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Illusions pdf Illusions , ebook Illusions , epub Illusions , doc Illusions , e-pub Illusions , Illusions 2ea5d216d40 Illusions By SA OzmentBlurb Ever Since Arriving In Hollywood, Skylar Murphy Has Been Loving Life He S Starring In A Hit Television Show And On The Verge Of Grabbing The Lead Role In The Most Anticipated Movie Of The Decade Poised On The Edge Of Superstardom, He Doesn T Want Or Need Any Complications To Distract Him From That Goal Whether He S Sleeping With A Woman Or A Man, His Noncommittal, No Strings Attached Love Life Suits Him Perfectly, And Despite His Rep For Playing Gay Roles, The World Still Thinks He S StraightAt The Launch Party For His New Show, Skylar Meets Aiden Moore, An Openly Gay Firefighter By Day And Cater Waiter To The Stars By Night Skylar Is Immediately Attracted To Him, But Aiden Rejects Him When An Arsonist Appears To Have Targeted Skylar, Their Paths Keep Crossing Always Up For A Challenge, Skylar Works To Win Aiden Over, And He Agrees To A Date Soon Enough They Can T Stay Away From Each Other Despite Hiding Their Relationship Away From The Ever Present Paparazzi, They Re Happy Together Until A Jilted Fan Joins Forces With The Arsonist To Sabotage Their Future

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    I made it to 52%

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    No, baby, this is not an illusion I ve really got my heart out on my sleeve There s magic between you and meYou really got me lifted off my feet So tell me you believe in love, cause it s not an illusion to me One DirectionSkylar Murphy of Illusions by S.A Ozment, thinks he has everything he needs until he becomes involved with Aiden Moore Skylar has never been in love and has no idea what it feels like, but Skylar can t explain the strong attachment for him or the sense of longing he feels when he is not with Aiden The unfamiliar feeling scares Skylar who has never even contemplated being faithful to one person but since meeting Aiden, he has no desire for anyone else at all Skylar lives in a world of illusion he can t recognize the real thing even though it s right in front of him.Aiden Moore is a practical person who knows what he wants and it s not to be a notch on Skylar s arrogant actor s bedpost When Skylar starts flirting with him at a premiere party, Aiden has no idea who he is This intrigues Skylar who hits on him Aiden politely turns him down Skylar is shocked and leaves in a huff which leaves Aiden with a bad impression of him The next time they meet, Aiden is in his job as firefighter, investigating a fire at the movie studio where Skylar is working When Skylar spots him, he waits around, not something he d usually do Predictably, Skylar asks Aiden out for coffee Aiden has conflicting feelings because of how he acted the last time they met, and turns him down again Meanwhile Ryan, Aiden s best friend and a fan of Skylar s, tries to convince him he s crazy because most people would die to be with Skylar Aiden thinks about it and decides he will give it a try Surprisingly, he and Skylar have a wonderful time on their date, which leads to some very steamy sex and a lot time together Meanwhile, despite of his caution to himself, Aiden s feelings for Skylar are growing stronger all the time Aiden knows he loves Skylar and is relatively sure Skylar feels the same way Unfortunately, Skylar s occupation seriously interferes with their relationship when Skylar s reputation as being straight is threatened Aiden is miserable having to endure watching Skylar pretend to be involved with a young woman Finally, Aiden has had enough and issues Skylar an ultimatum me or her Hoping to get a big movie role, Skylar begs him to wait a little longer, but Aiden can t do that Aiden is brokenhearted, Skylar has made his choice.Skylar isn t a bad guy, in fact, he can be quite charming The acting world is surreal at best and Skylar is content with the shallowness He isn t cruel or unfeeling, he s oblivious This unaccountability gets him in trouble when he goes home with an obsessed fan, then can t get rid of her There are also mysterious fires around the set which seem connected to Skylar who can t understand why anyone would target him When he becomes involved with Aiden, it s wonderful They are extremely compatible in and out of bed Skylar is really happy for the first time but doesn t recognize his warm and fuzzy feelings as love Pretending to be involved with his assistant is just another form of acting to him so he can t understand why Aiden is so upset Skylar can t believe how upset he is about losing Aiden and knows in order to win him back, he has to do something spectacular He just has to figure out what that will be.I m especially delighted to find a new author who produces a good high quality story For a first novel, this book is an excellent start I can only see S.A Ozment s work improving from this point on and I ll most certainly be reading of it If you enjoy reading about movie stars, firefighters, hot, steamy men, angst, suspense, and mystery, you may enjoy this book Thanks, S.A., for a great story.NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    I ve never in my life dropped a book after only 4 pages Maybe on any other given day I would ve pushed myself and gotten halfway before throwing in the towel but I don t have patience for this right now 3 different POVs within 3 pages WTF Ridiculous And on top of that the writing is childish, the little I ve got to read of it Waste of my money

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    The story had powerful moments, loved the big moment at the ceremony no spoilers Yes, I had to suspend reality a bit with all of the coincidences, but it s fiction people The only thing keeping me from 5 stars was the multiple POVs I was not always sure who was saying what and it was frustrating.

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    Review can be read at It s About The Book I went into this knowing this book was this author s first book While for me it did have some issues I thought it was a pretty good book I enjoyed the basis of the story, a bisexual, up and coming Hollywood star who isn t exactly open about his sexual life So he wasn t actually in the closet but he had limitations put on him I thought the baddie was pretty obvious but I wanted to know why, so knowing who didn t bother me.Skylar is sexually open to doing whatever with whomever feels right to him Man or woman He s not in the closet exactly He just prefers to keep those things private It s a known unspoken rule that IF you re out as a gay actor in Hollywood, the types of movie roles you re offered seem to narrow That could kill his career before it has a chance to fully take off He meets Aiden at a party one night Skylar gets spectacularly drunk and acts a fool not leaving a very good impression on Aiden and collecting a stalker A fire on the set of the TV show Skylar is working on brings Aiden, who Skylar realizes is apparently a firefighter, back into Skylar s sites Skylar is drawn to Aiden and decides to ask him out Aiden doesn t date actors and says no but Skylar is persistent.Aiden relents The guys start a seeing each other and find they have amazing chemistry Things get hot and heavy pretty quick Skylar tells himself they re keeping it casual but he s never felt this way about somebody he s seeing If only they could enjoy each other without outside interferences Fires keep popping up around Skylar and somebody is blackmailing him It s kind of a lot for what s supposedly a casual new relationship to survive.I liked the couple in this book Skylar grew up with a mother who had men in and out of their home He became very jaded about love He just didn t believe it was for him He d convinced himself of that so thoroughly he didn t realize when he was in love with someone I really liked Aiden He was super sexy and a really good guy Even after he s hurt he still wants to make sure Skylar is okay You can t help but like the guy I enjoyed the romantic story You don t like the situation Skylar is put in or the one he puts Aiden in, but you understand it It also gave the relationship some good tension.For me the problems came with the mystery portion of the book The baddie was obvious There were several things that fell into place because people were clueless or made bad decisions It all felt convenient Even Skylar thought he didn t need security after being caught in multiple fires, getting blackmailed and having a crazy stalker following him around I did enjoy how Hollywood politics came into play with Skylar s career and the effects they had on Skylar and Adrien s relationship Image is important to celebreties and when you haven t made it yet, you re at the mercy of others in the industry making decisions I personally didn t mind it but I will warn people there is some male female action going on in this book I know some people don t like it but it s minimal Also the guy involved is Skylar I know people have issues with that, too.Over all this was a pretty good first book For me it had some issues but it also had some high moments I wanted the couple together and found their on page time together made me smile and swoon I felt their joy about being with each other There were some really interesting characters in this book Some I ll be happy to never see again.

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    4.5 starsWhew What a book I have to warn you, there is a bit of M F action in this book I was a bit turned off by it but it didn t take away from the story I feel a warning would have been nice.The story was well written, the characters were well developed and this was a pretty action packed, quick read The suspense component of the book was pretty good but the love story was fantastic.There was A LOT of crazy in this book There were a couple of characters, with a 3rd possible one, that were just flat out mad One of Skylar s co stars, Kelly, at times seemed to be a bit crazy An argument can be made for Skylar s manager Nick also, although he s obsessed with the money and fame Skylar can bring him.Skylar had a pretty messed up childhood and doesn t really understand relationships He truly hasn t ever felt what it s like to be loved so he has always just been a casual hook up kind of guy He s a bit egotistical at times but deep down is a good guy that cares about the people around him that aren t crazy or jerks Aiden is an all around great guy hero fireman and a selfless friend and lover At first he doesn t even want to get mixed up with the Hollywood star but when he finally caves in, he goes all in Ryan is absolutely fantastic I love every part of him and wish he would have had a love interest or side story The 2 firemen that were close to Aiden Ben Paul were great additions to the story Sophie was ok at times she really shined in the end Definitely a story I would recommend and definitely and author to follow.

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    I did not have had high expectations for the book because it was the first book of the author, but I m pleasantly surprised I could feel the love S.A Ozment put in the book It s a wonderful Love Story I had tears in my eyes at the end and my daughter came watching what s wrong with me I love the way it s written Ryan is my personal hero and I hope we can read of him soon I just can recommend that book and hope u have as much fun as I had A grand debut release

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    I enjoyed every minute of this book The characters were personable and fun to read about Definitely be one I ll read again.

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    Good BookThis was a completely fun read I enjoyed every moment of the book from start to finish I hope for many books from this author.

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    3 star review by AmberI feel so redundant saying things like this but they have to be said I really liked some parts of this book and really disliked other parts of this book and with that said, the good bad cancel each other out which leaves a basic general average review My biggest issue with these two men was the fact that every single thing about their relationship seemed incredibly forced Nothing was natural, in my opinion And this is the biggest crux of the issue If there were focus on Skylar and Aiden building their relationship, than Skylars budding career, then I think this whole thing would have been an absolute success Also, another issue, all of the twist and turns were pretty obvious from the get go I think any radical animosity coming towards anyone should be looked in to, but that never happened Even though, without a doubt, I liked the book, it was incredibly predictable and not surprising The author is a very talented writer and I would be interested in other stories depending on the content, but there would need to be some changes, for sure.Skylar is at the cusp of super stardom He has no discrimination when it comes to either male or female Whoever he s attracted to is who he s going to be with at the time From his childhood experiences he doesn t believe in love and is into any interaction for the fun of it only But he is intrigued when the waiter turns him down That s not something that happens so his fire is without a doubt ignited.Aiden is a firefighter at heart On his days off he s a waiter at parties in the Hollywood Hills He is never taken with the superstardom he witnesses, if anything he s turned off by it So when he meets Skylar he s not prepared for being attracted to an actor on the cusp of super fame After several run ins due to suspicious fires at Skylars workplace, Skylar and Aiden are pulled together.I actually liked this author s writing style I have no fault in the mechanics with which these stories were written Talent was apparent.Aiden and Skylar s attraction became pretty explosive which was nice I loved the fact that these two men let go and really allowed themselves to feel.Some pretty obvious miscommunications, as well as stubbornness allowed this new relationship to drift off course From the miscommunications to the end of the story it was all pretty predictable, which was disappointing I was looking for surprise.Overall, this book hit average on my meter The writing was pretty good but the plot was predictable so I ended up being bored towards the end.A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit www.lovebytesreviews.com to see this and many reviews, author interviews, guestposts and giveaways

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