the only autographed books I own, and the Kickstarter to get Year three in print was the first time I d ever participated in crowd sourced funding for anything The art for the first year is a bit rough compared to the later years, but you do see it improving as the Tom refines his style and improves his skills and it s great to see the work of an artist evolve over time This being a three a week webcomic about movies, the jokes are going to be a little stale if a few places simply due to the passage of time, but overall it s a fun read and I recommend the book to any lover of web comics or movies.

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