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    I m pretty skeptical of books on writing, if only because everyone seems to have written one And so many of them come at you with flashy promises Sell Your Novel In Thirty Days Prior to having read LeGuin s Steering the Craft, I relied on three books, or less 1 Strunk and White Elements of Style2 Stephen King On Writing3 John Gardner The Art of FictionIn that order Strunk and White covered the bare bones fundamentals King s book covers the creative process and Gardner gets into some of the academic, abstract concepts like rhythm, sentence variation and syntax.LeGuin s book falls somewhere between King and Gardner She has insight for the budding writer, but makes it clear that her book neither intends to promote writing as a form of therapy or help you get into a habit of productivity Her advice is concise, terse and poignant, and she focuses entirely on craft.There s some fantastic advice here, including nuanced and thought provoking arguments about passive vs active voice, present vs past tense Her insights on crowding vs leaping how much do you leave out, and what do you leave in were especially useful LeGuin covers everything King and Gardner either didn t cover or just touched upon Her book feels like a valuable corollary, a good addition to a well rounded reference A short book, but precise in its advice, with a rare emphasis on those elements of creative writing that no one seems to talk about voice, perspective, sentence structure, avoiding expository lumps, good use of punctuation.Don t read this book for advice on plot, dialogue, characterization or pacing On Writing is probably useful there This is a book of techniques.

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    Ursula K Le Guin okumak edebi anlamda dini bir metinle ba ba a kalmak gibi Benim i in yle en az ndan Hep Kitap n son d nemde bast yay nlar hem edebi hem de inceleme serileri a s ndan gayet ba ar l Yazmak zerine bir seri ad m ad m k yor D meni Yarat c l a K rmak ta bu serinin nemli bir aya Fakat ilk sayfalarda bizi kendi a z ndan yle bir c mle ile kar l yor ncelikle unu s ylemem gerek, bu kitap yeni ba layanlar i in de il Hedef kitlesi zaten yazd klar st nde yo un ekilde al an insanlar Kitap son derece nemli bilgilerle dolu, ama Ursula Le Guin in dedi i gibi ncelikli hedef bu eserdeki bilgilere kafa yormak olmaml E er kurgular n z rmeye, insanlara g stermeye ba lad ysan z ge ebilirsiniz Ben edinmenizden yanay m Asl nda yk n ze, roman n za ba larken bakmak isteyebilece iniz eylere, yapmak isteyece iniz al t rmalara sahip Son s zler kitapta da yer alan bir al nt yla gelsin Virginia Woolf, bir yazar arkada na g nderdi i mektupta bundan bahsetmi tir slup asl nda ok basit bir mesele, tamamen ritimle ilgili Bir kere buna al t nda, yanl kelimeleri kullanmazs n te yandan neredeyse b t n sabah burada ylece oturarak ge irdim, t ka basa fikirlerle ve imgelemlerle doluyum do ru ritmi bulamad mdan, hi birini yerinden oynatam yorum Asl nda ritmin kendisi olduk a yo un ve kelimelerden daha derine ula abiliyor Bir bak ya da bir duygu, bunlara uyabilecek kelimeleri bulmadan ok nce zihninde bu dalgay yarat yor Ne kadar g zel anlatm Dalgay duymamak, etkilenmemek m mk n m

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    This was one of the first books I bought for myself when I decided to pursue fiction writing It s also the only book from those early days that survived the recent culling of my writing book collection, because the exercises are well suited to aspiring and seasoned writers alike The rest of those first books I picked up were very self helpy I liked some of them back then, but freewriting about your past only gets you so far, you know Le Guin s focus with these exercises is wordsmithing I ve read so many books lately on plot, character, and Big Picture elements that it was refreshing to consider working with my writing at this level again If those others are about planning a work of art, making decisions about layout and color, this book is about mixing the paints and choosing the brushes.Since there s only a very brief description from Goodreads, here s a peek at what she covers Chapter 1 The Sound of Your WritingExercise one Being GorgeousChapter 2 PunctuationExercise two I am Garcia MarquezChapter 3 Sentence Length and Complex SyntaxExercise three Short and LongChapter 4 RepetitionExercise four Again and Again and AgainChapter 5 Adjective and AdverbExercise five ChastityChapter 6 Subject Pronoun and VerbExercise six The Old WomanChapter 7 Point of View and VoiceExercise seven POVChapter 8 Changing Point of ViewExercise eight Changing VoicesChapter 9 Indirect Narration, or What TellsExercise nine Telling it SlantChapter 10 Crowding and LeapingExercise ten A Terrible Thing to DoFrom the start, I knew I was getting something special from these exercises Not only did I love the writing it helped me produce, but the exercises sharpened my sense of how language can affect a reader I found that very inspiring as an aspiring writer.These days, I also appreciate the emphasis on quality of language, word economy, and crafting a sentence you re damn proud of As much as I like NaNoWriMo and understand that dwelling on each sentence is a realllllllly slow going way to get a book written, I love that this book encourages you to slow down Listen to the words you re choosing Are they they best words Do you need all of them Is there a better way Try another way to be sure All of this experimentation with language can get you even closer to conveying your vision to the reader That s the goal, right Anyway, I m getting ready to work through all these again with a friend I m hoping the actual process of working through these exercises is as enjoyable as I remember I ll amend the review either way.

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    Why don t I have a review here Hmm A review I did every exercise in this book I am a better writer for it The end.

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    Aram zda okurdan ok yazar n oldu u bu renkli g nlerde, yazarl n renilebilir ve retilebilir bir ey olup olmad konusunda ok a tart ma d n yor Yarat c yazarl k at lyeleri, evrimi i kurslar, On Ad mda ok Satan Roman Yazma Rehberi ba l kl sefil kitaplar aras nda kaybolmu bir nesil el yordam yla yolunu bulmaya al rken, harcanan zaman ve para da cabas Bu anlamda, yola koyulurken Hemingway in muazzam sadelikte c mlelerinin ard ndaki i ili e burun k v r p, kendimizi c mle g r n ml bir tak m ucubelerin kar s nda buldu umuz olduk a tats z bir s re bu neyle kar kar ya oldu umuzu g stermek gibi hayati bir i levi var bu kitab n Le Guin, zaman kullan m , perspektif, c mle uzunluklar , noktalama i aretleri vb gibi hemen her can al c konuya k saca de indikten sonra bu anlamda k ymetli g rd kitaplardan al nt larla izdi i sat rlar n alt n iyice belirginle tiriyor Hatta yazma niyetiniz olmay p, iyi bir okur olarak kalmaktan gocunmuyor ve bu t r yazma zerine kitaplarla i im olmaz diye d n yor olsan z bile, ustalar n bir metni nas l dokudu unu g rmek a s ndan bile ok faydal bir eser Le Guin in her eyden nce gelen muazzam okurlu u, Woolf, Dickens, Hardy, Tolkien gibi muazzam slup ular n metinlerinin arkas ndaki g z kama t r c i ili i g rme f rsat n tan yor bizlere.

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    This is low level nuts and bolts stuff I think it might be useful for teaching high schoolers, but I teach high brow stuff in my class, so who knows.

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    The structure of this book is quite simple but surprisingly useful Each chapter covers a certain aspect of writing point of view, description, dialogue, etc , beginning with a brief overview, giving sample passages from other works, and ending with an exercise The exercise comes with critiquing suggestions for those writing in groups and things to consider for those working alone The occasional opinion essay comes up now and again, always labeled as such, so you know when you re learning a rule and when you re just getting another angle on the topic I admit I didn t actually do any of the exercises, but they were interesting and worthy Much better than your standard describe your morning routine exercises that show up in most writing books I also felt like I was being treated like an adult Le Guin is not taking you by the hand here she is showing you the path There is no talk of publication or rejection letters, nothing about recapturing your creativity or affirming your right to write This book was clearly not written for people looking to write a bestselling novel or take up a brand new hobby It is, in short, a book for people who enjoy writing and would like to do so better Would that writing books were of this calibre.

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    Nebudem hodnoti , lebo pre kohoko vek, kto nep e po anglicky, m t to kniha nulov v povedn hodnotu V etky rady, ktor Le Guinov d va, s a pr li naviazan na anglick gramatiku, a pr klady, ako spr vne vyzer anglick syntax alebo pou itie mili na minul ch anglick ch asov, v m pri p san v sloven ine ni nedaj.

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    This book focuses on style and playing with language than actually talking about plot Each section contains some explanation about whatever point she s trying to make, some examples which she thinks exemplify that and why , and then an exercise to try along with the suggestion to come back in a week and then think about a couple of points she raises afterwards I both enjoyed and was challenged by the exercises, and though I don t think the results were the best things I ve ever written the rules of the exercise intentionally limit you in certain ways, or free you completely from normal conventions, so it can hardly be the best and most rounded thing you ve ever written, but it makes its point people apparently did enjoy the result.I did read in an review that there s not enough material for the price 7 in the UK, 10 in the US no personal experiences, no explanation of the difference between a short story and a novel, no attempt to explain the market That s definitely not what this book is about it s entirely about language, and about the reader getting stuck in and playing around Much as I love Le Guin and would be interested in her observations of the genre, I think it s better this way.

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    A beautiful book Packed with examples and exercises that help you create your own writing workshop covering everything from repetition to punctuation to prose economy to POVs to exposition to critiquing A book to buy and keep and study and pull out and do exercises when hopelessly stuck.

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