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    Good compilation of short stories It is best read with a noir film accent in short staccato phrases As someone from Chicago, this was a fun read to see how things have changed in various neighborhoods over the years

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    Meh Collection of short crime set in Chicago Not enough memorable stuff.

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    There is a whole series of city specific noir books and as a result I m going to write just one review rather than a review of each one that I read.As with any book of short stories you ll have some bad stories, some meh , some that are okay and others that just might encourage you to check out a new author or two As said before each of the books are city specific i.e Chicago, Manhattan, Detroit, Venice, Montreal and so on you get the idea There is approximately a dozen or stories in each book.If you re looking for one particular genre i.e mystery then don t expect to get just that One definition of the genre is Taken from the French word meaning darkness or of the night, noir is a category of modern crime fiction Used for fiction of crime and detection, often in a grim urban setting, featuring petty, amoral criminals and other down and out characters, and permeated by a feeling of disillusionment, pessimism and despair The series, published by Akashic Books, seem to be about the same length about 250 pages The stories for the most part are enjoyable and I will look for in the series especially the Canadian locales Fun books to read Recommended.

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    Good collection of Chicago based short stories made better by my recent trip to Chicago I recognized many of the places discussed The best of the group Sandra Cisneros, Richard Wright, Nelson Algren, and Stuart Dybek.

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    i personally disliked the modern crime ending but rejoiced in the discovery of the excerpt from the price of salt happy ending lesbian pulp from the 50s, mind blowing

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    Sent book to Chris

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    Very solid, as always.

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    I have never really delved into noir stories before, and this was a great read to get started Looking forward to reading anthologies in this series Los Angeles, New York.

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    pretty good collection of mysteries and hard boiled detectives and such

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    Chicago Noir The Classics is my ninth experience with the wonderful Akashic Books series of noir short stories since I discovered them a while back In addition to this Chicago collection, I have enjoyed the books set in Manila, Belfast, Long Island, Boston, Mexico City, the Lone Star state of Texas, Providence, and one set entirely inside prisons I was particularly interested in getting my hands on Chicago Noir because that city s reputation for political corruptness is the first thing that many people think when they hear the word Chicago Even the book s editor, Joe Meno, stressed that reputation in his introductory comments Only in Chicago do instituted color lines offer generation after generation of poverty and violence, only in Chicago do the majority of recent governors do prison time, only in Chicago do the dead actually vote twice With its public record of bribery, cronyism, and fraud, this is a metropolis so deeply divided by race, ethnicity, and class that sociologists had to develop a new term to describe this unfortunate bifurcation As Nelson Algren best put it, Chicago is and has always been a city on the make But all that said, the stories in Chicago Noir seem to stretch the definition of noir to a greater degree than any of the other collections I m familiar with Granted, these stories are labeled as The Classics, and some of them are decades old, but I found myself wondering several times whether they really fit in this particular collection There is, for instance, a wonderful story from 1945 by Richard Wright called The Man Who Went to Chicago While this is one of my two favorite stories from the entire collection, I struggle to fit it within the confines of my personal definition of the term noir It takes place entirely within a Chicago Medical District research lab, and the only crimes committed are an aborted knife fight that causes damage to the lab and the workers decision to cover up the fact that the resulting damage ruined the research studies being conducted there It is dark only in the sense that it exposes the horrible racial discrimination so common to those times.Now, my other favorite story from Chicago Noir The Classics leaves no room to doubt that it belongs in any collection of noir fiction This one is called I ll Cut Your Throat Again, Kathleen, and it was written by Fredric Brown way back in 1948 The story is brutal, has a couple of unforgettably duplicitous characters in it, and the most shocking ending of any story in the entire collection It is only the second time I have read Fredric Brown and it is enough to make me search for of his work.As in most short story collections, the stories in Chicago Noir The Classics are a bit uneven Perhaps that is purposeful and done in hopes that there is something in the collection that will appeal to everyone who picks it up If so, that might be a legitimate reason for packaging them together But a couple of stories were so formulaic that I wished I had not bothered with them at all It s as if they were written to spec even though they were from 1995 and 2009 But overall, this is a worthy addition to the Akashic Books noir series, and I am happy to add it to my collection.

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Chicago Noir: The Classics download Chicago Noir: The Classics, read online Chicago Noir: The Classics, kindle ebook Chicago Noir: The Classics, Chicago Noir: The Classics e7a712e938bb In This Superior Entry In Akashic S Noir Series, Meno Offers Nearly A Century Of Chicago Crime FictionFamiliar Bylines Abound Max Allan Collins, Richard Wright, Nelson Algren, Sherwood Anderson, Fredric Brown, Patricia Highsmith With An Excerpt From Her Novel The Price Of Salt , Stewart M Kaminsky, Sara Paretsky Others May Be Less Familiar To Mystery Specialists, But All Turn In Impressive Performances Publishers Weekly , Starred Review Richard Wright, Nelson Algren, And Sandra Cisneros Are Not Crime Fiction Writers, And Yet Their Chicago Certainly Embodies The Individual Crushing Ethos Endemic To Noir Meno Also Includes Stories From Writers Who Could Easily Have Been Overlooked Percy Spurlark Parker, Hugh Holton To Ensure That Diverse Voices, And Neighborhoods, Are Represented Add In Smart And Essential Choices From Fredric Brown, Sara Paretsky, And Stuart Kaminsky, And You Have Not An Anthology Not For Crime Fiction Purists, Perhaps, But A Thought Provoking Document All The Same Booklist The Fifteen Short Stories Comprising Chicago Noir The Classics, Which Are Knowledgeably Compiled And Deftly Edited By Joe Meno, Are True Gems Of The Noir Literary Tradition Chicago Noir The Classics Is A Consistently Entertaining And Will Prove To Be An Enduringly Popular Addition To Community Library Mystery Suspense Collections Midwest Book Review I Ve Always Enjoyed Reading Noir Dark, Ironic Mysteries Are A Good Read To Me Since This Collection Includes Old Classics As Well As Some New Stories, I Knew It Would Be GoodI Wasn T Disappointed Journey Of A Bookseller Chicago Noir The Classics Does Everything Anthologies And Noir Are Supposed To, But This Title Achieves An Unheralded Goal That Deserves NoticeThis Is Wonderful Diversity, Coming Both Unexpected And Unhearalded Anthologies Are Supposed To Convey A Sense Of Having Covered The Territory, Joe Meno Has Ethnically Diverse City, Ethnically Diverse Plots Better, Chicago Noir The Classics Showcases Diversity As Normal, Everyday This Adds Inescapable Satisfaction To A Sense Of The Editor S Having Covered The Territory La Bloga A Worthy Addition To The Akashic Books Noir Series Book ChaseAlthough Los Angeles May Be Considered The Most Quintessentially Noir American City, This Volume Reveals That Pound For Pound, Chicago Has Historically Been Able To Stand Up To Any Other Metropolis In The Noir ArenaClassic Reprints From Harry Stephen Keeler, Sherwood Anderson, Max Allan Collins, Richard Wright, Nelson Algren, Fredric Brown, Patricia Highsmith, Barry Gifford, Stuart M Kaminsky, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Sara Paretsky, Percy Spurlark Parker, Sandra Cisneros, Hugh Holton, And Stuart DybekFrom The Introduction By Joe MenoMore Corrupt Than New York, Less Glamorous Than LA, Chicago Has Murders Per Capita Than Any Other City Its Size With Its Sleek Skyscrapers Bisecting The Fading Sky Like An Unspoken Threat, Chicago Is The Closest Metropolis To The Mythical City Of Shadows As First Described In The Work Of Chandler, Hammett, And Cain Only In Chicago Do Instituted Color Lines Offer Generation After Generation Of Poverty And Violence, Only In Chicago Do The Majority Of Governors Do Prison Time, Only In Chicago Do The Dead Actually Vote Twice Chicago Than The Metropolis That Gave The World Al Capone, The Saint Valentine S Day Massacre, The Death Of John Dillinger, The Crimes Of Leopold And Loeb, The Horrors Of John Wayne Gacy, The Unprecedented Institutional Corruption Of So Many Recent Public Officials, Than The Birthplace Of Raymond Chandler Is A City Of Darkness This Darkness Is Not An Act Of Over Imagination It S The Unadulterated Truth It S A Pointed Though Necessary Reminder Of The Grave Tragedies Of The Past And The Failed Possibilities Of The Present Fifty Years In The Future, I Hope These Stories Are Read Only As Fiction, As Somewhat Distant Fantasy Here S Hoping For Some Light