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The Diaries of Joseph and Mary files The Diaries of Joseph and Mary , read online The Diaries of Joseph and Mary , free The Diaries of Joseph and Mary , free The Diaries of Joseph and Mary , The Diaries of Joseph and Mary c5642268d The Bible In Matthew And Luke Briefly Relates How Mary Became Pregnant With Jesus, How Joseph Took Her As His Wife And Then How Jesus Got Lost In The Temple At Age Twelve A Few Short Pages Spans The Time From Before His Birth To Age Twelve, But Is There The Early Church Fathers Thought So Saint Jerome, Saint Athanasius, Saint Augustine And Others Gave Sermons To Their Flocks On Details Left Out Of Scripture These Stories Have Been Mostly Lost To The Modern Christian But Now Are Brought To Life In The Diaries Of Joseph And Mary Nothing In The Bible About The Nativity Is Changed, Nothing About Who Jesus Is Is Changed Rather The Ancient Theologians Proffered Insights Surrounding These Events And Filled In Gaps The Diaries Of Joseph And Mary Presents The Beliefs Of The Early Church Fathers On The Nativity In The Form Of A Diary That Joseph And Mary May Have Kept It Illuminates The Events And Answers Questions Like, Where Was Joseph When Mary Visited Elizabeth In Addition The Book Offers An Appendix, Questions And Answers About Saint Joseph That Provides The Reader With Additional DetailsThe Questions Delve Deeper Into Who Joesph Was, Indeed Who He Had To Be As The Man Chosen By God The Father To Be The Foster Father Of His Son On Earth The Reader Of This Book Will Find In Joseph A Man Who All Men Should Try To Emulate No Matter Their Vocation In LifeTogether The Diary Of Joseph And Mary And Questions And Answers About Saint Joseph Provide A Wonderful Way To Enter Deeply Into The Message Of The Advent And Christmas Season Writing This Book My Faith Has Been Deepened My Celebration Of The Advent And Christmas Seasons Are Vibrant And Alive For Me My Hope Is That You, The Reader, Have The Same Experience

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    A great, quick read Left me wanting It was interesting to see Mary and Joseph as people doing everyday things and having emotions, ups and downs just like us I can t wait for the next installment.

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    I won this book through GoodReads First Read program.This was an innovative idea The lives of Joseph and Mary are written like diary entries There isn t very much covering either really in the Bible Since it didn t make the Biblical cut you have to take what is set out with caution Also this is coming from the Catholic prospective I am a Lutheran Protestant and we have always been taught that Jesus had siblings McGeehan makes clear that the Catholic view is that Jesus had no true siblings since both Mary and Joseph remained virgins To me this ignores many Biblical references to Jesus siblings including Paul s reference in Galations to James, the brother of Jesus.At the end is a question and answer section on Joseph which brings out even of the differences between Catholicism and Protestant views Finally there is a preview of Mary s diary following Jesus mission which will include the resurrection.

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    Firstly, a shout out to Goodreads for letting me win this book.I m sorry to say that this book fell short for me While it did offer a unique way of looking a biblical events, it just didn t go far enough to me I d hoped for a humanizing look at Joseph and Mary Instead, they re left mostly bland and one dimensional I d thought there d be a little agonizing, but it boils down to I love God and I trust God over and over.On the other hand, it did stir my interest to actually look in the bible and other studies to compare information about Joseph Relying on the QA at the back of the book is just not happening 100 questions that could have been boiled down to maybe 20 The repetition there was just ridiculous Probably five different questions about Joseph s ancestry The author even says that it was answered in a previous question Another question asks whether he had any brothers, followed immediately by one asking whether he had any relatives

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    I found it somewhat difficult to read and identify with I lost interest well before the end I did not finish.

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