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I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1) summary I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1) , series I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1) , book I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1) , pdf I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1) , I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1) 31ba3a3160 Mikkel And Szandor Kill Monsters They Re Not Government Funded, They Re Not From A Time Honored Lineage Of Hunters, Nor Are They Rich Kids With Lots Of Toys They Re Two Twenty Something Brothers From The Poor Side Of Town Who Have Taken It On Themselves To Rid The Streets And Underground Of Creatures Who Would Prey On The Innocent Donning Gas Masks And Using Makeshift Weaponry, They Delve Into The Labyrinthine Sewer System Of New Avalon To Grapple With Snarling Zombies, Flesh Eating Ghouls, Insectoid Hive Creatures, And It S A Dirty Job And It Rarely Pays, But Someone Has To Do ItHired By A Woman From The Rich Side Of Town Who Believes She S Being Stalked By Monsters, The Two Brothers Think They Ve Finally Gotten An Easy Job That Will Pay Well But As They Follow The Clues, Things Are Not Adding Up Kidnappings, Jackbooted Commandos, And Mysterious Emails Are Just The Beginning Soon They Find Themselves Involved In Something Bigger Than Monsters It S Anybody S Guess Whether They Ll Come Through It Alive, Much Less Get PaidI Kill Monsters Is An Exciting Punk Rock Urban Fantasy For Those Who Enjoy Their Protagonists With A Mouth On Them And A Weapon In Their Hands

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    Great start to a new series

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    DNF This book was like pulling teeth to get through So many mistakes it just felt insulting Some of the dialog read so unreal and juvenile I had a hard time believing it Most of the scenes without any action just drug and I found my mind wondering while I was reading and by the time I finished the page I had no clue what happened.The characters are are not very well developed and I just didn t care what happened to them I really hated this book so much that I got about 75% through it and just gave up the hope it would improve.On the plus side the monsters are cool and well described I did picture them, but other than that I was highly disappointed I will not be reading the sequel.

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    Mikkel and Szandor kill monsters Just like it says on the cover I went into this book knowing that there s to their story than just this one book I also come at this from the perspective of a person who s written a lot and knows how hard it is to actually pull off self publishing a novel much less an entire batch of them Liggio has a somewhat unique approach to story telling There is a little bit of ramp up time for this book, but once the real action begins, the pace seems pretty brisk The story progresses in a fairly linear fashion, I don t recall there being any time jumping, or even flashbacks, even when I wish there was a flashback or two to tell me what the hell happened that made these two the way they are You get glimpses as the action moves along but this author drags you through the now, not indulging in the past Maybe you have to read that stuff in some other book later Worth the read, won t suck up every waking moment but it will compel you to turn the pages if you give it a chance.

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    1.5 starsThis is an urban fantasy where the brothers fight monsters like Supernatural, the TV show A girl comes and asks them for help they then discover that view spoiler the monsters they fight are descended from aliens and a mega corporation is fighting them hide spoiler

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    Not my favorite entry in my personal favorite genre of brothers who fight monsters but appreciated nonetheless Pros sarcastic narrator snarky footnotes solid worldbuilding a bit less romanticized than some takes on monster hunting tend to beCons You know how some books you can just tell were written by a dude This is one of them I don t love the author s writing style in general There s no noticable technical mistakes, but it just feels a bit clunky.Overall, solidly okay, will probably read the rest of the series.

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    I liked it Could have used some editing but it kept my attention.It s kinda like a gritty and urban take on Supernatural.I got this book for free so I can t really speak to it s value but I don t regret reading it.

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    FunAction, fantasy, horror the brothers battle with attitude Got a real kick out of POV notes throughout story to click on for a little snark

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    EnjoyableBut in need of a good editing.This came close to five stars.I look forward to book two.Recommend for those that enjoy monster hunting books.

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    Ok first book in seriesIt starts out ok,good premise Some of the narration was off putting Just ok for me Found myself skimming some of the time.

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    Monster killlersI liked that the book moved fast and the monsters were described in great detail Looking forward to the next book.

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