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Babylonian Religion And Mythology quotes Babylonian Religion And Mythology, litcharts Babylonian Religion And Mythology, symbolism Babylonian Religion And Mythology, summary shmoop Babylonian Religion And Mythology, Babylonian Religion And Mythology d9dd1f3c The Object Of This Work Is To Give The Reader An Account Of The Principal Facts Concerning Babylonian Religion And Mythology The Text Is Based On The Cuneiform Inscriptions That Have Been Excavated In Mesopotamia During The Last Years And The Writings Of The Semitic Peoples Of The Valley Of The Tigris And Euphrates Revealing Their Religious Beliefs And Superstitions Contents The Gods Of Babylon Heaven, Earth, And Hell The Legends Of Creation The Story Of The Deluge Tales Of Gods And Heroes And The Duty Of Man To His God And To His Neighbor See Other Titles By This Author Available From Kessinger Publishing

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    Leonard William King s Babylonian Religion and Mythology is a layman s introduction to Babylonian mythology primarily focused on the creation epic En ma Eli and the Gilgame cycle, featuring the Deluge account King s analysis and translations of texts, and his theories regarding Babylonian beliefs, while easy to read, are ultimately built upon the burgeoning Assyriology of the late 19th century, and have been rendered inaccurate by the advancements of modern scholarly work.

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