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Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) chapter 1 Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) , meaning Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) , genre Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) , book cover Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) , flies Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) , Divided Heart (Queens of Kings #2) 5845dcbde299a The Last Two Years Of Heart MacKenzie Searlington S Life Have Been A Constant Forward Motion Of Change She S Been Promoted To NYPD Captain Of The Seventy Fourth Precinct In Brooklyn, A Job She Never Wanted, But Is Slowly Finding Her Way Through With The Help Of A Dedicated Second In Command And A House Full Of Exemplary Officers Married To The Sexy And Powerful Mogul, Kenneth Searlington, Heart Is Living All Of The Dreams She Never Knew To Ask For Before She Fell In Love With The Man That Stole Her Heart Although Kenneth Bathes Her In His Love And Devotion, Insecurities From The Past Still Haunt Her And Cast A Dark Veil Over Their UnionKenneth Searlington Knows Only One Thing, He Worships His Wife He Has A Singular Purpose To Love Her As Hard As He Can For The Rest Of Their Lives And To Neutralize Any Threat That Dares To Come Up Against Them But How Does He Protect Them When That Threat Comes From The Woman He Loves Thrown By A Devastating Loss, Heart Allows Pain And Despair To Drive A Wedge So Large Between Them They May Never Be Able To Recover Pushed Beyond His Limits, Excluded And Taken For Granted, Kenneth Has To Decide Whether To Allow Darker Urges To Control Him, Or To Use His Rage To Fight For The One Thing He Adores, HeartCan They Mend The Rift, Or Will A Divided Heart End Their Legendary Love Warning This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Situations And Descriptions Of Sexual Acts And Is Intended For Readers Reader Discretion Advised This Is A Series And The Books Are Intended To Be Read In Chronological Order

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    This is the follow up story about Heart and Kenneth.Again the author s hooks you from page 1 of the book When I read the prolong I was like OMG who is doing this to Heart and then I could not believe my eyes when I saw who it was Now that right there had me reading the book into the wee hours of the morning until I got to the end.Heart and Kenneth have been married for a couple of years now Our couple are just as in love as they were before However like all marriages some challenges come along their way Heart pushes the boundaries of Kenneth s love for her right to the very edges and get s Kenneth acting totally out of character I did want to shake Heart a few times I could not believe what she was doing to their relationship.Again well written an engrossing read, murder, suspense, intrigue and romance I would highly recommend this book

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    3.5 Stars LaQuette s much anticipated sequel to her Heart series If you have not read book one I suggest you do this is not a standalone novel Welcome back to the world of Heart and Kenneth The ultimate power couple, he is a wealthy CEO and her career is at an all time high but things are not always as they seem Both have very strong personalities but in marriage it is a partnership and a series of concessions Heart although she was very strong and set in her ways was a very complex character with flaws I loved that the author addressed these flaws in this book and Kenneth s need to be the man in the relationship This book was an emotional rollercoaster Heart really had some issues she had to work through and Kenneth finally took control and made her realize it isn t all about her Because let s face it at times she could really be selfish and tried to rob him of his grief The Alpha male had arrived especially in the basement scene These two showed so much growth as a couple and the ups and downs people go through in relationships At times Heart was rather annoying with all her issues and hang ups For a woman with a devoted husband, Heart let her demons and insecurities get in the way of what she could see right in front of her I did like that the author showed the complexities of their relationship but it got a little old after a while It really took for her to finally realize that she could lose the love of her life to pull herself together Although this book had some heavy moments the author does provide some laugh out loud moments between the two a bit of comic relief And those sex scenes Let me just say that this author can write a spicy sex scene This story was a little shorter than the first one and I felt like it could have been just a little longer I would have liked from the ending it just ended and left the ending open Maybe for another story Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review ARC Given In Exchange For An Honest Review

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    This is a fabulous book I think it is well written The storyline could be out of any power couples marriage Her career, over the top, His career, demanding as he is a CEO Heart and Kenneth are in love so much so, they feel the other s presence I ve had a connection like that and its phenomenal They never let anything come in between them until After that happens, not an affair they seem to forget that pain and grief must take their course Kenneth struggles everyday with what it is to be an Alpha male, with a genuine woman with Alpha characteristics I wondered if they could survive..The story has moments of levity within and you can truly laugh, I love to see men be men and mark their territories In my minds eye, Kenneth is so hot, he would warm up a room in zero degree conditions Their love could melt an igloo, if put to the test.I loved this story and the author s input Another hit Ms, Laquette thank youKeep Heart an Kenneth around for a while..Please..

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    Divided Heart BRAB ONLINE BOOK CLUBI enjoyed the first book about Heart MacKenzie and Kenneth Searlington and I loved the sequel even Kenneth and Heart is a couple that you can t help but love even when they are at their worst.This book started with their life after being married for two years To say that the author took us on an emotional journey would be an understatement I just know I was unable to put the book down until I reached the end The emotional upheaval and suspense makes this a worthy read You will not be disappointed.

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    Great follow up to Heart of the Matter I think the pairing of Heart and Kenneth is outstanding She has emotional demons she is still working on and he has his own issues to deal with while still trying to be her knight I love them as a couple This story had me going through a range of emotions I was laughing out loud, hot and bothered and sad and my heart was breaking. I enjoyed the entire read I know another reviewer commented on the basement scene, I have to agree it was something But the best part to me was the undercover scenario at the gentleman s club From Kenneth s reaction to his actions with Bryan and the ultimate was the dance floor exchange between Kenneth and Heart Not to mention the whole verbal conversation was recorded Looking forward to Justice and Bryan s story And Truth I love her character, can t wait to see whom will be the alpha male to tame her.

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    I enjoyed catching up with Kenneth and Heart in Divided Heart Queens of Kings Book 2 This book kept me turning pages all day Sunday until I reached the end The love that Kenneth has for Heart is so strong that he can sense when she is nearby or in danger I especially loved the part when Kenneth played it cool when Agent Weaver was talking about all the things he was going to do to Heart not knowing he was talking to her husband There are so many scenes in this book that stand out but I will leave you with this check out the scene at the club Hot Hot Hot If you haven t already done so read Heart of the Matter first you won t be disappointed.

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    Just AwesomeThank you for such a wonderful story and twouch really great characters.This was such a great series with such a believable story line.The action was on point and the sex scenes were hot and off the chain Thank you for getting it right the entire series.This is was well written and executed and worth all the time it took reading and enjoying.Definitely something to recommend and a story you want to see a little of from time to time.Say for instance Bryan s story and a follow up with Ken and Heart.

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    Part two almost if not better than the first I fell in love with the characters in the first book but this storyline brought them to life The first book brought about the fantasy of real love the representative of love is he really that nice guy The author creative writing style made the twist and turns in there relationships so real when the fun is gone will you be too Each turn of a page real, hard life reality hits you and you feel so much for the main characters I love Heart and Kenneth story, I really enjoyed this book I read it in one day

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    Powerful readMaRquette you did your thing Kenneth OMG Talk about alpha male very sexy and super hot There was intrigue, heartbreak, steamy sex even comedy I hope to continue reading about Heart and Kenneth The secondary characters are also well written and deserve their own storyline MaRquette I look forward to your next installment Excellent read

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    What can I sayI loved this next installment of this series Can t wait for the next book I hate that she lost herself don t want to be a spoiler But I m betting it will be made up in the next one..hurry

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