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Women of Ice and Fire summary Women of Ice and Fire , series Women of Ice and Fire , book Women of Ice and Fire , pdf Women of Ice and Fire , Women of Ice and Fire 5291521d2a George RR Martin S Acclaimed Seven Book Fantasy Series A Song Of Ice And Fire Is Unique For Its Strong And Multi Faceted Female Protagonists, From Teen Queen Daenerys, Scheming Queen Cersei, Child Avenger Arya, Knight Brienne, Red Witch Melisandre, And Many The Game Of Thrones Universe Challenges, Exploits, Yet Also Changes How We Think Of Women And Gender, Not Only In Fantasy, But In Western Culture In GeneralDivided Into Three Sections Addressing Questions Of Adaptation From Novel To Television, Female Characters, And Politics And Female Audience Engagement Within The GoT Universe, The Interdisciplinary And International Lineup Of Contributors Analyze Gender In Relation To Female Characters And Topics Such As Genre, Sex, Violence, Adaptation, And Fan Fictions And Fan Reviews The Genre Of Fantasy Was Once Considered A Primarily Male Territory With Male Heroes Women Of Ice And Fire Shows How The GoT Universe Challenges, Exploits, And Reimagines Gender And Why It Holds Strong Appeal To Female Readers, Audiences, And Online Participants

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    Luultavasti niin hyv teos t st aiheesta kuin voisin kuvitella t ll hetkell eli kun sarja on viel kesken saatavan aikaiseksi Teoksessa k sitell n GoT universumin naisia ilahduttavan monesta eri n k kulmasta, eik siin mielest ni yritet tuputtaa mit n tietty n kemyst ylitse muiden paitsi ehk sit , ett GoT universumissa on monia mielenkiintoisia ja kulttuurisestikin merkitt vi naishahmoja, mit kukaan ei varmaan yrit k n kielt Lukijayst v llisesti ja muutenkin hyvin kirjoitettuja artikkeleita, joskin jonkun verran typoja oli eksynyt mukaan esim Daenerys on ilmeisesti jotenkin hirve n vaikea nimi kirjoittaa oikein Mutta en halua nillitt turhasta, koska t m on todella hyv kokoelma Suosittelen 1 kaikille GoT faneille, ja 2 kaikille 2010 luvun populaarikulttuurin naishahmoista kiinnostuneille.Kirjoitan t st kin viel hieman monisanaisemman arvion blogiini kirjaihminen.livejournal.com , kunhan saan koottua ajatukseni.

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    I have to admit, I was hoping for a little There are some genuinely interesting chapters in here the highlight being the excellent Maiden, Mother, and Crone Motherhood in the World of Ice and Fire by Marta Eidsvag but I m left with the inescapable impression that this book was a rush job, and that some of the authors are fans of the book television series but are not necessarily able to contextualise it within the fantasy genre as a whole In her chapter on Daenerys, for example, Rikke Schubart states Martin s novel is, as far as I know, the first text to establish a positive relationship between a heroine and dragons 120 , and I would imagine that anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of fantasy lit would be able to gainsay this almost immediately Anne McCaffrey s Pern series is the obvious but certainly not the only counterexample.Further, there s just a number of low level errors throughout the book the assertion that only Arya and Brienne have named swords, the assertion that Arya s sword is called Pin, the assertion that Daenerys grandfather is at the Wall it s all a bit sloppy But this doesn t really compare to the giant gaping hole that is the absence of any chapter dedicated to Sansa Stark There s the odd paragraph about her, but no chapter focus Given that she s one of the main characters of both book and series, this is a giant omission one not helped by the absence of any focus on, for instance, Margaery Tyrell or her grandmother Olenna not Oleanna, book It s honestly baffling, and underlines the impression that this book was pushed out before time.

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    I tried to get all the way through all the essays, but after the fourth instance of wild conflation of books and show, plus a claim that Dany and Drogo s relationship in the show was or less rape, plus a further claim that David Benioff and D.B Weiss are showing meticulous zeal in recreating Martin s books I just couldn t any.

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    I got through 10 of the essays and then just couldn t handle it any Could have used a really good editor especially for the essay that refers to Arya s sword Pin which must be a mistranslation of Needle and the dragon Grogon being a typo or something as the dragon is called Drogon.

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    I read three of the chapters and, frankly, found them tedious and not compelling at all The constant conflation of the books with the TV show seems to me quite unforgivable in a book meant to explore or criticise either both Also, some conclusions or descriptions are downright laughable like Daenerys and Drogo s wedding night being or less rape in the TV show wherein lies the doubt.Some ideas that are presented have value to them, but you might just as well read metas on tumblr I was really disappointed, and as previously noted, I did not finish the book.

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    Women are the new patriarchy in Game of Thrones, and this anthology clearly has a lot to say about addressing its gender issues Whether for academics or fans of the show, every chapter certainly opens up many possibilities to the ways in which episodes can now be analyzed Only a few setbacks that could be overlooked which includes the last essay being heavy on theory with few and little references to the show, as well as the occasional misspelling of characters names and locations.

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