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White Horse in Winter quotes White Horse in Winter , litcharts White Horse in Winter , symbolism White Horse in Winter , summary shmoop White Horse in Winter , White Horse in Winter 743301b6 Montana Rancher, Becky Miles Who Decidedly Drops The Becky Part Is Drawn Into The Snake Pit Of Internalized Homophobia When She Travels To Vermont To Find Out If Her Gal, Jane Scott Still Loves Her Jane S Life Is Enmeshed By Old Guilt And Compassion For Georgia, Whose Horse Training Business Is Tarnished By A Tragic Death In Her Barn Miles Has Little Patience For Georgia, A Closeted Lesbian Who Is Desperate To Pass Among The Upper Crust Of The Horse Show World Neither Jane Nor Miles Has Any Idea, At First, Just How Desperate Georgia Is To Pass In The Straight World

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    Not Sure How to FeelMiles has flown to Vermont from her home in Montana to visit her girlfriend Jane Miles finds herself suspicious of Jane s friend Georgia who owns and runs a riding stable and trains riders Miles can see that Georgia has designs on Jane and there is something else not quite right with the woman Soon Miles and Jane find themselves caught up in a deadly pile of manure I wasn t too sure what to think about the book when shortly in when Jane s nude body is described The dark hair at her crotch suggested a wild animal lived there The description of her breasts isn t much better The writing did improve and I started to enjoy the story in spite of figuring out some of the puzzle early on However, there were some twists I didn t see coming, some good some awful I had become emotionally invested in these women only to have everything go really, really wrong I felt shock, anger, shock and then disappointment, betrayal and sadness I guess while it was a good story premise I would rather not have read the book That s just my opinion.

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    it was an ok read,had to give this 2 stars no bcuz title didnt match the storyline n it was all over the place..plus it started out puzzle then really went down hill from there..the main characters Jane Miles had no chemistry n long distance relationship as it started off wasn t gonna make it..this just didn t had it

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    I love this book.Miles first name Becky, but don t call her that or she won t answer is a rancher from southwest Montana who embarks on a two week trip she can barely afford to visit her friend and lover, Jane, in Vermont Her motive for the visit is partly pure loneliness and partly a nagging fear that she may be losing Jane, who seems to have become inexplicably involved with someone named Georgia, a closeted lesbian who owns and runs an upscale horse show barn.A woman and a horse have recently died, together, in an apparent accident in one of the stalls at Georgia s stable Something about these deaths, and the so far accepted explanation for them, smells wrong to Miles So does something about Jane s loyalty to Georgia, which doesn t seem warranted, because Georgia is, to put it as kindly as possible, a thoroughly messed up human being or, to put it not so kindly, a bitch in overdrive Miles s misgivings, and her curiosity, lead her to engage in a bit of amateur detective work, which quickly pulls her and Jane into deep water where there s a dangerous undertow.The romance and the murder mystery, inseparable from each other, make for a story that s absolutely riveting McMahon manages to make this reader, who s seldom been within a few yards of a horse, not only wish I had experience with these beautiful creatures but also see and appreciate what s going on when her characters interact with them Her prose is sure, skillful, at times even lyrical, and Miles s voice, as first person narrator, is engaging and often wryly funny.If you ve read this far, you re a review reader, so I m going to say something no spoilers about the White Horse plot One of the book s great strengths is its plot arc, how every incident builds naturally on the characters and their responses to what came before Yes, some of the occurrences depend on coincidence, but then doesn t everything in life depend on coincidence and how people respond to it I ve noticed that a few reviewers didn t like the way the story ends I myself certainly didn t see this turn coming, but it felt absolutely right to me And what comes after the turn is one of the most moving and beautiful and right endings that I ve ever read.Highly recommended

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    Content warnings lesbian relationships, death human and horse , homophobia internalized and external , sexReview can be found here at

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    White Horse in Winter by Franci McMahon ticked all the right boxes for me regarding genre I love horse, mysteries and have a thing for enjoying LGBT.An unusual mixture, you might think Yet, it works quite well The crime is murder of a horse and its owner No professional investigators here just amatuer sleuthing at its best.To begin with, I found the relationship dynamics of the 3 main characters, a bit confusing Long distance relationships, homophobia and serious trust issues all take their place in Franci McMahon s novel In that respect, it s very true of today It s shameful that there is homophobia still around, for example White Horse In Winter, is the second book in a series So I ve come a little late to the party Would it have made it enjoyable Perhaps and it would explain why I felt just a touch confused to begin with.The question is Does this book stand up okay on its own I would say, yes It doesn t take long to catch up with things at all Description in some areas could have been better but then our readers just may not see things the way we do Creatives are not called odd for nothing Whilst homophobia is part of this novel, I got a little annoyed with the characters mainly sticking to their own That would give credence to the fact that maybe there is something to be ashamed of With regards to the murder, motive is a strong factor here rather than a serial killer type crime Discovering the reasons behind this crime turned out to be interesting than figuring out who the culprit was I enjoyed White Horse In Winter but I would have enjoyed it a lot , if I d read the one before Night Mare.

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    I was a bit disappointed with the reviews that this book engendered as I think it is worth a lot than the two stars that some of the other reviewers gave it.To fully appreciate this book, you would have to read the first one, Night Mare, as this books ends where the second begins Without reading this, you would have no understanding of Miles and Jane s relationship Both books are essentially who done its in the upper echelons of the horse world and Franci writes a suspenseful story Her prose is very descriptive and she has a wonderful turn of phrase The first book has Jane as the narrator and the second has Miles Both girls are very different and the author has given them quite distinctive voices which is no mean feat I think the stories are well constructed and there is humour, tenderness, violence as well as sadness throughout Love and friendship are well depicted and I cannot understand the comments one reviewer made about Miles That reviewer also thought the book was about horses in the snow Please, have you never heard of analogies I recommend both books as good reads and I hope we hear from Franci McMahon and Miles.

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    I too have to give this only two stars It was just okay Not horrible, just okay.I did not care for the voice of the story, I guess I just couldn t get into to the story and sometimes I couldn t even figure out where the story was going.Miles, the main character, is really just unlikable But you kind of get used to her as the story goes along Then all of the sudden I found myself wondering does this person have no feelings whatsoever Like, I said it just wasn t for me At least I did finish it Always a plus when I don t walk away.

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    Love doesn t always end with rainbowsOk I finished this book a couple days ago and forgot to do the review When I was reading this one I kept thinking I missed something and I did the first book Night Mare But any ways I love the characters Miles, jane, and Vic The storyline has me so pulled in I kept trying trying to figure out what the heck You had me crying at the end And it was nice seeing that all love stories don t end with rainbows.

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    Why did Jane have to die

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