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    Lists of greats are often peculiar to the editors of such lists This list is pretty good but most readers will have their gripes mine are that Chomsky on is slapped on an additional 50 authors at the end and John Rawls is neglected entirely I detect a mild bias to the right but I am on the left side of things know your reviewer and caveat emptor and all that It gets most of the big names A good primer on the wonderful world of political ideology.

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    I got bored with this as was just a pick up and put down book, not really for me but I did read some of them when I wanted to send myself to sleep.

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    I received a promotional book for free My review is completely my own.This is an interesting book, covering many politicians political thinkers from Plato s time to the 21st century It is a heavy book it is distilled to the point that it is slightly difficult to read it in one go you need time to digest the different ideas I recommend reading one or a few chapters at a time.All chapters have an in a nutshell sentence or two, trying to summarise the one most important point, and a few quotes, that introduce the chapter After that, each thinker is presented in a different way and it is good that not everyone is moulded into the same template.It is difficult to assess how objective neutral the author has been, especially when you read about thinkers that you know nothing or very little about However, some chapters where I have some knowledge for example, the chapter on Thatcher does occasionally make me wonder if the information presented really resembles reality I guess it is inevitable that any author would have to make choices on how to present things that are based on their own knowledge thoughts, so probably impossible to be entirely neutral and sometimes it feels like the author has enjoyed writing about some of them than others I would still encourage anyone who wants a full picture of a specific thinker politician to read sources.

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    Wonderful book The Author summarises 50 political books One chapter for each book It is a sweeping coverage of Philosophers, Leaders, Social reformers and Activities in the field of Politics Power, Equality, Liberty , Class, Gender and other elements that impacted humans throughout history and continue to impact us are discussed As I was reading, I was applying the various thoughts and assertions of these men and women of the past to recent political trends and am not surprised to see their warnings and predictions are correct One small thing do you know that Mary Wollstonecraft back in 18 th century fought for women being educated she suggested to have Schools where Boys and Girls from various classes rich and poor studied as equals wearing uniforms same fabrics so they do not feel class distinctions The word uniform in school suddenly took on a new meaning to me

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    When you hear founding fathers , it can t end well It only suggests a different kind of nationalism patriotism they call it It s like LGBTQIetc ch 5 in the place of binary identifications it s still identities Why care Why care where you live, or about names We re talking about 19th and 18th century that was not freedom Also, the ancient romans you can t say that liberty civilization started there, and then evolved As long as there were slaves or simply no discursivity , it had nothing to do with liberty That was from this What you mean with freedom is against almost everyone.

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    I can only say the same thing I said about the book about 50 philosophers This book succeeds in what it set out to do It delivers consise, extremely well written, thus understandable, accounts of political thinkers in a nutshell I can easily recommended this to anyone even slighty interested in the topic5 5

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    I must say, I found this rather boring I couldn t retain what I read because, of necessity, authors justifications, arguments etc were not presented I did get a sense of the breadth of poltitical philosophy, which is useful in itself.

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    An excellent compilation of Political thinkers reflecting not only issues of their times, but many ideologies that we constantly juggle with.

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    Another classic book from Tom.50 Politics Classics dose not disappoint the readers, like each of the preceding 50 classic titles, this book is very well written and cram packed with thought provoking ideas Tom has the ability to bring each of the books he reviews to life, and he gives an account of each book which is both interesting to read and as accurate a reflection of each book as possible As with all of Tom s 50 Classic books, look out for the running themes across the book as a whole 50 books, from different authors, from around the world and at different periods of time, yet the human truths will speak out from across the 50 the running themes I am always very happy to recommend every one of Tom s 50 classics titles I believe each of Tom s books brings real value to the reader, in the form of a wealth of knowledge, which better equips a person for their journey through life 50 Politics Classics makes a great contribution to the whole series of 50 Classics It s a must read book.

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    This book is a great reminder of the foundations of political thought over the centuries While not the definitive list, it gave me a reminder of some of the books that shaped our world view and inspired me to seek out some new works featuring texts by Saul Alinsky, Edmund Burke, Rachel Carson, Carl von Clausewitz, Francis Fukuyama, Mahatma Gandhi, Friedrich Hayek, Thomas Hobbes, Martin Luther King, Niccolo Machiavelli, Karl Marx, J S Mill, George Orwell, Thomas Paine, Plato, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Alexis De Tocqueville, Mary Wollstonecraft, and many

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