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Det som er mitt pdf Det som er mitt, ebook Det som er mitt, epub Det som er mitt, doc Det som er mitt, e-pub Det som er mitt, Det som er mitt e730665c94f All Over Oslo, Children Are DisappearingOne Afternoon After School, Nine Year Old Emilie Doesn T Come Home After A Frantic Search, Her Father Finds Her Backpack In A Deserted Alley A Week Later, A Five Year Old Boy Goes Missing And Then Another Meanwhile, Johanne Vik, A Former FBI Profiler, Is Buried In Crimes Of The Past, Trying To Get To The Heart Of A Decades Old False Murder Conviction That S Been Keeping Her Up At Night But Police Commissioner Adam Stubo, Who S Haunted By His Own Demons, Sees Her As His Only Chance At Unlocking This Deadly Pattern Johanne Resists At First, But When The Bodies Of The Missing Children Start Appearing In Their Family S Homes With Notes That Say, You Got What You Deserved, She Decides To HelpWhile The Norwegian Media Is Out Hunting Pedophiles, Stubo And Vik Feel That The Truth May Be A Larger, Complex Story Of Revenge, One They Re Desperate To Uncover Before Time Runs Out A Singularly Clever Crime Story Combined With A Serious Discussion Of Children And Our Responsibilities Towards Them, What Is Mine Introduces One Of The Most Original Crime Solving Teams Ever

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    Now you ve got what you deserved.Scandinavia is one of the birthplaces of crime fiction With novels selling millions of copies from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, it is easy to see why they have attributed a loyal fan base, with many published works being adapted for the big and small screen Novelists and Nordic natives like Jo Nesb , Hakan Nesser and Hanning Mankell are regularly touted the best in the business.Child abduction and murder is at the cornerstone of this novel, my first of 2017 and my re entry into reviewing on Goodreads I held high hopes for this book a Scandinavian writer who came highly recommended The synopsis on the back of the book said A killer is on the loose Three children have been abducted The bodies of two returned to their mothers along with a desperately cruel note YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED I settled in my favourite chair in my home library, lights off, lamp on, and prepared myself for that eerie setting, desolate characters and complex subject matters that typically leaves me wanting Sadly, it didn t happen It wasn t that it was a bad novel there were some clever elements in it But for me, it just didn t cut the mustard of what I ve come to expect from writers in this part of the world My library, my sanctuary.The author, Anne Holt is a Norwegian crime fiction writer who has written two series of crime fiction books, one featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen, and one with psychologist and profiler Johanne Vik and Detective Inspector Adam Stubo Vik Stubo of the Oslo police, as the main protagonists I have not read any of the Wilhemsen series and have two books in the Vik Stubo series waiting for me to read Perhaps this series gets better as time progresses, or maybe it is not as good as the Hanne Wilhelmsen series Maybe it s translation, with different translators for each series I just don t know, but I am prepared to hang in there to find out After all, Anne herself spent two years working for the Oslo Police Department and served as Norway s Minister for Justice for a period, and over 7 million copies of her books have been sold in 30 languages That s some cred Initially titled What Is Mine , but published in England as Punishment , I somehow felt that this book was an infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for my offence of deserting Goodreads in 2016 sigh It can only improve from here right Happy new year and Good Reading in 2017

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    Punishment entitled What Is Mine in the US is the first in the series which sees Detective Inspector Adam Stubo of the Oslo police pairing up with university lecturer and former FBI recruit, Johanne Vik Already very successful in Europe, the first in this series is an absolutely enthralling novel which grasps the reader from the first few pages when a child in abducted and sets in motion a sinister sequence of abductions and murders which strikes fear into the heart of every parent in Norway Chilling and clearly well planned, the perpetrator demonstrates almost ruthless ability to execute the campaign When the first child, Emilie Selbu, is abducted on a short cut walking home from school, not even Adam Stubo can envisage the horrors of coming head to head with the twisted logic of someone so determined to oversee their sinister mission With little progress and next to no clues, a frustrated Stubo turns to academic Johanne Vik in a last ditch bid to bring the final child home unharmed Johanne Vik with a college degree from the US and her experience with the profilers of the FBI mean her knowledge is critical in processing the actions of a depraved lunatic The obvious response of the media is that this is the work of a paedophile, but Johanne is well aware that matters might not be as simple.The hand written notes left with the bodies of the children that are returned all indicate the work of one perpetrator, who is intelligent enough to change his patterns of behaviour, striking on different days and in scattered locations throughout the country, with children of both sexes and random ages Stubo and his team work through list after list, trying to find a connection between the children or parents, from their mutual acquaintances through to their history of employment It is the notes which confirm their link, a detail unreleased to the media and when the first two returned children are determined to have died of unknown cause, the lethal perpetrator seems to have orchestrated the perfect murder With two children returned dead and the fate of the first abducted child, nine year old Emilie, still up in the air, the stakes are increasing by the day The hand written notes all read, Now you ve got what you deserved , but just who is the chilling message aimed at The child, the mother, society or the police Anne Holt consciously keeps her readers aware of the race against time with a timeline on the occurrences and chilling glimpses into the mind of the perpetrator, from his own childhood memories to his day to day routine and obsessive cleanliness.Whilst both of the leading characters are what might be termed as oddballs, I found their portrayals curiously engaging and highly realistic Johanna Vik is a single mother sharing joint custody of her six year old mentally handicapped daughter, Kristiane and it is obvious that she finds coming to terms with her daughters disability a stumbling block The child s father and her laid back ex partner Isak is simply content to have a happy child, but for Johanne the inability to find a label which fits Kristiane s condition is something that she endlessly pursues It is almost as if having a child with a developmental condition and the ensuing onerous demands was never part of the focused Johanne s life plan for she is a woman who looks ahead, works extremely hard and is unprepared for any hiccups along the way Frequently irascible, she finds it difficult to manage the demands of motherhood with his research and university lecturing, quickly getting irritable whilst Isak takes everything in his stride Her ability is, however, unquestionable and the internal discourse of Johanne brings readers closer to her feelings and provides an innate feel for her character Sympathetic and sensitive Detective Inspector Adam Stubo is a man of fifty four with a very long history, once on track for a shot at the top job in the NCIS, only for the tragic death a year and a half ago of his wife and only daughter to see him return to his Detective Inspector role Sergeant Sigmund Berli who works alongside Stubo is often highly sceptical of his approach, making the role of Johanne an essential sounding board The heated brainstorming sessions in which Stubo and Vik thrash out their theories, with sparks flying and tempers fraying is brilliantly portrayed, but with a curious connection quickly bonding the pair together.Already engaged in a separate research project, Johanne is initially distant and inhospitable to the overtones of Stubo as he attempts to interest her in the bizarre case that is holding the country s media in its thrall Her own young daughter fills Johanne with an instinct to shut out the nightmares of the serial killer on the loose, but the temptation to outsmart a perpetrator with a warped sense of justice is a tantalising prospect Elderly Alvhild Sofienberg was once employed by the Norwegian correctional service with responsibility for preparing appeals for royal pardons The heavily criticised sentencing of Aksel Seier has always fixated the elderly lady, convinced of his innocence and the disappearance of the case papers and his hushed up release some years later has stayed with her Engaging Johanne as part of a research project that looks at media interest in high profile cases, within a week Johanne follows Aksel s trail to the US, intending to discover his side of the story and unexpected release However the harsh treatment of Aksel by the Norwegian authorities has left him unaccustomed to friendly overtones and ambivalent to the interests of a woman who believes his story When Johanne returns empty handed to Alvhild, she is tasked with one final mission in pursuit of uncovering the truth As Johanne works both cases she has the romantic tension of her tie up with Adam threatening to get in the way of proceedings.The translation by Karl Dickson is excellent, flowing wonderfully and with a clear understanding of the parlance and colloquellisms that mark British English usage Intelligent, insightful and thought provoking with a clear focus on inviting the reader to ponder their own opinions and reflect on the behaviour of society, particularly attitudes to the mentally handicapped and the stigma that it brings, this is a stimulating novel This is a series that I intend to follow and the clear familiarity of the author with the subject matter and the role of a psychological profiler to aid the police in the most sensitive cases was instrumental Anne Holt s willingness to portray the heated debate between the styles of Stubo and Vik and their own beliefs, raising and ruling out ideas along the way makes for an involving read.Punishment is a fast paced and engrossing read, which replicates the intensity of a prolonged and high profile case and a novel that so enthralled and captivated me, that I raced through it, holding my breath most of the way It is no wonder that Anne Holt is referred to as the godmother of modern Norwegian crime fiction Remarkably the part of this novel surrounding the miscarriage of justice of Aksel Seier was inspired by a true story and despite the connections between the two cases, of both Aksel Seier and the abductor stretching plausibility, this did not mar a remarkable reading experience.

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    This decidedly creepy thriller is based on the abduction of a series of children and goes back and forth between perspectives abductor, abductee, investigator Holt paints a chillingly normal portrait of all the characters the villain, reluctant hero, police, children are all just normal folk Their motivations and ultimate actions are occasionally shocking, but the characters feel like someone you know.Although there are strands of many stories woven expertly in this novel, the main thread concerns an academic who is a reluctant expert on psychological profiling Johanne s sought out by the Oslo policeman Adam Stubo to help him find the man who has abducted several children and delivered two of them dead to their parents, while finding the motivation for the crimes Johanne reluctantly joins the investigation and a multi level partnership begins between her and Stubo The richness in the story, though comes from the emotional outpourings from characters in several of the side stories the man who was falsely accused of child abuse many years earlier, the elderly woman who tried to clear his name, a mother with a painful secret about her son Each character is believably drawn.

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    My View What a fabulous read Chapter one and a child is abducted, immediately the heart quickens, the tension on the page is palpable, the tension I am feeling is sky high Works of crime fiction where the victims are children are never an easy read Anne Holt however has managed to write her victims and their deaths with a sensitivity that gave me permission to continue reading and to enjoy this well written narrative Well rounded characters, multiple viewpoints, historical crime and current mysteries, this book has it all The characters are flawed, yet ordinary everyday people Ordinary yet bewitching you will want to know about them, you will care for them and be concerned for their outcomes It is a testament to the high calibre of the writing when a reader cares for the individuals created in the mind of a writer and introduced to you by mere pen and ink I want to read by this author, this is definitely a series I will follow Originally published in 2001 this narrative has lost nothing with the passage of time, in fact the theme of male entitlement is just as relevant today An excellent read

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    The United States has no monopoly on the thriller genre This is something Europeans, in particular Norwegians, have known for some time But then, they ve been reading Anne Holt for years Anne Holt is one of Norway s most successful crime writers and her most recent book What is Mine is making its U.S debut this year What is Mine is a serial killer crime novel, the first in what is to be a series featuring Johanne Vik and Adam Stubo, both middle aged professionals who are caught up in a series of child abductions and murders Johanne is a professor who prefers not to talk about the time she spent in the United States learning to be an FBI profiler Adam Stubo is a police detective whose career has taken a permanent staff following the bizarre accidental deaths of his wife and daughter He entreats Johanne to help the Norwegian police solve the series of crimes that are deeply affecting the country and changing how their children live their lives The book takes a deliberate pace, one that allows us to become intimate with several different characters from the protagonists to the killer and his victims Each character is thoroughly drawn and Holt s constant switching of perspectives lets us see a complete picture than any one character is able to see It also allows the pacing to be succinct at the end, giving the reader far explanation than the police will ever have Where the switching perspectives work especially well are two chapters between Johanne and her ex husband Isak The reader is able to understand the viewpoints of the estranged parents and to see exactly why the breakup occurred Their perceptions are about as opposite as you can get In a novel that centers on the disappearance of children, you see two parents who are totally unalike in how they think a handicapped child should be raised and yet both equally love their daughter The book is very accessible to American readers, though there are certain colloquialisms that may be unfamiliar to them It is also a novel that works because of where it is set The ending would be far too coincidental and wouldn t play at all if it were set in the U.S However, Holt emphasizes what a small country Norway is, which makes the reader willing to suspend disbelief The story does end up being solved through chance and accident than through effort on the part of the protagonists Even though the highly speculative profiling that Johanne eventually offers turns out to be quite accurate, it does little to help solve the crime However, these are flaws that one is willing to forgive because it is a well told story with a great deal of suspense Holt uses words like a master and gives us characters that are sympathetic and easy to relate to There is also something appealing about the innocence of a nation where serial killings are rare These are crimes that shake the entire nation to its core crimes that start out as the disappearance of two children Holt shows us how people start to change their behaviors, curtailing the freedom of children to explore, increasing their supervision, and living with a fearfulness with which they were previously unfamiliar I look forward to the next two books in the series and hope that they too will see U.S publication.

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    I really hate a DNF but this is definitely one I just can t make myself keep reading I gave it a good 100 pages and it s just so hard to read The names are hard for me so I have been renaming all the characters just to try to get the book to flow better That didn t work though and it s just dragging along I m not too fond of some of the happenings in the book either so I just plain ol give up it s time to move onto something I will enjoy .

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    The first of the Johanne Vik Adam Stub books, PUNISHMENT, is now available in paperback locally An excellent crime fiction series by Norwegian author Anne Holt, this has been a series that could be well had to be read out of order Now there s something compelling about being able to go back to the start, and work your way through.Originally read by this reviewer back in 2007, when it was newly translated, PUNISHMENT is the novel that introduces an unusual investigative ultimately personal coupling of academic and former FBI profiler Johanne Vik and Detective Inspector Adam Stub of the Oslo police.As summarised in my earlier review When 9 year old Emilie goes missing her father is worried but not frantic She d done this once before just after her mother died This time, they don t find her When a little boy disappears and ultimately is returned to his parents dead, no obvious cause of death, and a handwritten note You Got What You Deserved Oslo starts to worry.Police Superintendent Adam Stub , working the case, turns to former FBI profiler Johanne Vik for help Johanne is already looking into the conviction of Aksel Seier for the rape and murder of a young child many years ago An old lady really wants to know if Seier was guilty or not Johanne is not confident that she can help Adam, but he is increasingly desperate for any sort of lead that the Police can get He and his team make very little progress and they soon have 3 abducted children, two dead and a chance that Emilie is still alive The focus of this novel moves between Oslo and that current case of a child killer, and the US and the cold case of Aksel Seier The two central characters are each, in their own way, obsessed with their respective cases, and the complications that they bring An odd message from the killer in the current day case, and a dying woman who wants the truth to be found before it s too late for her and a man who has lived with the consequences of a child killing many years before Woven into the story of these children and all of their dreadful deaths and the consequences of them, is the story of Vik s own daughter, who is intellectually disabled, and Stub s own loss of his wife and daughter Whilst there s no romantic attachment in this initial book, readers of subsequent novels in the series will know that something builds between these two main characters, as their professional involvement increases.My main quibble at the time still stands there is a tendency to concentrate on building the central characters quite a bit in PUNISHMENT If we d have been lucky enough to read this series translated in order then right from the start it was obvious there were plans for these two, and this initial novel is laying a lot of ground work Which is a minor quibble in the overall scheme of things possibly only noticeable because of the round about way in which we got a chance to read the series Vik and Stub are a great pairing though, and re reading PUNISHMENT was an opportunity to remind myself of what a great series this is.https www.austcrimefiction.org revi

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    I ve been reading a lot of SciFi and Fantasy lately and it s been a while since I ve read any good thrillers so I decided to take a break with a Crime Fiction novel Punishment also known as What is Mine is the first book in a Norwegian series featuring former FBI profiler Johanne Vik What started off as an exciting story about kidnapped children and a crazed killer, only to be let down by a series of disappointing events that are too convenient and coincidental.Joanne Vik was brought into the case of missing children by Superintendent Adam Stubo because of her outspoken behaviour on television and her so called expertise However in this book, Vik hardly uses her profiling skills, instead most of the book has her chasing after another story she is working on for her own academic studies or refusing to help with the investigation.The book doesn t focus on the investigation either, as most of it happens behind the scenes We just know that Stubo somehow stumbled on to the killer through his interviews with the victims mothers and that he knew he found the killer because of his gut instinct as an experienced law enforcer I thought crime novels would involve police work or perhaps I m just spoilt by the clear and precise investigations in Jeffery Deaver s books.While the tension of the kidnappings was tight, it was broken by Vik s own research into a past case that has no bearing on the current investigation The linkage between the two cases at the end of the book is so contrived that it should never have got past the editor I would have bat my eyes to this if this was the only coincidence in the book but no, the killer has to convenient clash with another wanted man in another case In the end the book is just a bunch of laughable dei ex machinis.The two main characters, Vik and Stubo are the only redeeming factors in this book They are fairly interesting and each has their own problems to take care of before they can begin a relationship together However I wish Holt would have spent as much time on the killer to explain his actions rather than simply cast him as an outcast of society.I guess I just expected too much from someone who is marketed as the next Stieg Larsson Originally posted at

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