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Beauty and Power (Perpetual Creatures, #2) summary Beauty and Power (Perpetual Creatures, #2) , series Beauty and Power (Perpetual Creatures, #2) , book Beauty and Power (Perpetual Creatures, #2) , pdf Beauty and Power (Perpetual Creatures, #2) , Beauty and Power (Perpetual Creatures, #2) 02cb7e42b1 BEAUTY POWER IS ON SALE FOR FOR A LIMITED TIME AND WILL BE RETURNING TO REGULAR PRICE ON Since Becoming A Vampire, Jerusa Phoenix Has Been Dreading The Day That She Must Go Before The Stewards Of Life To Be Judged Then Comes The Night She Returns Home To Find A Pair Of Hunters Waiting For Her Jerusa And Her Coven Are Whisked Away To Meet With The Stewards, And She Cannot Rely On Her Maker, Silvanus, To Save Her This Time Silvanus Has Been Gone For Months, Searching For The Truth Of Who He Really Is Jerusa Is Unsure What S Worse, Her Pending Judgment Or That She May Never See Silvanus Again The Stewards Hold Only Two Attributes Worthy Of Immortality Beauty And Power Jerusa Is Strong And Fast, Far Than Any Fledgling, But The Scar That Remains On Her Chest From Her Heart Transplant As A Human Will Almost Surely Condemn Her To Death Jerusa Has One Hope She Is The Only Vampire Who Can See The Spirits Of The Dead She Has Been Warned To Keep This Gift Secret From The Stewards, But What Choice Does She Have Something Is Amiss A New Enemy Has Risen From The Ashes Of The Mountain Prison Where Silvanus Was Kept Rumors Abound Of A Growing Army Of Savages Jerusa Can T Bother With Any Of That Right Now, Though If She Hopes To Win Her Right To Remain A Perpetual Creature, She Must Find A Way To Survive The Stewards Cruel And Twisted Tests

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    Wow, this is one amazing roller coaster ride I absolutely loved the first book and was looking forward to reading the second one The first one had quite an intriguing plot but the second one blew it out of the water The plot is beyond amazing, with so many twists and turns that it was a thrill to read it all Gabriel weaves this tight web around you and slowly starts to reveal some of the incredible secrets, like the origin of Silvianus The pace is incredible and I ate this book up in no time at all I quite frankly couldn t put it down.The main characters are an incredible mix that complement each other well Silvianus is still one of my favorites and Jerusa and him are quite the mysteries Slowly but surely does the author let you figure out how these two connect and how Alicia fits in all of this as well.My biggest issue is, now I have to wait for the next one The book was left at quite a cliff hanger leaving me upset when it ended I CAN T wait for the next one to come out and am sure that one will top this one, not sure how but I know it will.Thanks for this fantastic read It is an absolute must read for any lover of the paranormal It has a new take on vampires and so far probably one of my favorite ones to date.I have received this book from the author for an honest review.

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    A great unique Vampire series..that will leave you wanting I love the writers imagination The way he creates new story lines and always keeps you guessing whats going to happen next I can t wait for J S to finally get to know eachother.And do hope the auther writes qbout thier love story in detail If I had an6 complaint s it would be the lack of following thru with the main characters storyline with her creator.Im already half in love with him.

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    Wonderful second book in the Perpetual Creatures series which doesn t disappoint, carries on in the same fast paced, exciting thrilling manner set out in book one Great main characters in Jerusa, Thad, Silvanus, Taos, Shufuh etc., continue their battle to exist fighting against the savages, Hunters High Council Will Jerusa ever be able to feed Will Silvanus find the Divine Vampires will their perpetual struggles ever be over Brilliant series full of vampires, ghosts, seers various monsters, all brought together by Gabe s magical writing I can t wait to read book 3 to see what happens next Highly recommend this any of the author s brilliant books.

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    So i thought the first book was good and couldn t put it down, this book i literally couldn t its 1 in the morning and i have been reading it straight for 5 hours. this authors imagination is something else the characters are so well formed, i haven t read a book as good as this in ages I like how romance is creeping in slowly after we have got to know the characters, i love how one moment i am scared the next i m infuriated then the plot thickens even with a few revelations thrown in this is no ordinary vampire book, this book is a fantasy thrill ride ready to rock the imagination..

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    I JUST finished this book tonight I started it this morning thinking I could read it over the next few days since we have a major snow storm in progress No such luck I m so glad to say this book is as addictive as the first It is extremely well written and easy to fallow each of the different characters We find a great deal out about them in this book along with some really WOW surprises that has you saying I sure didn t see that coming I love the style and methods of this author and have become a huge fan Thank You for allowing us to share in your great gift and talent of putting your creativity on paper.

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    Gripping readI was worried this book would be for the younger readers, I wasn t disappointed You need to read the first book in this series or you won t get this one A great read I couldn t put it down.

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    Very good book fast paced I liked the book I loved the twilight books and I guess I m looking for another set of books like them Not quite as good but I enjoyed it

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