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The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band txt The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, text ebook The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, adobe reader The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, chapter 2 The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band 6d2a79 Whiskey And Porn Stars, Hot Reds And Car Crashes, Black Leather And High Heels, Overdoses And Death This Is The Life Of M Tley Cr E, The Heaviest Drinking, Hardest Fighting, Most Oversexed And Arrogant Band In The World Their Unbelievable Exploits Are The Stuff Of Rock N Roll Legend They Nailed The Hottest Chicks, Started The Bloodiest Fights, Partied With The Biggest Drug Dealers, And Got To Know The Inside Of Every Jail Cell From California To Japan They Have Dedicated An Entire Career To Living Life To Its Extreme, From The Greatest Fantasies To The Darkest Tragedies Tommy Married Two International Sex Symbols Vince Killed A Man And Lost A Daughter To Cancer Nikki Overdosed, Rose From The Dead, And Then OD D Again The Next Day And Mick Shot A Woman And Tried To Hang His Own Brother But That S Just The Beginning Fueled By Every Drug They Could Get Their Hands On And Obscene Amounts Of Alcohol, Driven By Fury And Headed Straight For Hell, M Tley Cr E Raged Through Two Decades, Leaving Behind A Trail Of Debauched Women, Trashed Hotel Rooms, Crashed Cars, Psychotic Managers, And Broken Bones That Has Left The Music Industry Cringing To This Day All These Unspeakable Acts, Not To Mention Their Dire Consequences, Are Laid Bare In The DirtHere Directly From Nikki, Vince, Tommy, And Mick Is The Unexpurgated Version Of The Whole Glorious, Gut Wrenching Story In These Pages, Published For The First Time Anywhere, Are Tommy Lee S Letters To Pamela Anderson From Prison Mick S Confession To Having An Incurable Disease That Is Slowly Killing Him Vince S Experience Burying His Own Daughter And The Train Wreck That His Life Became Afterward And Nikki S Anguished Struggle To Deal With An Entire Life Fueled By Anger Over His Childhood Abandonment, His Discovery Of The Family He Never Knew He Had And His Subsequent Loss Of Them And All Of It Accompanied By Scores Of Rare, Never Before Published Photographs, Mug Shots, And Handwritten Lyrics No One Is Spared Not David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Vanity, Aerosmith, Heather Locklear, AC DC, Lita Ford, Iron Maiden, Pamela Anderson, Guns N Roses, Donna D Errico, RATT, Or Those Two Girls From Dallas, TexasMake No Mistake About It These Guys Are Geniuses They Invented Glam Metal And Then Left It In The Dust Sold Than Forty Million Albums From Shout At The Devil To Dr Feelgoodtoured The World Dozen Times And Have The Scars To Prove It And Maintained A Rabid Following In An Era Of Throwaway Pop Stars M Tley Cr E Has Done Nothing Less Than Tattoo The Psyche Of The Entire MTV Generation They Are The Ultimate Rock N Roll Band And If You Don T Believe It, Read The Dirt You Don T Know What Decadence Is

About the Author: Neil Strauss

www.neilstrauss.com.His latest book, The Truth An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, was released on October 13 The review in Grantland described it as follows I want you to read this book I want your partners to read this book I want your families, your friends, your coworkers, and your colleagues to read this book I want women to read it, and men especially men to read it But than that, I want you to think critically about it, about what it says about you and the world around you and your romantic relationships I want it to inspire you to dig deep inside yourself and figure out what s stopping you from making yourself happy I want it to inspire you to embrace and engage with love, in an honest and healthy way.

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    This was it, dear readers This was the memoir that broke me The one that made me decide, definitively, to never read another White Dude Musician Memoir ever again I thought Keith Richards, with his I m a man in his goddamn seventies who still insists on calling all women chicks act was bad But at least Keith Richards, for all his faults and positively medieval gender politics, is the real deal Keith Richards is a rock star, and Keith Richards is cool The dudes in Motley Cru I don t know how to type the accents and I refuse to learn are not cool But god, are they trying so hard to live up to the rockstar image that they think they re required to portray And in a way, that s the only interesting thing about this memoir the sheer, naked desperation that seeps from every page the intense, embarrassing need these guys have to be considered cool Everything they do is performative, from the way they insisted on trashing every space they inhabited beyond recognition, to the exhaustive descriptions of all the women they had sex with including several instances where one of the guys is forced to admit that, yeah, okay, so I realize now that I actually raped this girl But I feel really bad about it Twenty years later , to the repeated and tiring scenes where the band consumes every drug they can get their hands on They re not behaving this way because they want to or, god forbid, because they get any joy out of it They re acting like assholes because they think it makes them cool It was weirdly fascinating to see how these guys cultivated their image, because in one sense, glam rockers like Motley Cru are almost like drag queens they wear makeup, over style their hair, and wear women s clothes but unlike, say, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury and yeah, Mick Jagger, who embraced and reveled in the feminine sides of their personas and in the case of Bowie and Mercury, were open about their bisexuality , Motley Cru s presentation is one long, prolonged shriek of NO HOMO, BRO These guys can t go a single goddamn page without reminding us of their blistering masculinity, and giving us every detail of their sex lives which we certainly did not ask for One delightful anecdote after the guys had had sex with their side pieces, they would stop on the way home to buy egg burritos and stick their dicks in the burritos to hide the smell and oh my god I m gagging just thinking about it All the descriptions of rock star riches and excess, much like those poor egg burritos, cannot disguise the fact that these guys are fucking disgusting The only truly innovative aspect of this memoir is that it s told in chapter installments, with different band members telling their version of the story and those different versions don t always line up with each other It was almost funny, reading one chapter that went and then we fired so and so because he was a dick who refused to learn the music and then going to the next chapter and reading and then I quit the band because those guys suck and I hated the music But the men of Motley Cru remain, at best, petty and immature And I can t repeat this enough those guys are all rapists, and also Tommy Lee fucking admits that he beat up Pamela Anderson, so in conclusion, they can all go fuck themselves But again, the band wants us to believe that all of this the over the top clothes, the drug use, the frankly horrifying treatment of women was just a product of their fame Loving a rock star and, on a broader level, any man with a shred of artistic talent or even artistic ambition means accepting their garbage behaviors with a smile, because that s the price you have to pay for the privilege of existing in these guys orbits Even as the Motley Cru guys reflect on their past behavior and admit that maybe they were jerks back then, you can see them shrugging and grinning ain t I a stinker from behind the page They have learned nothing, and they regret nothing, because why should they What ever gave them the idea that they needed to be responsible for their own actions They re rock stars, babe This is just part of the act I am so goddamn tired of the narrative that excuses asshole behavior in artistic men, as if their creative ability excuses them from basic human decency The ability to make music does not exempt you from empathy and kindness, and the desperation to fit a rock star image is a pointless and futile endeavor In a way, it was almost comforting to read this memoir and realize that everyone, even people you might believe are super cool, are just as insecure and desperate to fit in as everyone else The real lesson that I took from this book, and the lesson I m going to write here so you don t have to bother reading The Dirt, is this no one is truly cool and everyone s faking it until they make it, so you might as well be nice to people.

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    11am Woke up Vomited Started reading this book.4pm Neck started hurting Took huge amounts of cocaine, bottle of Alleve, 5th of Jack, decided reading in bed wasn t the best thing for my posture.4 15pm Went crazy, destroyed hotel room, terrified groupies in varying stages of dress, played rock show.6pm Was woken up, informed previous rock show was in head by manager, told had to go to real rock show later Read book.8pm Arrived show Drank 2 bottles of Jack, took huge amounts of cocaine from skin of groupies in varying stages of dress, played rock show.10pm Read book, much to dismay of grouping in varying stages of dress, who proceeded to do huge amounts of cocaine.4am Finished book Shot heroin into eyeball, called supermodel girlfriend, told her I loved our kid, vomited.11am Woke up That was a great book

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    i remember when i was 13 or so and i finally realized that all of the r.l stine books i d been reading were pretty trashy and devoid of any literary merit i felt a little silly for devouring something like 100 fear street books i didn t feel too bad about it, though i mean, i was reading, and it wasn t like i ONLY read fear street books i read good stuff too.this book is like that, only now i m 25, and this book is friggin DIRTY i kind of feel like i m writing a review for soft porn right now who bothers to tell everyone that they read this because this book is fucking RIVETING i read all 425 pages in 3 days i don t like motley crue i don t even like metal or whatever you want to call motley crue see i don t even know i could not put this stupid book down.i cannot, in good conscience, recommend this book to any of my friends you will probably think i m a really gross person who reads trash it s ridiculously entertaining, though, you guys i m serious i m putting it in the beach reads box at the beach house when was the last time i read 425 pages in 3 days harry potter i guess this is like smutty harry potter.put that on a dust jacket smutty harry potter.

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    There s a scene in Gil Girls where Lorelei stays home one night because she can t put this book down I can fully understand why now.I loved this book We read books to escape, and this book had me leave my world and be a cliche rock star in the hair metal 80s It s not about liking hair metal, and it s not about liking rock, and it s not even about Motley Crue who I knew nothing about at the start of this adventure It s about what drives people, how lives intersect, and about page turning, fun writing, from a professional writing I think not knowing about them was actually a benefit, because I never anticipated what was coming In short, I loved it loved it Look forward to reading of Strauss s books asap Warning The Surgeon General advises that reading this book could get Dr Feelgood in your head for periods of up to 6 hours Consider yourselves warned.

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    A train wreck happening right in front your eyes, both horrid and spectacular.I am not a fan of Motley Crue but The Dirt is one of the best books on the rock memoirs genre, so i had to read it Indeed, it s brilliant and no matter how you feel about the group, their antics or their music, you will end up loving their journey to stardom.Filthy, almost gory at some points, insanely sad and painful at others, the only word that comes to mind in the end, is captivating And horrifically so..I have to admit firstly that the book is filled with egomaniac people telling a story with no real ending but if you want to taste the true sociological time frame of the 80 s in Los Angeles, this book provides that and , so turn a blind eye and dive in. We all know, they ain t no Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Queen, i myself am not very fond of their nauseating songs or their extraterrestrial outfits and still there was something that pulled me in, maybe the gruesome stories or maybe it was the attitude They are all hedonists, with big, loud and rude mouths and only Tommy Lee is the the real musician of the bunch and surprisingly so the only sane laugh all you want, it s true and likeable member, imagine that.Let me though state that Nikki Sixx is the mastermind behind the whole endeavor and the creator of it all He was so determined to make it happen no matter what, he was the the director if you will And even though he sucked at playing bass, he made it And that s the main story, told by many POVs but mainly by the four members of the crew Some parts are too stretched out resulting in making the reader sleepy but i believe the overall mood is terrific.You see i am not only trying to see it from a sociological aspect or as a rock star stories junkie that i surely am, but from another interesting perspective I usually read Rock Star romances and it s great to find out how real rock musicians or metal groups behave Sometimes when i read a book of this particular genre i feel that the authors exaggerate terribly, but if you research the reality of it all, those in books seem quite timid, don t they So buckle up and have fun with this madness of a book, if you end up hating it, at least it was refreshing and totally consuming You will read it in one sitting i m sure.THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK Neil Strauss did and amazing job and gathered incredible details, photos and anecdotes Also he showed every perspective by interviewing people who had a dispute with the band The writing is captivating I loved the retrospect Many of the members have changed a lot and finally grew up Not Vince Neil though I wanted to smash their heads in multiple occasions I guess the biggest plus is that everytime you feel the need to do that, the universe response They had a lot of misfortune Neil s story of losing his daughter, completely gutted me I couldn t stop crying.

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    Holy crap Were the stories of rock and roll decadence entertaining Absolutely All the insider reports were delightful even But I still came away feeling sad Sad that music and non stop consumption of drugs, alcohol, women, and stuff seemed to be the only way these men could fill the gaping holes in themselves Sad at the wreckage they left behind wherever they went Sad that they seemed to be flailing for meaning even with all the fame and money they craved Sad that their demons and their egos got in the way of true greatness of craft again and again Thank you, Motley Crue, for the music of my youth For the sound of 45,000 people screaming SHOUT AT THE DEVIL in the Coloseum And thank you for not having your roadies pick me and my friend to take backstage that one time DAYUM I truly wish them peace.Shout out to Lorelai Gil, for reminding me I had this on my to read shelf Addition 2019 Hey, look, it s a movie coming out in March.

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    I think I m going to be sick Take a bath, please just once take a shower and wear cleans clothing I read Sixx s Heroin Diaries and was creeped out by the level of neglect, filth, and absolute sadness in his life All of the decrepitude is a cry for help They are savages with cash who care nothing about nobody, even each other Doc McGheeFull RTC

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    Great read for anyone who ever dreamed of being in an 80s band or a fan of the group The way that they came to fruition along with some of the things they had to deal with in their lives were remarkable A relatively easy read, as well.

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    Wowwho knew debauchery could be soBORING I just didn t feel that any of the Motley Crue guys displayed the wit and creativity necessary to tell a compelling story, too many times this book just felt like one loooooong ego trip

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    Let s be clear I have zero authority when it comes to reviewing music Especially heavy metal The extent of my music knowledge begins and ends with absentmindedly humming along to a 90 s pop radio station while I m out running errands About as far away from M tley Cr e as one can get And I REALLY don t know how I went from an obsession with orca and environmentalism to an obsession with a random 80 s heavy metal band in the span of only a few weeks But here we are All of that said, I truly had no idea how badass and completely, 100% fucking bat shit crazy M tley Cr e was until I picked up this book I remember my dad talking about them when I was young, but I had no inkling of what they were about and could not for the life of me comprehend why anyone would voluntarily listen to that screeching and screaming of profanities, barely understandable through the distortion of mic and amp Entertainment Really Well, long story short, I get it now And I LOVE IT For all the naive youngsters and maybe not so youngsters like me out there, M tley Cr e is exactly that a ragged group of disturbed, endlessly destructive, and oddly talented, men who somehow made it out alive, still decked out in heels and leather, after decades of inhuman levels of partying Literally These guys are the definition of go big or go home Overdose after overdose, fist fight after fist fight, arrest after arrest Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil, and Nikki Sixx somehow held it together long enough to become one of the most famous and successful heavy metal bands of their generation Each with a very different personality and their own unique brand of vice, they bonded into a twisted gang that rocked the world and ruined millions of dollars worth of property, than a couple of lives, and their own physical and mental health along the way.Written by the band members themselves, with the help of Neil Strauss, this memoir style book chronicles their impossible journey as individuals and as M tley Cr e from their own perspectives And it blew my mind So read The Dirt And, if you liked it as much as I did, get tickets for M tley Cr e s final tour apparently this is the ACTUAL final tour I understand they ve had a couple which is happening this year Serendipitous timing, in fact Their last show in Utah is scheduled for next week, and yes, I ll be there Completely out of place a poser among rockers but hopefully enjoying the madness nonetheless I may even have an extra beer or two in the name of chaos.

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