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The House on Sandstone summary The House on Sandstone, series The House on Sandstone, book The House on Sandstone, pdf The House on Sandstone, The House on Sandstone 2aa6dbd04a The House On Sandstone Is A Story Of Different Life Choices Two Old Friends Made The Consequences, And What Happens When They Meet AgainTwenty Five Years Ago, Carly Griffin Left Leland, Kentucky Sure That It Held Nothing For Her Future Now Weary Of Living Overseas For One Consulting Project After Another, She S Glad To Have Two Months Back In Leland To Relax With Her Aging ParentsWhen She Catches A Glimpse Of Her High School Friend Justine In The Doorway Of Her Elegant Home, She Is Surprised By The Warm, Famiiar Feelings Stirred WithinJustine Hall Made Different Choices, Returning To Leland After College To Marry And Raise Two Children Now Divorced, She Walks A Fine Line Between Sanity And Hell, Struggling To Reconcile The Sexuality She Can No Longer Deny With The Expectations Of Motherhood And S In A Small Town

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    Great read insightful,lots of drama,well developed characters,a backstory of two women who s life,love and marriage got tested for than 25 years and survived through all these problems issues..this storyline was even thought provoking and very well written paperback

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    I m not feeling 5 stars the second time around

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    7 9 16 needed another reread Wonder if I noticed the head hopping in my previous reads At first I thought it was because I was listening via text to speech but that wasn t it Still very enjoyable but, for some reason, the changing POVs really stood out to me this time around 2012 I ve read the online version several times and finally bought the published version This is, I think, the fourth time I ve read the book I m not sure why this book touches me so much but I find myself drawn to read it at least once a year.The final chapter of the published version is completely different from the online version It s always nice to see something different or extra in a published version But even without it, it s worth the price.You can read my whole review at the C Spot Review site

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    Another good readAs usual this author delivers a great story, good characters and a combination of humour and emotion Overall good read, not the best book she has ever written but well worth a read.

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    Well written lesfic with enough good characterisation to be interesting I was pleasantly surprised that the author dodged many of the repetitive plot devices that are so common in the genre, or at least turned them around It even contains some nuggets of good advice for anyone getting involved with a single mum Could have saved me making some mistakes back in the beginning

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    This book is a great book What I learned from it, is that if you worry so much about what other people think about you, you can t have fun and you can t live life The only approval that you need is your own I definitely recommend this book.

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    Another great read from KG MacGregor two wonderful women finally find love each other after 25 years Really enjoying a retrospective visit to all of her books

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    Great story about to 40 something women getting it right after 20 yrs

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    The plot is fine but its been dragged too long

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