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Not Perfect, But So Very Good explained Not Perfect, But So Very Good , review Not Perfect, But So Very Good , trailer Not Perfect, But So Very Good , box office Not Perfect, But So Very Good , analysis Not Perfect, But So Very Good , Not Perfect, But So Very Good 114e Sterek FanficThe Nogitsune Leaves Something Behind In Stiles, Something That Twists Him, Breaks Him, Cracks His Mind, And Turns Him Not Quite Human In Order To Heal And Save Him, He Needs A Strong Anchor To The World A Mating Bond With A Werewolf Is The Best To Way To Achieve This And Derek Is The Only Viable Option While Both He And Stiles Have An Unspoken Desire For The Other, Stiles Doesn T Want To Bond With Derek Because He Thinks He Deserves Punishment, Not To Be Given Something He Wants On A Silver Platter Derek Just Feels Guilty As Always, So Because He S Forcing The Bond Will These Two Broken Young Men Heal Themselves And Each Other And Find Their Way To A Strong And Abiding Love Can They Control Or Even Get Rid Of The Thing Lurking Inside Of Stiles That Wants To Hurt Everyone He Loves And Can Derek Ever Shake Off The Past And Move Forward Artpost Complete

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  • 53 pages
  • Not Perfect, But So Very Good
  • ladyoneill
  • English
  • 08 February 2017

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Aka Laure Alexander

10 thoughts on “Not Perfect, But So Very Good

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    After the Nogitsune, Stiles isn t human any His mind is damaged and his spark is broken He also has a demonic side that he can t quite control When he s angry or frustrated, he changes he grows claws, fangs and his eyes are completely black.In order to heal, Stiles needs a strong anchor, so Deaton bonds him with Derek view spoiler Stiles doesn t agree with that idea Plus, to completely seal the connection between the two of them, they have to have sex At first Stiles doesn t consent, but in the end he does Derek still considers it as a rape, though.Some time later Sheriff checks on Stiles and learns about what happened.I don t want to have to arrest you, Derek, so you re going to have to legally marry Stiles.I feel like that really escalated quickly hide spoiler

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    3.5 StarsI m feeling a bit glum This fic was dark and heartbreaking, but ultimately, hopeful.I think I liked it This story offshoots from the point where the Nogitsune is dispelled from within Stiles But the Nogitsune has left something behind has made Stiles darker something than human He s quickly sinking into madness, unable to contain his new urges, or his overriding guilt and shame over the unspeakable things he did while influenced by the Nogitsune For Stiles own sanity, it becomes imperative that he creates a soul bond mating bond with a strong werewolf, in order to keep him grounded and, hopefully, help him heal Enter Derek Derek has been internally struggling with his feelings for Stiles for quite some time what s new , so he willingly offers himself up to bond with Stiles view spoiler This is not in a bid to have his way with Stiles Derek is ever the Selflesswolf , but rather to save Stiles from a fate worse than death because being locked away in an institution for the rest of his life would suck pretty hard and hopefully help make him whole again and if he s lucky, make himself whole again in the process hide spoiler

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    I am not really sure how I feel about this fic I feel like I should like it like it could have been and at times it was great and then at times, it wasn t It provides an alternate ending for season 3B The Nogitsune has left Stiles, but left part of him behind making Stiles part demon In order to control his demon side , Stiles needs a soul bond with a strong werewolf to ground him Soul bonds are for life and kind of a variation on mating bites that I have read in other fics So Derek soul bonds with Stiles There is a lot of wanting and denial in this Dark feels Guilt, guilt, guilt What I had trouble with though is that their is this building angst, that as it starts to reach its crescendo, it deflates and becomes a tad sweet Then the angst starts again, builds and builds and then again is doused with a moment too sweet And this seems to repeat throughout the fic It was as if the author kept circling a fire, watching the flames get higher and higher and just when you thought they were going to toss some gasoline on the flames, they turned on a fire hose then started again with kindling I am not really sure why I have this response to this fic I liked the dark mood feeling it has, the premise has potential, it had feels and some sexy Even some awkward It was not bad, it even has some great lines, but it just never took what it had set up far enough to be satisfying And just a random note This line Derek tries to comfort him, but he s never been good at that, It is repeated throughout the story the same line It was like the author really wanted to stress that Derek isn t a stellar comforter, but couldn t find words to elaborate There good lines though We are so fucked up, Derek Yeah, they really are Derek feels himself flush, but This is familiar He remembers being sixteen and broken

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    I truly have no idea how to rate this It was definitely a darker Sterek than I normally read This is Stiles post Nogistune It leaves something evil behind in Stiles The only way to save him from hurting others without killing him is to mate with a werewolf of course, it s Derek We have a LOT of hurt sad Stiles So much of the story is Stiles and Derek dealing with feelings of guilt concerning the mating and what Stiles has become, that there is hardly any time left for any happiness I think this should have been longer so that we could get to SEE the happiness Instead, we are left with only the potential of what they will become.

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    It was ok.

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    3.5The title is appropos Some really amazing ideas here It starts off really well but I just felt the story didn t pan out as thoroughly as I would have liked 3 4 amazing and then kinda fizzled into the end The Sterek was pretty sweet, though.

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    This was. interesting. More like a building towards love relationship The sexual aspect it just kind of. creepy feel for me Passing up the unfortunate first time bond forcing to save Stiles, the rest is just. Stiles isn t getting to the finish line so of course why wouldn t Derek kind of be put off by that It s not bad, but it s not my cup of tea.

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    2.5 stars

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    3.5 Stars

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