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My Secret files My Secret , read online My Secret , free My Secret , free My Secret , My Secret 31fdff4ec Tony Was Finally Getting Away For A Camping Holiday With His Best Bud, Paul Being A Bit Fearful Of Wild Animals, But Convinced By His Friend They D Have A Safe And Wonderful Time, Tony Arrived At The Campground With An Open MindLittle Did He Realize An Untamed Something Had Its Sinister Eye On Him And The Most Terrifying, Insane, Sexual Escapade He Could Ever Imagine, Was About To Happen

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    Tony takes a chance on going camping with is best friend Paul He was afraid of bears, but went anyway He ends up running into a Bigfoot and there his vision of camping takes a strange turn For the better I liked this story A quick read and very entertaining Highly recommend for those into monster love I was gifted the novella by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    2.99 for 20 pages I don t think so.

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    I enjoyed this fascinating, fast paced novella Loved the hot monster sex and found the characters to be well written and quite likable I even had empathy for the monster man I highly recommend if you enjoy this type of genre I was happily gifted with an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am willing to give stories a try no matter sometimes how out of the box they seem The one thing I did like about this story was the fact the author was thinking outside of the box Tony is a young man who is in the process of self discovery about himself when his friend Paul and him go camping on one of their many trips.Paul and Tony have been friends for a very long time Their schedules really don t allow for the female companionship to be there even if they were to pursue it so instead they do everything together I get the feeling both are attracted to each other but not willing to admit it It might have been a way better story if they had.I was hoping that this would end up being a Shape shifter type story but it isn t I don t even know how you could put it in that sub category considering the creature that finds and helps Tony never shape shifts in the least It can t even be truly called a paranormal erotica.It s wonderful how Tony stepped out of his comfort zone and was willing to try new things and discover but it truly boarders on the edge of bestiality That alone is why it received a 2 star rating from me.

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    I ve been reading a select few M M stories in different genres and have to say that this story adds to the diversity that is already out there Tony sets out to camp with his best buddy, Paul Finally mustering up the courage to conquer his fear of wild animals Paul loves camping , Tony decides that he d bite the bullet and go camping with him for once The two aren t alone, because a certain sinister something has eyes set upon Tony Go figure If you re interested in an M M story mixed in with the unexpected, then this book is for you.

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    I would call this novella, the stalking of Tony This is about a young man who went on a camping trip with his best friend, Paul Although Tony agrees to accompany Paul, he is not so taken with the idea due to a bad experience he d had when he had gone camping in his teens Let just say after encountering a Man thing in the woods, Tony now likes nothing better than camping in the woods If you want all the sexy details, buy the book.Sizzzzzzl

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    I wasn t going into this thinking it would be the read of the century, but it fell even below my minimal expectations.Not really that steamy, not really that much of a plot, and the writing felt like it was about 8th grade level.Also, the semi cross species aspect could have been disclosed, it wasn t a major turn off but it was unexpected and probably would ve dissuaded me from reading in the first place.

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    This fantasy starts out grounded in a realistic premise two guys go away for a much needed break from busy work and lives to go camping for the weekend The conflict injected is that they are afraid of what lurks in the darkness and go anyway to try overcoming reasonable fears This novella is fun, laced with steamy sex and temptation to take up camping as a permanent past time This novella is fast and fun A great read and a real reveal at the end You ll love it

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    On a camping trip with his best friend Paul, inexperienced outdoorsman Tony is worried they might encounter dangerous wild animals along the way Little does he know that a creature stalking with him has some erotic plans in mind This was an unusual male male romance I found hard to put down

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    My Secret was my first read in this genre, and I enjoyed my introduction to monster erotica The characters were fleshed out, even the monster, and it was a sexy story Well done

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