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  • Kindle Edition
  • 40 pages
  • Mama Built a Little Nest
  • Jennifer Ward
  • English
  • 09 September 2018

10 thoughts on “Mama Built a Little Nest

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    Wonderfully illustrated and simple text that allows the youngest nature enthusiasts to discover the wonders of birds, their nests, and their babies.

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    Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterA book exploring the different materials and places that a variety of birds build their nests Rhyming verse for the child to read paired with explanations for the adults.This book caught my eye right away I loved the cut paper nature of the drawings and how they captured the unique locations and materials for the nests My nephew quite enjoyed the different nests and learning about the birds.The problem with the book lay in the odd pairing of rhyming verse and technical information One is for the littlest of children and the other is totally for an adult At first my nephew read both and we were both constantly thrown off by the disparity between the two One was too simple and the other was too complex Halfway through the book he read the verse and I read the information The point of reading these books is to read Yes, it s great there is information on the birds and the nests but write it so it can be read by the reader This is the kind of book I would normally want to buy so a child could pour over it but there s no point if they can t read all the words BOTTOM LINE Beautiful bird and nest illustrations______________________You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo s Picture Gallery

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    Oooohpoetry that s fun and easy to read, with details about nests hidden in the corners for the parents to share or not share It s so much fun to learn about all the different nest types The pictures are simple and convey the ideas well, and make me want to hunt for nests outside now that I know what to look for.

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    I am currently interning in a school library and wanted to book to read to the kids as part of an activity about birds I definitely now want to use this book for a few reasons The illustrations are beautiful and simple enough that the kids can see what is going on without having to be right on top of the book There is just enough information to let the kids know what is going on in each picture, but not so many words that they might get bored while I read each page There is some additional information on each page that I can read if they seem really focused but if I don t read them, it won t take away from the story The facts about birds are interesting and not all things that kids might already know so I m very excited to use this book in at least one activity.

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    I learned so much about birds from this beautifully illustrated book Plus, the text is well written and fascinating

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    Both simple and informative with poems and pretty pictures.

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    With rhyming text, Jennifer Ward reveals the art of nest making and the diversity of nests locations, materials, etc Each two page layout features one bird like the woodpecker, the cowbird, the wren There is the rhyming text in a larger print, and then is also a caption, in smaller print, with detailed, non rhyming text about that particular bird s nest making The illustrations by Steve Jenkins support the details described in the text The author s note at the end is worthy of reading aloud to older students up front because it reveals the main ideas in the text and the curiosity of the author that spurred her research.This could easily be read aloud to preK 4th for specific purposes In preK 1st grade it might be about exposure and as part of a science unit of study or a hands on literacy center exploring and describing nests I d read aloud just the rhyming text in the book and then go back during that lesson or another and read aloud the captions In the older grades, this might be a jumping off point for doing further research on one particular bird during a particular unit of study For example, in the book, the author describes the hummingbird making a small cup shaped nest made of spiderweb so the little nest will stretch as the chick grows I wanted to know and easily found information by searching hummingbird nests on line Also, if you are in a unit of study I like how this text reveals the diversity of one aspect of birds nests I d pair this with books like Feathers Not Just for Flying by Melissa Stewart and An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston.

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    A few things i learned from this book 1 A hummingbird uses spiderweb so the little nest will stretch as the chicks grow 2 The cowbird, whydah, and cuckoo find a nest built by another bird species They lay their eggs in it and fly off, leaving their eggs in the care of the bird who built the nest 3 The swiftlet makes an edible nest using tube shaped saliva, which hardens in the air Swiftlet nests are used in bird s nest soup, a Chinese delicacy Who knew

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    Yolen, J., Stemple, H 2015 You nest here with me Honesdale, PA Boyds Mill Press.Reading Rockets 2017 Concept sorting Retrieved from You Nest Here With Me by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y Stemple, is an endearing story in rhyme that compares a child going to bed with birds nesting The authors use a wide variety of birds in the story allowing students to see common birds that they may be familiar with, as well as birds that may be new or unfamiliar to them This book is also rich in new and interesting vocabulary and will help to promote vocabulary development In the back of the book there are four facts about each of the birds represented in the story I paired You Nest Here With Me with the non fiction text Mama Built a Little Nest Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward also uses rhyme to tell about how birds build nests The rhyming verse is on the left hand side and on the right hand side are facts about how and why birds build nests where they do This book is perfect for younger readers who may be interested in birds and their nests Birds and nests from this book can be compared to birds and nests in the story You Nest Here With Me There are some birds that are the same, but many that are not Children will be able to find birds that create similar nests They will also be able to see the array of items that birds can use to build nests Some of these items are very interesting and gross There is a combination of text structures in this book that make it interesting and engaging for younger readers There is a story in rhyme on one page and description text on the other, creating an established sequence to the reading The illustrations spread across two pages making them very engaging As far as text features, there is a note from the author at the end with a list of resources or further learning and exploration The strategy I would use with this twin text set is concept sorting I would use this with Preschoolers or Kindergartners I would want the children to be thinking about what birds use to build their nests and where birds build their nests I would give the children the categories of things birds use to build their nests and places birds build their nests I would then provide a variety of pictures of items that birds used to build their nests in the book ex tree holes, spider webs, a whole nest for birds that use other s nests , feet, etc as well as places that they built a nest in the books ex tree, cattails, ground, water, cactus, etc As children sorted we would be able to talk about why they were placing the items in each category I could also use this time to ask questions to expand children s thoughts about why they might use certain materials to build their nests and why they might choose the places they do to build their nests.

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