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Pharmacide download Pharmacide , read online Pharmacide , kindle ebook Pharmacide , Pharmacide bc83663389d5 It Looks Like Carolyn And Mark Are In Deep, Deep Shit Mark And Carolyn Live In An Alternate Where Ronald Reagan Is On His Fourth Presidential Term The USA Has A Rigid, Long Standing Caste System And Abortions Were Never Made Legal Being Homeless Is A Crime That Is Punishable By Imprisonment In An Internment Camp The Inmates Call Tent City Most Of Mark S ER Patients Are Inmates At This Camp And Are Victims Of A New Disease These Illegals Call The Transient Flu This Deadly And Rapidly Spreading Disease Mutates With Each New Host, Collecting Information, Changing Code The Disease Evolves Lightning Quick, Spreading Like Pond Ripples And Infecting Everyone No One Is Safe Mark And Carolyn Dig Too Deep And Uncover The Brutal Truth Transient Flu Was Purposely Made And Is One Hundred Percent Fatal Carolyn S Employer, Hudson Smythe Pharmaceuticals, Discovers The Chain Of Evidence And Traces The Pharmacide Back To Hudson Smythe And The Crime Of The Century Cost Is No Object And Deadly Force Is AuthorizedYes Carolyn And Mark Are In Deep, Deep Shit