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Fat Girl chapter 1 Fat Girl, meaning Fat Girl, genre Fat Girl, book cover Fat Girl, flies Fat Girl, Fat Girl bd61c123edd4f Claire Sterling Wants A New Body To Go Along With Her New LifeShe S Used To Roller Coasters Her Weight Has Been On One For Years, And Now Her Entire Life Is Flying Off The Track Divorcing In The Wake Of Her Husband S Affair, Moving Back Home To The Delaware Beaches,landing Her Dream Writing Gig, Braving The Online Dating World, And Facing The Big Are Enough To Make Anyone S Head Spin Claire Knows Her Future Happiness Depends On Her Ability To Reinvent Herself But One Fear Is Standing In Her Way That She S Forever Destined To Be A Fat Girl

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    This was not my usual type of book to read I m a guy, and I don t generally read chick lit Keeping my attention usually requires spaceships and wizards Knowing full well that I m not the target demographic, I can say this if chick lit was like this, I d probably read of it.Claire Sterling is a self admitted fat girl struggling with the aftermath of divorce and getting back into the dating scene We follow her over the next year as she pursues a reinvention of herself, both internally and externally It s a crooked path, as paths usually are in life.The book has its poignant moments Mostly, though, it s consistently funny and in a mildly geeky way that I enjoyed Claire is self aware, but often brutally cynical She s sometimes bold and occasionally cruel to herself In other words, she s a bundle of contradictions like a real person The author clearly drew on personal experience, and it pays off I rolled my eyes at Claire on occasion, and yet I have so many women friends just like her I definitely felt like I was getting some authentic insight into the complications of a mid life course change.If I have any real criticism of the book it s that Claire might not have reinvented herself as dramatically as I might have predicted by the end But then that might be the point that the inner transformation is always a bit profound than external transformations How we view ourselves is so much important than external things.In short a quick, frequently funny read even for a dude This dude, at least I hope the author follows up with Claire again in the future.

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    To often it is the storyline which engages me rather than the authors skill I have to say the opposite was true in Fat Girl In another writer s hands this plot would have quickly dried up, but K.L Montgomery has made it engaging, and funny I lol d heartily several times, between banging my head on the wall in frustration at the main character But oooooh the satisfaction when we get to the end On another note, the authenticity of this book is great I would completely recommend Fat Girl to people who struggle with their weight, because though humorous, the underlying breakdown of the main character s mentality is really interesting I feel a lot of people with these issues could relate to Claire s plight.I would truly love to see what else Montgomery has to offer Fat Girl is well written story with very real issues for a lot of women.

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    3.5I enjoyed this book Was it for me Not really I have never really gotten into chick lit and I hate it when people call themselves fat I think it is not progress to act like that word doesn t cause so many people a lot of pain and joke about it Now that my complaining is over It was a well thought out story and had some pretty funny parts Chick Lit fans will enjoy.

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    Fat Girl Romance in Rehoboth 1 by K.L Montgomery was a fun, entertaining, inspiring, feels invoking read that has brought me full circle. I say that because I have read all of the other books in this series before this one As I have said in my intro, not my first read by this author, even though it should have been my first, what can I say, I follow the beat of my own drum That and all the books in this series reads a stand a lones, but has reoccurring characters Needless to say I knew how this story ended before I got to it, but it didn t ruin the magic Instead I got to see how on my of fav power couples got their start I love Claire, everything about here I love In the other books I seen the aftermath of her finding herself, to see this side of her was not only a teat, but I got to knew her better as a character As a bigger girl myself, not always, my weight has always been up and down. damn sweets I m currently own my weight lose journey, doing it right this time I m goal to be healthy, strong and happy Reading this book has hit home with me, and in truth I wish I would have read it sooner I connected with Claire, I know her struggles and damn some of things that went through he head. I can relate It s so real it makes me feel this book was written with personal experience, or researched so well no detail was spared Not only was this book like a ride through my read, it was funny as hell My god, I was laughing out loud In truth, though the other books in this series do have humour in them, this book, topped that Mixed with superb writing and story telling I can tell you this book is a 5 start all round There is love very sweet brewing love story in there as well. but I m not going to get into that cause I know too much But it s worth the read, you will be fan girling over the man that steals her heart So with that said, please take my super high recommendation that you will fall head over heals with this unique, heart lifting read Happy Reading E.A Walsh

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    I loved this book As someone who has struggled with my weight over the years, I can completely relate to Claire and her woes Claire is turning 40, and newly separated from her husband and living back in her childhood home where all was NOT rosy for her growing up That struggle is something else I can relate to.Parts of the book made me seriously laugh out loud, and at times I felt ashamed and angry for her situations with past demons, men, and family strife.I think Claire and Fat Girl are timely with all the bullying and fat shaming in society right now, and truly, this is a novel we can all relate to in one regard or another The writer s style was like sitting down for coffee with an old friend very welcoming and easy to get into I highly recommend this novel I was granted an advance reader copy of this novel in exchange for my fair and honest review

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    Another excellent work by Montgomery Funny, touching, sarcastic and all together endearing, it was a joy to read.

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    Funny, relatable, great read Could identify with Claire Hope to read by this author.

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    I think I was the target market for this novel, right age, right body shape, right history and still it just did not wow me It took longer to read than I expected and it was just missing the humour I hoped to find just a bit too self deprecating for my tastes.I thought the characters were good but not great original but not weird but somehow it just didn t quite hang together for me I don t know if it just read too much like a blog and less like a novel or I just wasn t quite getting it I couldn t fault the writing It moved along at a good pace and was descriptive enough but also didn t really wow me I don t know if I can identify what was missing at all but it might just be that I am done with the reinvent love genre for a bit If you like the description and these sorts of stories I don t think this is a bad example but for me it didn t quite hit the spot It might just be me though.

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    I went into this book thinking it would be a fun readwhich I was correct in some respects I do not like the way she looked at being fat being a larger woman myself, I am extremely activeand work outand I am still largeit is just what cards I was given Claire is a unique and fun character, but her self loathing was a bit much for me.Some may enjoy this book but it just wasn t it for me.

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    This is the first book I have read from this author and wow she blew me away I love a good rom com but this book exceeded all my expectations This is the first book of the Rehoboth series and this was the perfect beginning to a series I could not put this book down These characters kept me up at all hours of the night It only took me a little over a day to devour this amazing story Claire Sterling has always had problems with her weight She thought that she found her one but now she is signing her divorce papers and what makes it worse she is almost forty Claire is tired of being known as the fat girl She reaches out to her best friend for some help He takes her under his wing to get her healthy Claire tries to put herself out there with a dating app but all she keeps getting are toads not her Prince Charming She is almost feeling hopeless when she gets a message that changes her life Will Claire find her happily ever after or will she just end up being the fat girl once again I absolutely loved this book The storyline has it all romance, humor, struggles, and healing You will fall in love with all of the characters Claire is a great mom and has some spunk She doesn t let anyone try to bring her down This character is very inspirational to me I m also a mom that has gained some weight and now I know that I m not alone She made me feel better about myself This talented author made me laugh and cry throughout Claire s journey I can t wait to read the next book in this series.

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