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    Aren t ghosts supposed to have some sort of agenda I really hope mine isn t to haunt my boyfriend s bedroom That is way too clich d Why didn t you stay with your body he finally asks.I meet his eyes and the only thing I want to say is I came back to be with you, I stayed for you. Sure, you could compare this to The Lovely Bones, in the same way that you could compare Twilight to Bram Stoker s Dracula It s pretty much the same thing, really, with a few minor differences The few minor differences being 1 Red tunas Ok, fine, the technical term for a misleading clue ia a red herring but the clues in this book are so fucking obvious and dumb and loud that I ve coined a new term for it Hence, red tuna2 This ghost is even of a vapid idiot than the one in The Lovely Bones3 This ghost gets into one bloody painful mess of a love triangle between the most wonderfulest boyfriend ever who just doesn t geeeeeeeeeet her, maaaaaan and a pothead stoner with a heart of gold4 Family Lol Family Screw family, it s all about friends, y all She has a sister A brother A family Oh, yeah, yeah, she does She mentions them sometimes Mostly the fact that her mom is a huge, raging psychotic bitch5 The dumbest friends ever, in fact, the most vapid group of high schoolers who ever existed6 There is not a single truly likeable character in the book I m dead fucking serious Her classmates are morons without sympathy Her family pretty much ignore one another when, if, they re mentioned at allReally, there s not much introspection There s no literary value There is an idiot of a girl who gets to spend time with her boyfriend, while fighting off the feelings for another guywhile she s a ghost Don t Just don t.The Summary I think I m supposed to do something while I m here It doesn t make any sense that I d be given a free pass to haunt about and chill with my boyfriend. 17 year old Cassidy is dead How does everyone think she died Well, I heard some guys saying she tried to go skinny dipping in the river and froze, which is downright ignorant to suggest Then Kristy London started telling everyone she saw Cassidy throw up at dance once because she was bulimic and that s why she committed suicide Cassidy was found dead under a bridge, after a night of inebriation Everyone seems to think her death was a suicide, even her own family Even the police, since they seem to think she killed herself after, oh, roughyl 5 seconds of investigations So realistic.So nobody knows how Cassidy died, since nobody was there Hell, not even Cassidy knows how she died, because she was drunk as fuck I was definitely drinking at the party, but was I drunk enough to forget everything that happened But all hope is not lost Cassidy may be dead, but she s not yet moved on She is still here, on earth, as a ghost Nobody can see her, until, miraculously, her boyfriend, Ethan could She s been left here on earth with a purpose How shall Cassidy spent this one wondrous chance I cast away that dangerously hopeful thought and look up at Ethan, deciding to take advantage of what time I have left with him. Will she use that time to discover how she died Not exactly I m momentarily distracted by Ethan s navy blue boxer briefs They re the only thing he s wearing. Is she going to spend her remaining time on earth observing her family extensively, seeing that they re her family, who have raised her and loved her for 17 years Um He exhales, long and loud I lean forward, hoping for a whiff of his breath even if it s sour, morning scented, but there s nothing I frown. Is she going to spend that time going back to the scene of her death, seeing if there are any clues to be picked up, any memories she can glean from going back to such a pivotal place Weeeeell I m sure my afterlife mission isn t to hook up with my boyfriend especially after what I just remembered about Caleb but I can t ignore the allure of his touches. Ok, fine This is a teenaged girl, after all It s only fair that she spends a quarter of the book, or half the book thinking about her boyfriend But what about the remaining half How will she spend the rest of her time on earth Clearly, she has been put here for a purpose Ghosts don t just wander around after death pointlessly Surely there is a bigger picture here.Yeah, there is His name is Caleb, andOH BOY, CASSIDY IS GOING TO INVESTIGATE THE ROLE THAT HE PLAYED IN HER DEATH I bend down right in front of him, meaning to study his face for some proof of guilt, maybe attempt a ghostly trick to will a writing sample out of his obnoxious orange backpack, but the only thing I can think about is his mouth closed around mine My eyes wander to his lips. Or, you know, just think about kissing him Investigation Kissing Same thing, if you think about it.Cassi die now plz I squared my shoulders and inched up my chin as if I was above his affection I wasn t, but I was so mad I wanted him to think I was, to feel bad about it. The word vapid is actually spelled C A S S I D Y The definition of her name is Captain Obvious since she has the uncommon knack for stating the fucking obvious She sets a pad of monogrammed stationery on top of her notes from last week and adds Mica s name to a short list of classmates, all of whom attended the party This is your list of people you think might know something about my death, isn t it I ask her. Her grief is of the woe is me everything is about me me me OK, she s dead I know that I should be able to empathize with that, but her sadnessthe way it is written, so very much self centered, just makes me laugh Sadness rolls over me, knowing that I ll never again be the person she turns to for comfort. She is the equivalent of a mentally challenged ghost She knows she can t be heard, yet she insists on talking VERY LOUDLY and ENUNCIATING VERY CLEARLY in the hopes that someone will be able to hear her Aim e, I say very slowly as if overenunciating will allow her to hear me, look under that binder It is the equivalent of talking VERY LOUDLY INTO THE EARS OF A DEAF PERSON It just makes you look like a motherfucking moron.Her investigation into her death can be best summed up in one hyphenated word half assed She withholds clues, she ignores clues, she ignores uncomfortable flashbacks, like her memories of flirting and kissing another boy who is not her boyfriend She lies She omits information that would help the one person who is able to see her investigate her death If I tell him I think I was with Caleb he ll definitely ask why I m not ready to go there with him It ll ruin the small piece of us we ve recaptured, and I can t bear losing that again. Almost all her memories are of emotional conflicts between her love triangle They are frustrating, they are foolish, they give me no respect for Cassidy whatsoever.The Side Characters After he leaves, the cafeteria clears out, but conversations still echo off the walls She was totally drunk I heard she froze to death Who kills herself over a breakup I mean, really Seriously, there is not one single likeable character in the entire fucking book Her family are portrayed as idiots Her father is a doormat Her mother is a psycho with a midlife crisis who pretty much has no reaction over her daughter s death besides for the fact that it might give her something to do Cassidy has a tremendous amount of contempt for her mom, and her entire family is portrayed so briefly, so poorly, that there is absolutely no sense of familial love whatsoever.Instead, we are focused on her friends, and man, they are motherfucking idiots Cassidy may be vapid, but she appears to be a product of her school, because her entire fucking school is filled with brainless teenagers without an ounce of sympathy Literally nobody gives a fuck about her death but her friend, Aim e The entire student body doesn t need counseling, they use her death as an opportunity to gossip, to make small talk, to talk shit about Cassidy now that she s dead It would have appeared like Cassidy had no friends at all after her death, and it is so strange, considering we don t get a sense of that at all from the flashbacks of her life before death.Truly, the side characters in this book, the entire fucking cast, doesn t seem realistic at all There is no emotional connection to anyone, anything.The Motherfucking Love Triangle Aim e rolls her eyes I can t believe he was high at eight thirty in the morning I ll never get what Cassidy saw in him DING DING DING We have a love triangle here And it s not an obvious type It s the I will keep you guessing until the bitter fucking end type.Ethan is the nicest boy in the world He was her first kiss He was her first love They have been dating for three years He took my hand, and I was certain, in that moment, that I would never kiss anyone else for as long as I lived. Until, inexplicably, she falls for Caleb, a stoner who pops pills under the guise of Tic Tacs.Caleb, who is never NOT stoned Caleb opens his eyes in a lazy, delayed reaction that tips me off that he s high Again. Caleb, who is a bad boy with a Tragic Past who totally deserves our sympathy, right you had changed when your parents split up and you started getting high all the time Caleb, who gives her a special Brownie laced with marijuana Such a fucking gentleman How could a girl ever resist Speaking of, I made you a little somethin somethin He reached into his bright orange backpack and pulled out a brownie wrapped in pink cellophane and about ten different colors of ribbon Caleb, you didn t have to do this I wanted to give you something special to celebrate your birth And she cheated on Ethan with THIS loser No, thank you Sure, Ethan is so fucking effeminate that he barely even counts as a boyfriend, but he s still a far better catch than Caleb And we re left wondering until the very end who she will choose.I do not tolerate cheating There are books in which cheating is really, really well done, in which I feel a tremendous amount of sympathy for the cheaters.This is not one of those books.

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    Started off fine, but got progressively convoluted and ethically messed up as the story went on Also SO annoying that a number of the characters also had nicknames and some of them had than one Sheesh.

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    Update 12 25 14 My Last Kiss was chosen as one of Badass Book Reviews favorite Young Adult New Adult Romance books of 2014 Read all about it here.So I am wavering between 4 and 5 stars for this excellent debut novel by author Bethany Neal This is a cross between a ghost story and a murder mystery with a young adult slant It is a powerful story told from the point of view of the main character Cassidy who at 17 died The circumstances around her death are iffy the police think it was a suicide Cassidy comes back as a ghost and follows her circle of friends to try to remember what happened the night she died Poor Cassidy can t remember how she ended up dead and who was around her The only person able to see Cassidy s ghost was her boyfriend Ethan This being a ghost thing sucks If I don t figure out things soon, I m converting to poltergeist The cast of characters and suspects is large and it was kind of fun trying to piece together the clues as to who killed Cassidy I was joking with another reviewer that we needed a large whiteboard complete with photos of each character and a timeline in order to keep all the information straight Keep in mind, the story is told from Cassidy s point of view and her friends seem to be hiding things It seems everyone I know holds captive some piece of my past I want them, no matter how much they ll hurt They re mine and I deserve to hold them My Last Kiss was an intriguing book full of neat twists and turns It was a lot of fun to read and I d recommend it to people looking for a young adult mystery I won this book in a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway

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    This was a lot of fun, and a really inventive spin on the common murder mystery Really, really good stuff Think The Lovely Bones meets Pretty Little Liars Also, called the killer within the first 100 pages high fives self But still, holy intensity towards the end Review to come.

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    A thrilling story of love and betrayal where a teenage girl must not only face her actions in her former life but discover which of her friends was her killer A bittersweet contemporary romance that had me in tears in the final pages.

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    My Last Kiss is about Cassidy, a girl who died on the day of her seventeenth birthday party Cassidy is trapped in the living world, and only her boyfriend, Ethan, is able to see her Cassidy can t remember anything from the night she died, and to uncover the truth, Cassidy must relive the moments leading up to her death With the help of Ethan and Aimee, justice will be served.To be honest, I found the first few chapters of My Last Kiss annoying because of how whiny the main character is, and that is already considering her situation Also, it reminded me too much of The Catastrophic History of You and Me, but soon became it s own.What I love about this novel is that the mystery is really good It kept me guessing and guessing, and soon, I couldn t put the book down The suspects kept increasing and increasing, until you get to the end and find out the truth, and it was just really good It kept me on my toes because each time I feel sure that this certain person is the one at fault, something happens to contradict it.This book is contemporary, though it s not about the feels But there certainly was love and friendship in the form of Ethan and Aimee, who were determined and would do anything in their power to uncover the mystery surrounding Cassidy s death They are loyal friends, and Cassidy was very lucky to have them Ethan even kept some thing secret for the fear that it might hurt Cassidy, even after everything that s happened.The moments leading up to the end was really amazing It was gripping and toe curling, and it was so well constructed that I couldn t guess who was at fault until the very last moment.Bethany Neal had me with this one, and I look forward to books by this amazing debut author I definitely recommend this one, and would advise readers to continue on if you feel like you don t really like the first part, because I assure you that this book is amazing

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    Believe it or not, I actually do hate writing negative reviews especially when a book has been kindly provided to me expressly for the purpose of writing said review.But I hate lying than I hate negativity, so here we go.Usually I start out with a lovely, flowy description of the plot However, I think I can sum that up in just one sentence So, here we go.A girl cheats on her boyfriend with a pothead, ends up dead, everyone thinks it s suicide, she thinks it was murder, she stays around as some kind of ghost figure and tries to solve her alleged murder, then tries to make out make up with her boyfriend too.That s it.So, why the one star Mostly, it s because I hate all of the characters Every single one of them.Let s start with the main character, Cassidy She s just not the brightest bulb in the lamp, if you catch my drift She s flighty, both in life and death, supposedly focusing on solving a murder, except she really spends time daydreaming about kissing her boyfriend and trying to find a way to get him back even though she s dead She s melodramatic, immature, and incredibly slow to catch on to every blatant hint thrown her way She s so unlikeable that I, as a reader, had a hard time trying to even CARE who killed her or why.Now, we can move on to Ethan, the boyfriend What is there to even say about him NOTHING He s unremarkable, boring, and unmemorable I had to stop and look up his name before even writing about him That s how little I could care about him.Then there is Caleb, the pothead Cassidy thinks she cheated on Ethan with Caleb, and in her pseudo attempts at crime solving she really doesn t give a single positive quality about the guy that would make me even believe she d cheat on her random boyfriend with this other random dude She thinks Caleb may have killed her, although the only memorable flashback she even describes is the one where lover boy Caleb gave her a marijuana brownie before she fell off a bridge and died.Drew, who is Ethan s best friend and Cassidy s best friend s boyfriend Again, not one single positive quality is given to Drew, who is described mostly as a raging psychopath Copy and paste that description for the other friend, whose name I already forgot Those two were pretty much interchangeable to me throughout the story.And then Cassidy s best friends Apparently Cassidy has lousy taste, not only in men, but in friends as well Aimee, at least, seems to care that her friend is dead Besides the hints of ambivalence from Ethan, I m pretty sure that nobody else in the book, including her friends and family, even CARE that Cassidy is dead I m not even sure that Cassidy s lingering ghost spirit cares that she is dead, beyond the fact that she can no longer kiss boys And then the other alleged best friend Madison Can someone REALLY be completely oblivious to the fact that the person they see for hours every single day is a psychopathic stalker Cassidy vaguely considers that her best friends may have played a role in her death although, again, she seems concerned with daydreaming about kissing Ethan than about considering why she was surrounded by such a bunch of juvenile delinquents.By the end, in all honesty, I couldn t care less why Cassidy died or who was involved All of her friends were idiots, and nothing in the story seemed believeable enough to feel the least bit relatable or interesting And, oh, the melodrama I get that teenagers are full of raging hormones and confusion and despair, but murdering people over crushes or kisses or relationships that won t last beyond graduation Good grief.In trying to decide the intended audience for My Last Kiss, I can only think that this would be appealing to younger teenage girls with low expectations of men, friends, and literature I really enjoyed the premise of the story, I think, but the horrific cast of characters killed it for me in the end.

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    Bell, Book Candle My Last Kiss ReviewI swear, this should be a cautionary tale for those who cheat right beside Fatal Attraction This is another book I randomly came upon while up to no good with my friend in Barnes and Noble Don t ask don t tell I must ve skimmed the synopsis on back, because if I had realized how much of a tear jerker was I might not have bought it I hate in a good way books that make me cry.This was quite the emotional rollercoaster of a book I m not going to lie, I was in tears The mystery of Cassidy s, the protagonist, death was indeed puzzling As I have said before, I am very good at guessing how a book movie will end, but I didn t see that ending coming and I guessed at least 50 times I m not pulling you guys leg, either The mystery was off the charts, and there was a bit of suspense thrown in there as well The best and my most favorite part was drum roll the characters.I m a character driven person characters and how they are written or developed can make or break a book for me The depth and development of these characters was off the charts You will discover that there is than meets the eye and nothing is what it seems with each one of them I loved the flaws Cassidy had, in which you realize she is just as flawed as the rest of us And EthanOh my goodness, it was both endearing and heartbreaking seeing the connection he and Cassidy possessed, especially since they didn t exactly get the HEA we readers love to see.The pain you see everyone going through in reaction to Cassidy s death broke my heart I couldn t imagine how my mom would feel Or Cassidy living in limbo like she was is a major drag It also goes to show that not all friends are your real friends You have to be careful with backstabbers literally and figuratively None the less, this was a great story and the ending was beautiful However, I m still trying to figure out if the people responsible for Cassidy s death are going to jail it wasn t exactly clear And it was slow torture watching Cassidy make her mistakes that would inevitably lead to her death What a shame But on the bright sideat least there weren t any boiled bunnies anywhere See, there IS a silver lining

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    Brilliant Plot This is by far one of the most brilliant plots I have read in a long time It provided me something very different from the usual young adult novels which basically revolve around a couple and their love chronicles sometimes going too mushy or sometimes mixed and wrapped up with paranormal elements My last kiss is not devoid of romance, heartbreak and other essential young adult stuffs but what makes it interesting is the wicked plot line that just gets and intense as it proceeds and is a pure thriller addiction I love the way how the plot is developed and just when you think ok now I get it and make conclusions, it goes on to an entirely different track I m in love with the ending of this book in most cases by last pages, all the energy and elements are worn out, but in this case, the last couple of pages is where your brain gets put into action Things are moving at rapid speed and no it does not confuses you or something but for me, it was like being bombarded with surprise elements one after another and that made me shout out loud to the author for gripping me like an addict to the book especially with its ending.The only problem with the book is its language and flow of narration which I believe is kind of choppy because there were certain parts which kind of was not self explanatory like ramblings with no head and tails but I have still got Goosebumps from the ending of the book The book has one of the best plots I have come across especially for a young adult novel and what is the best part of the plot is its ending which was something that I enjoyed most out of everything in the book but there is also problem with the flow of narration as sometimes it seems to be lacking head and tail how was it

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    Abandoned at 45% The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new. Samuel Beckett, MurphyThe book told on, having no alternative, the nothing new The exceptionally boring nothing new My First Kiss has been compared to The Lovely Bones, and I cannot express how ardently I agree with this statement Both are supremely slow and monotonous, the main character s voice doing nothing to remedy that, even in their phantom state For the first half of the book the only part I read Cassidy Haines, recently dead and spectral, tries not to remember all that she s forgotten about her life as a result of being dead killed or otherwise Because lo and behold, it appears she might have been faithful to her not a douchebag of a boyfriend I do not give turtle s fossilized crap Cassidy is seen by no one, heard by no one except of course the boyfriend she cheated on not that he knows And they make out, dance, fight, reveal trivial secrets, and discuss, in passing, her existentialism.The fish drank all my rat crap shakes.Cassidy whines She s dead so I ll give her that But she whines , and now the whines are subtle, sneaking up on you, like my arch nemesis, Waspssssss.Wasps don t give shits out just like that.Cassidy s best friend tries to solve her murder, figure out the identity of the perpetrator, while everyone gathers her death to be a suicide She barely haunts her best friend.The official statement is that I ve run out of fucks Nothing personal, you know.Cassidy has no sense of humor, dark or otherwise no intriguing traits or worries I d care a fuck about, no sass and nothing Even her loneliness or dying hopes for the future she ll never have is non existent The mystery doesn t begin until the latter half apparently, so how on earth am I supposed to stay with her that long Occam s Razor I don t I cannot.This is the story This is boring This is why I don t care to continue The rest is dust, except the choice that is yours.Adios Actually, I would have loved to finish the story and continue to the end had something interesting besides her dying happened earlier The twists and turns everyone s talking about make me yearn, as do quotes like this It seems everyone I know holds captive some piece of my past I want them, no matter how much they ll hurt They re mine and I deserve to hold them.But since nothing did, I d rather just avert my face so I don t long too much I desire closure too much, sometimes Review copy provided by Macmillan Children s Publishing Group.

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