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10 thoughts on “The World At Large (Carpe Diem, book 1)

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    Supper writing skill Awesome adventure story I enjoy every line of this book.

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    A fabulous first installment of the story of Adams world tour The writing style is engaging, unique and refreshingly direct I dare say, having had the pleasure of knowing Adam the author during this wild period of his life, he has done a brilliant job of conveying a unique and wonderful insight into his life, travels and experiences in this book It s a must read I think.So looking forward to the next book in series Hopefully with some of those great pictures you ve taken of your travels, Adam I ve seen a few of them over the years and I think they would make a great complement to this great story.Oh and cheers Adam for the wonderful lines on my dear old self Fame at last and in a great story too.

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    This was terrible not sure how it got such high reviews Writing style was boring for the most part and the story never really led anywhere It was also not inspiring or motivational in the least.

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    What the hell is wrong with these reviews and what is all the hype about To say that this is the most overrated book I ve ever read feels like an understatement The writing style is childish for the most part, abusing of conversational tag lines like I guess you could say to a ridiculous extent It doesn t even feel like a real travel book, as most of the book develops among bar jobs in Britain, and he only takes a couple of weeks off to travel here and there The book cover feels to me like blatant clickbait, as he doesn t even go to Antarctica or anywhere cold at all In fact despite the title, the travels only take place in Europe, Middle East and Egypt, hardly what I would call the world at large But mostly, what I didn t like was his personality and how the whole story seems to be a self praising tale of the compliments the writer received all the time for being so smart and mature On the plus side I did enjoy the part of his visit to Israel and Palestine and the appreciation of both sides of the conflict, some of the most interesting conversations take place during those chapters, which is the main reason why I would rate it 2.5 stars.

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    ravished my mind and transported me A book with a mind gripping experience I have never imagined reading The World At Large has given me a new insight of the diversities that can surround one s life The story ravished my mind and transported me into the author s world where it were as if I could relate to, feel, understand and experience what was taking place in each page The use of words, plot and everything about this story was indeed fascinating, profound and adventurous I have learnt so much including how to maneuver my own life s encounters while being true to myself I loved it

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    I read this book to continue my travel memoir phase I seem to be going through Things I enjoyed about this book His exploration of the Kibbutz The discussions with Ali Jeddah His outlook on middle eastern countries Things I did not enjoy about this book I did find myself clashing with the Author s personality and life choices A lot of the story was focused on what it was like living in bars

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    Inspiring and beautifully written story I love traveling and it takes a lot of courage to leave everything behind and just travel the world at a young ageAdam made the dream of going on a long adventure attainable for me I think the second book should be interesting since he will be traveling arround Asia starting from Cambodia.

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    This book was pretty good The writing style isn t what one would immediately expect to see and I liked that In my opinion it helped the reader be closer to the writer in a sense It was enjoyable won on GoodReads First Reads

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    I enjoyed the way the book is written we feel like we are near the author and watching what is happening with the feelings that go with it Looking forward to the book 2 for adventures and less routine style story even if those made up who the writer is today.

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    Exciting and inspiring Can t wait for the second book

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