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    Reviewed on behalf of Readers FavoriteAnna s Bear 5 Days of Moral Conflict and Pursuit, Nazi Germany, 1939 by O.W Shumaker is a harrowing novel about five people crossing paths in an unlikely way When Max Drexel s two year old sister, Anna, becomes ill with meningitis, his family turns her over to an S.S doctor The doctor promises to cure Anna, but the truth is, he plans nothing of the sort Max embarks on a daring kidnapping and escape plan with his little sister Aided by Inga Salzer, a young woman who has given her virginity for the betterment of the Aryan race, the pair races to the Swiss border, closely pursued by Gestopo Chief Karl Zorn Max and Inga receive the unlikely help of a pastor as they sprint for freedom and Anna s life Will they make it to the border in time or will the Gestapo win Mr Shumaker certainly tells a fast paced and exciting tale I have a personal passion for learning about the Holocaust and Third Reich so I was especially interested to read his book I was not disappointed The story is complete with many twists and turns that will leave the reader wondering what will happen to our unlikely heroes It is certainly a different kind of story, focusing on the questioning and change of belief during this dark period of history I loved that the author kept with the historical aspect of the period while inserting his own characters into the mix The ending certainly was not what I expected Anna s Bear is an amazing novel of people coming together to save the life of one little girl.

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    Kept me interested from the start Very nicely portrayed Nazi Germany, how it drew people into its cult, and how the characters finally broke free from the insanity, save for one villain The ending was a bit abrupt and, I hate to say it, silly But while some have knocked off a star or two for some of the minor weaknesses it has, the overall story line is very well done and brings to light key aspects of the time period So since i can t give it 4 7 8 s stars, it gets 5

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    A really good novel for exploring Germany and the strange mindset of the nazi in that period I didn t like the story itself, but I really like the research out and the introduction to many parts of the German world that I had never heard of it gypsies and their bears for example Recommended as an entertaining informative piece Not for the plot though.

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    Many cogent details of the period kept me reading, as well as the tense and poignant situation of little Anna However, I am out of step with the acclaim this book has received for me, the writing is rather wooden and simplistic The author makes heavy use of internal narrative to tell us in great detail all the thoughts and motivations of the characters instead of nailing it down with drama.

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    Pretty good enjoyed the story, although the writing was somewhat juvenile and not quite believable The fact that there is truth in the Nazi s actions of murdering children even German childrenwho were deemed weak or imperfect will make one shudder The Lebensborn program was equally horrifying brainwashing young girls to have as many babies as possible for the Reich Scary stuff.

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    Historical fiction normally doesn t interest me, but this one I didn t want to stop reading The author develops his characters and historical context well, so you understand the culture and its inherent tensions With all of the detail the author provides, the story line seems very plausible and it wasn t surprising to see the depth of his research in his bibliography It s a captivating and excellent story.

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    I liked the story, but not the author s way of telling it Too many actions were the result of coincidence, key people changed views and their lives at the right moment to make good things happen, information the reader might need was given via the hero talking to an unconscious two year old About half way through I began trying to guess what new coincidence would the author use to trigger or solve the next event Too much depended on pure blind luck and unlikely happenstance.

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    Heartbreaking and Inspiring at the Same TimeThis book is well written and held my attention, and I had a hard time putting it down, despite the fact that it was hard to read at times knowing these atrocities actually happened in Germany But there were also good and brave people, and in the end I was very glad that I finished the book.

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    Just couldn t bear to finish this book Just couldn t bear to finish this book I think the idea for the story was wonderful, but the finished work left me feeling like I was wasting my time The characters were shallow and theorized too much I know the author wanted to show their ambiguities and internal battles between good and evil, but I felt they were shallow characters , almost ideas rather than fleshed out people I dragged myself halfway, never regretting having to put the book down or looking forward to picking it up again I just couldn t connect with the people on any level, so I gave up and decided not to finish the book

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    Great emotion An eye opening story showing Nazism from both sides those against and those so easily convicted by it Good characterization No bad language or explicit gore.

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Annas Bear download Annas Bear , read online Annas Bear , kindle ebook Annas Bear , Annas Bear d6c863fc8e7d Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BQQVRJMYGermany Young Inga Salzer Hardens Her Heart And Prostitutes Herself To The Nazi Lebensborn Program Which Drives Toward The Expansion Of The Aryan Race Now Pregnant By An SS Officer, She Proudly Anticipates Offering Her Sacred Child Of Good Blood To The Third ReichFifteen Year Old Max Drexel Immerses Himself In The Brutal Sports Of The Hitler Youth And Absorbs Its Worship Of The Fuehrer And Of Nature To Further His Career Ambitions, Steffin Lindeman Drifts Toward An Embrace Of Positive Christianity Which Mingles The Traditional Gospel With An Ardor For The Ancient Gods Of Nordic Mythology There Is Nothing That Can Bring Such Wildly Different People Togetheror It There Two Year Old Anna Drexel Comes Down With Meningitis And Is Taken By The Family Doctor To His Special Clinic It Is There That The Agonizing Battle For Anna S Life Expands Into A Raging War For The Hearts And Souls Of Inga, Max And Steffin And Threatening Them All Is Karl Zorn, Gestapo Chief In Max S Hometown Of Heidelberg, Who Describes Himself As A Simple Man With Simple Pleasures The Chilling Fact Is That Foremost Of His Pleasures Is Hunting Down And Killing His Favorite Game Human Beings So What Would Happen If A Series Of Frightening Events Were To Drive Each Of These People, Each For His Or Her Own Particular Purposes, On A Five Day Mad Journey Into The Depths Of The Black Forest Based On Years Of Research Into The Bizarre Aspects Of Nazi Germany, Anna S Bear Tells A Story Of Moral Conflict And Fierce Pursuit, With Moments Of Surprising Tenderness, High Tension, And Even Hints Of Laughter In The Midst Of Such Darkness, Finally Leading To A Totally Unforeseeable Ending