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Bully Boys files Bully Boys, read online Bully Boys, free Bully Boys, free Bully Boys, Bully Boys 3a49941fb The Bully Boys Is The Story Of Fourteen Year Old Thomas Roberts, Who Finds Himself Looking After The Family Farm When His Father Goes Off To Fight For The British Army During The War Of When Thomas Inadvertently Stumbles Upon Some American Soldiers Who Are Attempting To Rob A Local Store, His Quick Thinking And His Bravery Save The Day His Actions Also Catch The Eye Of The War S Most Famous Officer Lieutenant James FitzGibbon, Leader Of The Unit Dubbed The Green Tigers Or Bully Boys This, Tommy Realizes, Is His Chance To Escape The Drudgery Of The Farm And Join The Real Men Who Are Fighting For Their Freedom When FitzGibbon Takes Tommy Under His Wing For A Time, The Young Man Soon Finds That War Is Both Fascinating And Horrifying Than He Had Ever ImaginedBased On The True Events Surrounding The Legendary James FitzGibbon And The Battle Of Beaver Dam, The Bully Boys Is A Moving Account Of A Young Man S Experience Of War

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    This book is called BULLY BOYS It was written by Eric Walters In this book, Thomas Roberts, a fourteen year old boy wants to be a part of the war of 1812 and fight beside his father against the American troops, but he is only fourteen and too young to fight in the Canadian militia Luckily, he gets his wish when he is in a general store when some American soldiers try to steal from it At that point, Lieutenant Fitzgibbon comes across this scene and quickly rushes to help Thomas hit one of the American soldiers with an axe and quickly leaves with Fitzgibbon to safety and ends up fighting for his country later on in the book One of the best things about this book is that it is action packed and doesn t get boring As a reader, I was entertained throughout the whole book and it was exiting to read I don t think there was a bad part of the book, but at times it seemed predictable and I knew what would happen next.

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    The Bully boys is set in 1812, and focuses on a 14 year old boy named Thomas Thomas is very brave and loyal So much so, that he wants to fight in the current war, The War of 1812, for his country He is not allowed because he is too young The story opens in a store, in Queenston, Canada in 1812, where he is buying the groceries Suddenly Americans come in and start robbing the store, while Thomas is hiding from them Then, another important character, James Fitzgibbon, a British army Lieutenant, comes into the store to help He, just like Thomas, is very brave and loyal But it is two against one, for James, and he is losing Thomas come to his rescue and saves his life After hitting an American soldier, he must go into hiding, so he goes away with James They go on adventures, that help the British win the war Thomas bravery and James tactical decisions as a leader, help to eventually win The War of 1812.The story is set in Queenston, Canada in 1812 More specifically, it starts in a store The store has few goods left on the shelves Most are hidden in the back in case Americans come to steal them The shelves are wooden, along with most other things in the store A ding will welcome you from the bell on the door when you enter Another place the story takes you, is to the DeCews farm The farm is a large one, and has the only wheat silo for a long , long way The crops are well kept and plentiful A slight summer breeze can feel good after a a hard days work One final setting is in a clearing This is where one of the crucial battles takes place British and First Nations, against Americans, set only on killing Fitzgibbons for all the pain he caused the Americans, and all the help to the British It is a large clearing where a battle can take place Also, hidden in the trees surrounding the forest, there are hidden spots that can easily hide snipers During battle, the smell for gunpowder and the loud bangs of muskets firing are all too evident.The bully boys is a great book that is full of surprising, exciting, and sometimes humorous events There are very many cliffhangers that leave you wanting This historical fiction centered in 1812 is a page turner, with surprising twists and turns I would rate it four out of five stars, for it s exciting twists, turns, suspenseful, and humorous events To get five stars, it would have to be a different genre, because I do not really like historical fictions Out of historical fictions, I think this is the best one I have ever read I would recommend The Bully Boys to anyone who likes The War of 1812, and to those who like to learn about history, while still having a good time.

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    In the beginning, Thomas wanted to be a soldier and fight with his father in the war He s a smart boy so I know he knows that during war time there are casualties After shooting a man to save Fitzgibbon he gets frightened and declares he is meant to be and will always be a farmer.No plot twists or anything to keep you interested I guess its a good book, just not for me.

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    I absolutely love this book I read it for the first time in grade four and have read it multiple times since then The growth and development of the characters keep you interested Even though the main character is fictional, the events in the book are factual and go hand in hand with the real events of 1812 100% one of my all time favourite books.

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    Very Nice

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    Worldview Universally AcceptableRead Aloud 10 yrs Independent Reader 12 yrs Setting Location Niagara Peninsula, Upper Canada Time Period 1812Review At the wrong place at the wrong time, Tom a fourteen year old farm boy, must leave home to hide from the occupying American soldiers during the War of 1812 After assisting Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon in preventing an old man s store from being robbed by some American soldiers, the lieutenant knows that Tom will be easily recognizable and cannot safely go home Together they set out on an adventure as Tom hides on the DeCews farm where Fitzgibbon and his Green Tigers, also known as the bully boys are based Too young to fight, Tom is left behind to work on the farm as the men go out to strike the enemy When his knowledge of the local terrain becomes apparent he joins the men as an invaluable guide to Fitzgibbon, as they seek to strike the Americans and keep them pinned on the Niagara Peninsula.Tom gets than he bargained for as he learns that war is not just the glorious adventure he was after, but both violent and brutal as well When he receives word that his father has been wounded while fighting elsewhere, he promises his brother to find him and bring him home Can his father survive the war Can the Canadians, who are severely outgunned, possibly repel the Americans Fitzgibbon is a vibrant, and colorful character His creative and unorthodox tactics make him seem larger than life, but the book has done a good job of portraying him as he truly was He is the true driving force behind the story, leaving the reader wondering what he will do next Through Tom s eyes the reader gets to see his outrageous antics, which left the proper British officers cringing, but got the job done, often through sheer posturing, when traditional tactics were not working.Teacher Application A fun and exciting story that teaches the events surrounding The Battle of Beaver Dam during the War of 1812 Laura Secord is very briefly mentioned in the story There are several short books which could be used as a supplement while reading The Bully Boys if a teacher should so choose Laura Secord A Story of Courage by Janet Lunn or Laura Secord s Brave Walk by Connie Brummel Crook.The misconception that scalping was a European invention is continued in this book This same passage does however do a nice job of demonstrating that the First Nations soldiers were instrumental in the repelling of the American forces from the Niagara Peninsula.The History of Scalping in North America Scalping did take place in the Americas among some warring tribes prior to first contact In fact, in 1535 Jacques Cartier saw scalps displayed in Donnacona s home He Cartier was then conducted by Donnacona and Taignoagny to see their houses which were well stored with the provisions they use in winter Donnacona showed the Captain the scalps of five men, stretched on hoops like parchment, and told us they were Toudamans from the south, who waged war continually against his people 1 Scalps were taken as war trophies by some tribal groups Scalps were a way to prove a warrior s courage and skill on the battlefield The misconception that Europeans brought the custom with them stems from the fact that later, primarily in the United States bounties were offered on the scalps of aboriginal people In some instances the French and English also offered bountied on the scalps of one another The custom has existed all over the world in many different cultures for most of history, as it is easier to carry, keep and preserve a scalp as a war trophy than an entire head.1 This quote is believed to be written by Jehan Poullet, a sailor on Cartier s second voyage, his writings are thought to be taken directly from both his own and Cartier s journals.Field Trip Opportunities There are many wonderful historic sites from the War of 1812 to explore around Niagara.http www.niagaraparks.com niagara fQuestionable Language What in God s Name Ch 1, P 7, 4th Paragraph Replace with What in the world Oh, my good Lord Ch 1, P 9, Paragraph 3 Replace with Oh my My good Lord, Ch 14, p 151, Paragraph 6 replace with Oh my Parental Warning This is a story of war There is death and violence.

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    Awesome Loved this book.

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    I would rate this historical fiction a 5 5 stars I would do this because the book uses a lot of adjectives which really helped me visualize the terrific story Mr Walters included a lot of drama and cliffhangers in this book which made it impossible to put down He made the characters do very creative actions, while at the same time being very realistic The book had a very nice flow to it and wasn t like a start stop sort of book This book is a historical fiction books that include plenty of detail even when not needed While making the story interesting and giving detail, he also made it very realistic The only thing that could make this book any better is to make it longer The main character in this story is thirteen year old Thomas Roberts His only wish is to fight in the war with his father Since he is only thirteen, he has to work on the farm for many years On the farm, him his mom, brother, and twin sisters work very hard to maintain the crops He thinks quickly in tight situations to take care of himself He is also so courageous that he disregards his own safety to help others survive Later in the story, he meets Lt James Fitzgibbon He is the brave leader of the Green Tigers The Green tigers are a group of selected men who are always feared by the Americans Fitzgibbon fearlessly leads his men into battle He is very creative which helps him ensure the safety of his men He finds his way out of sticky situations by being very tactical He is an amazing person who was very important in the outcome of the war of 1812 The story takes place mainly in Queenston Ontario Queenston is a small town with many farms They had one mill which was owned by Mr and Mrs DeCew There was only one store which had bare shelves because there was not enough items to go around They had a main road and some other small roads The roads were all made of dirt American cavalry patrolled the streets in their shining blue uniforms You can see Fort George in the distance because it is so big The smell of smoke is in the air from burning farmhouses Queenston is on the edge of the forest which is where the bully boys camp sometimes The camp is at a clearing in the forest At the camp, there is a big circle of tents surrounding some logs standing up The logs are all occupied by men sitting, talking and eating In the middle of the camp, there is a huge fire with a big bowl of stew on top Of to the side, there are makeshift bowls and spoons to eat out of At the edge of the tents, there are horses hitched to trees The men have set up camp when this is done.

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    The Bully Boys, by Eric Walter, is a historical fiction about the war of 1812 This book introduces two real life person that lived in that time period, James Fitzgibbon and William Merritt The Bully Boys took place at a 14 year old boy s, Tom Roberts, farm in Queenston Heights As the story progresses, Tom s bravery increases as he goes from scouting out enemy territory at night to helping to fight against the Americans at Fort George Tom wanted to go help in the war with his dad, but he had to stay at the farm to help out while his dad goes into the war One day while he was buying supplies at the local general store, he saved James Fitzgibbon from a 2 Americans by hitting them with axe handles After that Fitzgibbon stayed with Tom to ensure his safety because Tom might get caught by the Americans, Tom ended up helping The Bully Boys and the militia take out the enemy because he knew that area of Queenston very well I gave this book a 5 5 rating because it has a very interesting storyline by adding a few cliffhangers to keep the reader hooked The story had a lot of details in the settings and dialog, it was as if it was real and I was watching the movie of The Bully Boys It teaches a lot about the time period and describes how the real characters, William Merrit and James Fitzgibbon, would act in different situations I would recommend this book to students from 10 18 grade 5 12 because this book uses some language that isn t very nice towards First Nations First Nations are referred to as Indians , at grade 5, students learn about how First Nations are seen around the world Also there are some violence involving guns and weapons Guns are not a very good influence on kids under 10 Also some people under this age doesn t know about our alliance with America, so if they read this book they will think badly of US Overall The Bully Boys is a very good book for learning about the war of 1812 or just finding a new book to read

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    I can remember reading this book in grade 7 for a class assignment Unfortunately, it was during a time when I wasn t really as into reading as I am now so I didn t really think much about it, but a couple years ago I began remembering this book that I d read in school The I thought about it, the I was curious to see if it was as good as I remembered It was all that and I may not have loved it completely then, but I absolutely adore it now Anything I know about Canadian history I know from Eric Walters because we really didn t learn much about it in school, but the Bully Boys is so much than just a little piece of our history It is a fantastic read, and I would love to know what happened afterwards to Tommy, FitzGibbon, and all the other characters in the book of course there may be other books out there that mentions FitzGibbon somewhere I may have to look for them.

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