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Blinded: Part One chapter 1 Blinded: Part One, meaning Blinded: Part One, genre Blinded: Part One, book cover Blinded: Part One, flies Blinded: Part One, Blinded: Part One 51eb6be319cd5 Lee Still Lives At Home With His Domineering Mother, Who Makes It Quite Clear She S Anti Gay Since Lee S Father Left The Marital Home, Lee S Mother Has Punished Him Physically And Mentally, Ensuring He Keeps His Love For Ryan Secret One Night, When Lee S Mother Goes Out, The Two Young Men Explore One Another In Lee S RoomAfter An Explosive Revelation, Lee Leaves Home, The Need To Sift Through His Past And Come To Terms With Who He Is Paramount Someone Makes It Clear Lee Must Never Come Back To Town, Frightening Lee Into Agreement The Only Problem Is, He Ll Be Leaving Ryan Behind

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    I ll keep this short.I hate to be nasty when it was a free story, butI have no desire to continue with this serial My first complaint is the overabundance of cussing I guess this is a thing with me, but I find it a cheap lazy excuse to feed emotions into the scene Why are you fucking leaving me here with her, Dad Fucking mad woman Shitting, fucking, bastard man woman So, here s the thingthis is a powerful scene I would have felt if fuck wasn t already used 15 times in the few pages before this.This does nothing but annoy me I don t cuss a lot, it doesn t bother me when people do, but it bothers me when it s liberally thrown into stories I think there is a time and place fuck is often abused in writing, and it was littered through these few pages I felt nothing with the above sceneand I should have.And then there s the abusive mother Child abuse ispure evil I did not care for how it was spun into the story Again, this is a me problem.Finally, the GFY best friend scene was.a hot mess.I ll leave it at that.I gave it a goit was definitely a NOand now I m moving on.I suggest you do too 2 no no no stars

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    This short story is quite entertaining The writing is raw and draws you in It s unfortunate that there are several instances where the actions of the characters simply do not ring true e.g the MC can t even stand up to his mother but when he finally decides to leave home after being caught while making out with his best friend, instead of staying with said friend at least overnight, he decides to pack up and leave town immediately Definitely not the actions of someone who couldn t even say no to going to the store the day before It is also unfortunate that the story is broken up in so many parts instead of it being one book

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    This was a good story about a young man with an overbearing mother He acts like such a coward but I guess the years of physical and emotional abuse have worn him down He and his best friend are in love with each other, but when he finally leaves home, he runs away without his friend.I am eager to find out .One spelling error fair for fare.

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