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Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1 chapter 1 Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1, meaning Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1, genre Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1, book cover Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1, flies Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1, Nightmares For Sale, Vol. 1 9e0b14ffd2696 The Mysterious Shadow And His Assistant Maria Run A Small Pawnshop Every Customer Of Their Shop Experiences Unforeseen Consequences Because Of His Or Her Dark Side What They Pawn There May Be Something That They Are Not Supposed To Let Go When You Enter The Devil S Pawnshop Be Careful What You Wish For

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    3.5I really enjoyed this creepy anthology style manga The overall theme of a pawnshop with cursed items drew me in Some of the stories had unique plots, and endings I didn t expect If you like horror manga, this was fun and worth a shot.

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    Read a long time ago Definitely enjoyed it back when I read it, and I went through it several times, haha It was a nice collection of short light horror stories.

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    The premise of this series is that you have a gorgeous young man an adorable little girl running a pawn shop that specializes in dark demented items Each chapter is an individual story of it s own, but in each story a little bit is known about the personalities history of the characters I do have a problem with the owners being too excited by the horrible experiences of the customers some of the characters of the customers seem a little too stereotypical There just isn t a lot of depth to anyone so far in the series It s not an unfamiliar premise, as the whole haunted shop with cute owners idea has been done before and done better , but it s still an entertaining read I wouldn t necessarily recommend this for the younger readers 9 years below due to some of the graphic storylines, but it should be no problem for the older readers The artwork is really lovely to look at, but at times it suffers from being a little too cookie cutter The storylines are honestly the best part of the book, as the individual stories are all pretty unique in their own ways However the bottom line is that in the end it just seems like it is another knockoff of Petshop of Horrors , which may deter some readers from taking the series seriously I do recommend that you give it a chance, as you may be as pleasantly surprised as I was I m looking forward to the next volume there are only two volumes.

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    This is a creepy manga in the vein of Pet Shop of Horrors, Vol 1 Think the killer bunny rabbit story or the mermaid story None of the happy ending stuff, like with the dragon or the German Shepherd.This book contains a collection of short stories about people whose lives have gone horribly, horribly wrong A girl whose friends are extorting money from her A boy who wants to get sell his mother s baby at the pawn shop no joke A girl who uses an Ouija board with her friends questioning whether her friend s death is a curse or murder.These are not happy stories There are no happy endings This is dark.It s also interesting to note that, other than the boy trying to sell the baby, most of these stories center around female characters I think it s because they re using the high school college coed trope commonly used in urban legends, where you use a high school or college girl to represent that this could happen to any of us.Anyway, these are creepy disturbing stories, some than others.

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    Since it s the month of Halloween, I decided to dig into some of my horror themed manga and decided to start with Nightmares for Sale It s the tale of a pair of demons running a pawn shop where they try to buy or create and then buy items with a lot of malignancy and negative emotions attached.The entire book is full of episodic one shots, and there s a few with genuinely surprising and somewhat horrifying ending, but the lack of cohesion from story to story combined with the relatively short amount of time they have to create the stories and the way some of the horrors are repeated keeps this from being terribly memorable Still, it s a quick and enjoyable read if you re looking for some horror lite.

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    2010 bookcrossing This one was all right I d read some where that it was supposed to be horror manga It s not that horiffic really, just a collection of macabre tales connected by people visiting this pawn shop that s run by devils or something like that even though the pawn shop is the key, it s not described very much, and you find out so little about the two that run it But it reminds me of these old British horror films from the 60s 70s that were a collection of short macabre tales tied together One was actually set in an antiques dealer as well, which reminded me a bit of this one.

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