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Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 chapter 1 Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 , meaning Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 , genre Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 , book cover Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 , flies Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 , Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1 d3a2369514834 Love Is In The Air In New York City The Planet S Richest Bachelor, Bruce Wayne, Is In Town For A Charity Auction And The Highest Bidder Gets A Date With Mr Tall, Dark, And Brooding Good Thing Harley Quinn Just Came Into Some Money Please, Whatever You Do, Don T Ask How But Can Bruce Really Spend A Night With Harley Without Her Learning How He Spends His Nights

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    3,5 Stars.Holy smokes Batman The first thing i have to point out before starting my review is that the artist did an amazing job designing Batman I mean look at that Anyway now to the review I am a huge fan of anything anti hero and problematic and thank God even though Harley is in general a better person than all the weirdos out there, she never loses her edgy and a bit creepy self Same here, she was equal parts of adorable and wacko and i loved her dearly, as for her romantic ventures with Bruce, well that was an extra delight This issue even though it s only a special could have been a great start to a series, and it works as a very good reminder of the fun you can have reading comics Sometimes, yes the story can be a little bit icky but nevertheless entertaining.THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Loved Harley so much Still not very sure about all those dream sequences The artwork was great though.

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    I was not the biggest fan of this one Don t get me wrong, I m all for silly it s one of the reasons that I love Harley Quinn so much But this was just a little bit too silly for my taste I loved her and Batman though, I thought that was hysterical But there were some parts of this that I just found to be too silly and a little too boring.

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    Bruce Wayne, yer millionaire butt is sooo mine.I liked this one

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    First Harley Quinn comic I ve enjoyed in months, yay

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    I usually will wait for the trade to come out but because this book is a One Shot deal I had to but the magazine fearing that it wouldn t be included in the up coming vol 2 trade and I d miss it I m glad I did Amanda Conners cover art is once again brilliantly whimsical and irreverent She has yet to disappoint with her take on Americas favorite psycho queen The look on Batmans face alone is worth the 5 She could damn near sell her cover art as posters, IMO The content inside also delivers In your face slapstick comedy all taking place in an absurd story that could never happen enhanced by two different dream sequences one for Harley and one for Batman that may, at first, take the reader aback but provide some great moments the Batmobile covered in Bat poop and everything works Harley never goes out of character and the comic moves at the breakneck speed I ve come to expect from both Conner and Palmiottis run with this character There snot a dull page in this book and it will keep the reader constantly guessing The only reservation I have is that Harleys cast of circus freak friends are underused but that s a minor complaint to yet another brilliant installment in this series.

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    Hmm, filling in the blanks in my review column is hard Especially months after the fact Like I m writing this here on 7 31 15 when I read the story on 5 14 15 Yet, I actually do remember this one here somewhat vividly, so I can write a little something So ..Bruce Wayne is up for auction in one of those bachelor auctions Harley, being Harley, decides to rob the corrupt rich so she could have some money to win the auction An interesting enough little tease of a story Um nice art heh I ve nothing really good or bad to say about it It was slightly better than okay An average story I suppose I gave it as much as 3 stars because 1 it s a Harley Quinn story 2 did I mention Harley Quinn is in the story

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    It s alright for the most part This one doesn t grab me as much as the others, but it s still pretty good There s a lot of focus on Bruce Wayne Batman There s a little bit of Poison Ivy that ll make you smile, too Ivy s parts are my favourite There are a few panels that look rushed or carelessly drawn but nothing too major.

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    Harley pagando m s de un mill n de dolares para tener una cita con Bruce es yoo

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    Harley Quinn Valentine s Day Special is a special published by DC Comics and was written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and penciled by John Timms, Ben Caldwell, Aaron Campbell, and Tony Silas It is a crazy adventure with Harley Quinn, Bruce Wayne, and Batman centered on Valentine s Day As today is Valentine s Day 14 February , I thought reading this book would be apropos.The text is absolutely crazy and far fetched, which is rather apropos when writing from Harley Quinn s perspective The narrative is rather absorbed, but when writing about Harley Quinn it is rather preferable The illustrations are a mixed bag with so many pencilers working on the special there were some that were better than others and made the artistic flow rather problematic.The premise is that Bruce Wayne has arrived in New York to attend a charity auction to benefit a new animal shelter Rich socialites have the opportunity to bid on dinner and dancing with the highly eligible Little do they know that they ll have to contend with Harley Quinn Rich, handsome, gentlemen Saving the poor stray animals of New York An opportunity to steal from the rich and give to herself That s pretty much the Harley Quinn s trifecta.That forms the foundation of a very amusing story as Harley Quinn first works to acquire enough cash to bid on Mr Wayne and then deal with a new set of complications once she has her prize in hand Appropriately, the tone is very lighthearted with moments of gruesome humor There are also a few instances of fourth wall bending humor that works very well Despite the comedic approach, this issue offers a very strong sense of who Harley Quinn is and what drives her in this post Joker, post Suicide Squad era.All in all, Harley Quinn Valentine s Day Special is a rather good comic special about a crazy adventure with Harley Quinn, Bruce Wayne, and Batman.

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    Some of the artwork in this isn t for me, but it was amusing seeing Harley with Bruce and Batman, both in real life and in dream sequences.

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