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    This charming anthology of historical romances takes place centered around the Duke and Duchess of Milton s Midsummer Night s Ball The stories vary from those who meet for the first time at the ball, to those who reunite or rekindle their romance during it The following is a review for all four enchanting tales in the collection The Marquess and I Stacy ReidIn this delightful reunited lovers romance, Alasdair and Willow had a young love affair that was not meant to be when Willow s father refused to accept Alasdair s suit as the 3rd in line to inherit his family s fortunes With her rejection, Alasdair went on without her, to war and back again But while he was gone Willow suffered a tragic accident and lost her sight Six years later, with Alasdair now the heir and needing to marry an heiress to fill his estates empty coffers, will he turn to Willow once again or leave their love in the past I really enjoyed this story The setting is well described and it s easy to feel empathy towards Willow, first for her young age when she could not stand up to her family s demands that she marry better, and now with her blindness making things difficult for her in gaining a marriage partner not after her fortune Yet she comes across as courageous and steadfast, having come to terms with her blindness and making the best of things Alasdair is a war hero, a strong and upright man but he s never forgotten the love of his life or how she rejected him Though he at first relishes the chance to get back at her, it s not long before he realizes that his feelings for her are still strong, and his desire to be her protector is still there, even so with her injury The chemistry between them still sizzles and leads to some steamy love scenes, even as Willow must decide whether to accept Alasdair s interest in her once again They ve hurt each other in the past, now they must mend those wounds together Midnight Wish Lily MaxtonWhen Jane and Stephen first meet at the Midsummer Night s ball, they develop a quick and deep affection for each other But on their wedding day, Jane overhears something that turns their marriage into not a love match but a dreaded marriage of convenience Married a year, with no happiness for either, can their misunderstanding be righted before it s too late This was a sweet tale of a man and woman who through circumstance and misadventure end up as strangers than friends until the tide turns Stephen is a sweet and gentle man with no idea of why the woman he married turned cold to him But he s determined to fix things if he can and as they start to reconnect Jane has to wonder if she s misjudged the man she married I liked both characters and understood how they came to this sad state in their marriage, though it seemed like a bit of communication on their parts would have solved all their problems Still, they are finally getting somewhere and the chemistry between them has a chance to ignite, resulting in some sweet and sexy scenes It was lovely to see them get the happy ending they deserve Once Upon A Promise Nicola Davidson When Caleb and Emma married it was for love But their difficulties in conceiving a child, and Caleb s longer and longer war missions resulted in them growing apart, to the point where after Caleb returns to London from his last three years without even a visit, Emma is ready to formally ask for a separation Now Caleb, realizing his dreadful mistake in letting distance physical and emotional come between them, has asked for the six weeks leading up to the Ball to be a second chance for them Can they reconnect and rediscover what brought them together I really enjoyed the characters in this story They both feel that they are responsible for the childless situation they have found themselves in, and this has gone a long way to creating the distance between them Plus, Caleb is inheriting a barony, such that they will find themselves and in the social situations that make Emma uneasy With his work cut out for him, Caleb plans a military like campaign to get his wife back into his arms again There is no doubt that they still have chemistry and when they submit to it again, their love scenes are sexy and emotional But until Caleb starts to open up to Emma about his reasons for staying away so long, they won t have a chance Caleb is a conflicted and gruff man, but with a tender side and the way he tries to woo back his wife is sweet and touching I really enjoyed the way this story unfolded, it was a really sweet and sexy tale And Then The Moon Ally Broadfield Madelene is desperate to find a husband or her father is going to kick her out regardless Duncan needs a wife The perfect solution would seem to be a pairing between them, but Madelene s idea is to have Duncan be her betrothed for a few months, enough to get her father s attention off of her momentarily and in return she ll make a list of women that would suitable for Duncan But, things don t go entirely as planned when Duncan decides he wants Madelene all to himself.This was another delightful story, with Duncan returned from war and still suffering some of the aftereffects The last thing he wants is to be involved in London society so making an arrangement with Madelene seems the best solution His character was a bit on the shy and awkward side, no alpha male here but a sweet and nice person Madelene has really had a rough go of it with her overbearing father and it was lovely to see her find someone who treated her so well There is definite chemistry between them and they do share some sexy scenes together a little pre marital bliss This one isn t too long, but gives you a good sense of the difficulties for women and the marriage market in general Quite lovely Note a copy of this collection was provided by one of the authors for review.

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    The Marquess and I by Stacy ReidAlasdair Morley couldn t stop looking at Lady Willow Arlington Words said by Lady Willow almost six years ago, still had the power to torment him Alasdair doesn t like going to the parties His mother wheedled and prodded until he agreed to go Lady Willow doesn t want to be a burden to anyone with her blindness Alasdair Hugh Morley is the Marquess of Westcliffe, he didn t expect to inherit but his brothers both passed away Lady Willow daughter to Duke and Duchess of Milton, extremely beautiful Wasn t allowed to do anything.This book is an amazing read, it s very well written and the characters are very well developed Midnight Wish by Lily Maxton Stephan loves to draw, bugs and butterflies Stephan and Lady Jane Cartwright first met at the ball hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Milton when Stephan fell out of the tree Jane likes to bring in stray animals off the street Stephan will never measure up to his brother This book is an amazing read, it s very well written and the characters are very well developed Once Upon a Promise Emma wrote a letter to caleb telling him that she wantss a seperation Caleb married his father secretary s daughter He married below himself, his home visits dwindled considerably and stopped all together after the Summer of 1812 Caleb asked her to give him six weeks so he can win back her love and if not he will let her go This book is amazing it s a very fast read, it s very well written and the characters are very well developed And Then The Moon by Ally Broad field Madelene Parish has seen three season and her sisters and mother can stopped complaining She has Dallied on the marriage mart long enough and her father told her that he is going to add money to her allowance When she dances she gets stuck with rude men who only want to be with her for her allowance When she went outside and met Duncan Newfield Duncan confronted Madelene s father about him stealing land from his family This is an amazing book it s very well written and the characters are very well developed All in all I truly loved this story, it s very well written This is one series that I know I will be able to read again and again.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful anthology of regency romances Four beautifully written, charming stories Each is centered around the Midsummer Night s Ball, and range from sweet to sizzling, but all stunning page turners with vivid characters and a heartwarming, satisfyingly swoony HEA.You won t regret giving this collection a try I ve discovered a couple of new to me author s I ll definitely reading of

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    I absolutely LOVED this book All of the stories in this compilation were very well written Each story begins or ends at the Midsummer Night s Ball There is a little something for everyone, new love, couples rediscovering what made them fall in love, class division, anything your historical romance loving heart could desire On every page there is passion, humor, angst, and of course, love The Marquess and I Lady Willow has been blinded in an accident and is resolved to being a spinster As she was forced to turn away the only man she loves she is than fine with that.Lord Westcliffe was devastated when Willow sent him away in favor of a marriage to a tilted man Newly in possession of a title, he wants to make Willow suffer as he has for years When he discovers what she has endured since he left for war he has a change of heart.These two were so sweet and the story was incredibly romantic This was one of my favorites Midnight WishJane is an heiress who believes she has nothing else to recommend her Stephen is an entomologist who has recently come into a title.Seems this should be a wonderful match Until a misunderstanding and lack of communication leave them each miserable and lonely.This story switched back and forth between Jane and Stephen s past and present I really enjoyed that, as it gave a glimpse of what drew them to each other in the first place It was a bit sad really and frustrating but in the best of ways.Once Upon a PromiseEmma and Caleb have been separated physically by war but have also been separated emotionally by several outside factors Caleb has returned home to find that in his absence his wife has found someone else to comfort her This story was so emotional Caleb and Emma so clearly still love each other Caleb is riddled with guilt over his past with his brother and now with his perceived abandonment of Emma There were also plenty of light and even funny moments which kept it from being too melancholy This was my absolute favorite in this collection And Then the MoonMadelene has had her sense self worth completely destroyed by her father She is certain her fate is to be a spinster and has decided that suits her just fine Duncan is trying to learn to navigate the waters of the ton A task he is terrified of When they bump into each other at the ball, they concoct a plan to fool everyone into thinking they are engaged This will keep Madelene s father, who has decided she must marry, off of her case and allow Duncan time to find a suitable bride This one was short and sweet and a really enjoyable read.I really loved this collection of historical novellas I think this is a must read for historical fans and a great introduction to the genre for someone who has never tried Absolutely wonderful 5 sizzling stars from NADBB Reviewed by Elizabeth.

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    Lovely novellas I enjoyed all of them Full review to come

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    Received an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewWas a good mix of historical novellas Enjoyed them all The authors did a good job putting together a mix of books that went well together

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    MAGNIFICENTWhat a BEAUTIFUL collection of short stories It was with great entertainment that read each one and laughed and cried till all four couples came together ENJOY

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    I wanted to read this book because it has stories written by 2 of my new fave authors Stacy Reid and Lily Maxton This book is reminiscent of the ones written by the his rom biggies like Julia Quinn, Mary Balogh, et al where you get a few different stories written by different authors interlinked or not by one single event, or person I love these books because they provide a good reprieve from reading the big thick ones Also, these are great as samplers of other author s works because often than not there is where i get introduced to many new authors and books.So this one has 4 different stories and they all have one thing in common the Midsummer Night s Ball held by the Duke and Duchess of Milton 1 The Marquess and I 4 stars I like the story, it s got all the emotional drama and a little bitty plot twist rolled into a short story It s about a titled girl who once rejected a common guy s proposal in marriage although they were very much in love At that time they were very young and she was forced to accept another titled lord s proposal or there would have been dire consequences So now the guy is back from the war, and has a title and sees the girl at the MSN Ball hosted by her parents and he thought he could exact his revenge on her for refusing him before, only to find out that she s blind, and she didn t marry someone over him after all What happened Since this is a novella, expect a short story with a punch and a warm fuzzy HEA.2 Midnight Wish 3 stars This is another good one A science geek bespectacled lord Oooh.adorable and a pretty heiress fell in love with each other s quirkiness when they accidentally met at the MSN Ball they got married, and suddenly everything went downhill right after the vows were made And they ve been estranged ever since What happened to the laughing, smiling girl he married It s a bit of an emotional roller coaster kind of story, of misunderstanding and the importance of standing up for yourself and what you believe is right 3 Once Upon a Promise 4 stars Another emotional story but a paced one as the story is set as a timeline The Monclairs were very much in love with each other before he left for war After 6 years, he returns only to find that the wife is distant and wanting a separation Refusing to give up on their love, he strikes a bargain with his wife that he could win back her love in 6 weeks, by the date of the MSN Ball This story has many other little stories hidden within it But somehow it kind of works because the focus is still on Caleb trying hard to win his wife back and Emma re assessing their feelings towards each other There are fun bits and characters that provide some comic relief A nice one I was riveted.4 And Then the Moon 2 stars A titled girl is forced to pick someone to marry by the end of the MSN Ball A newly titled guy chances upon her and they took a liking to each other So they struck a bargain that he be her fake fiance until she hatches a plan to go off on her own and he gets a suitable girl to marry But, the over bearing and scheming father seems to have other ideas.I feel that this one is a bit off, unfortunately The story started off quite nicely but suddenly felt like it should be a detailed and should be told in a longer story and not a short one The plot twist would have profited with detailed story telling but since this is supposed to be a short story, the whole story read like a chopped up one There were lots of gaping parts it just had to end I d say this story would have been better told in a proper novel and the effect was spoiled because of the word limit All in all, a good book to have handy when you need a quick histo rom fix.

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    I was given an ARC for an honest reviewThis is a four book box set of Regency Era novellas revolving around the yearly Midsummer Night s Party, the ton s most exclusive event of the Season The Marquess and I Lady Willow, the one woman that Alisdair Morely does not want to have anything to do with because she rejected him all those years ago, is the one woman he wants When he arrives home from war to take on the mantle of the Marquess of Westcliffe, Alisdair knows he needs to marry money So why is he looking at Lady Willow with desire still, after all these years He knows that she has changed, but when he finds out just how much and the reason for the change, he cannot hold his feelings back any A true HEA The characters are lovely and imaginative Midnight WishWhile hiding out in the garden during the Midsummer s Night Ball, Jane Cartwright meets the man of her dreams He falls out of a tree while trying to capture an elusive moth Jane realizes that this man is a man after her own heart, inquisitive and full of the desire to learn But this is not your typical HEA She overhears something on her wedding day which has completely changed her perception of the man she married She thought he married her for love Did he Or did he marry because he needed the very large dowry Jane would bring to his family You must read to see if the two have the HEA they both deserve.Once Upon a PromiseEmma Montclair has decided that enough is enough Her husband has been gone for many years, off fighting at Wellington s side against that upstart Napoleon Bonaparte He has not been there to fulfill his husbandly duties and she believes that her lowborn status is the reason Just as she has decided that she will ask for a formal separation, he comes home He refuses her request and instead offers her a deal Give him six weeks to change her mind of him If she cannot forgive at the end of that time, he will grant her request During that six weeks, Caleb attempts to prove over and over that he still cares Can he do it Does Emma end up leaving Read the book to find out and fall in love with Caleb for yourself.And Then The MoonA chance encounter at the Midsummer Night s Ball between spinster Lady Madalene Parish and Duncan Newfield, a viscount has given Madalene an idea After her father decreed that if she did not find someone by the end of the Season, she would not be able to return home, she decides to strike a deal with Duncan If he would agree to a fake engagement, she could use her vast knowledge of the ton to find Duncan a suitable wife and she would be able to return home at the end of the season In true HEA fashion, the deal is struck and Duncan proceeds to get her father s permission to wed the very next day While working towards the goal of a suitable marriage for the Viscount they both realize that this fake engagement should be a real one Will compilations stop them from getting their well deserved HEA One way to find out, read the boxset.On a side note, I enjoyed all four books, but I had the same issue with each one While I do enjoy Regency era novels, not one of these kept my attention all the way through I could set my kindle down and walk away, not concerned about what the characters could be doing while I was gone For me, that is a sign that it is not my cup of tea.Reviewed by Cryssy

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    The marquess and I by Stacy ReidThis was a well heartfull happy but emotional read as only Stacy Reid knows how to do itTwo people who loved each other but duty got in the way Lady Willow loved a young man and when he wanted to marry her she had to turn him down Her father had other plans for her for a duke and because he wasn t a heir or a lord the answer was NO Once he got his answer he left for war She broke his heart He was gone for 6 yrs He came back and meet her at a ball He was going to use her and abandoned her He found out she was blind She wasn t blind when he left He wonders how but she won t tell him If you want to know how and does he wow her since he is now a lord get it and find outMidnight wish by Lila Maxton first I read from herLoved how both the lead characters didn t want to Marry One loves butterflies but is an embarrassment to his family a future earl The lady comes from Money And her father tells her to accept the first lord that offers for her He wants a lord for a son in law They go into the woods and they have a great time together They connect Only thing is they have to go back to the ballroom but they pass a wishing tree They both make a wish His father tells him to marry her Her coffers will ease the family.Find out what his father thought of her What did she hear after the marriage ceremonyGet it and find out what their wishes are Do the pretend engement turn into a real one.Once upon a promise Loved it loved itEmma Burst into Caleb life and struck him with love They had a whirl of a romance and married He goes off to war and doesn t return for 3yrs She wants a separatation She thinks he didn t come back because she count conceive He still loves her and asks for 6werks to woo her He count tell her about his brother and the dark secret that he has He wants the works to show her so she can stay stay with him First few weeks one thing led to another She is allergic to strawberries An event at a musical casts a ton tidbits Get it and find out what the dark secret is that he has Does she stay with himAnd then the moonBoth characters don t want to marry So they both go into the woods together They come into a hut and they have a great time they make a deal that the y will have a pretend engagement to get their families off their back With the pretend engagement she will have a respite from her father He loves the country but hates London.she promises to help him find a perfect wife So the next day he goes and sees her father Her father says yes They start to like each other after a few dates and they suit The father starts to open up Only thing is the father has an ulterior motive to say yes Get it and find out what the father has Does the fathers threat broke them up or do they stay together

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A Midsummer Nights Kiss summary pdf A Midsummer Nights Kiss , summary chapter 2 A Midsummer Nights Kiss , sparknotes A Midsummer Nights Kiss , A Midsummer Nights Kiss 2ce15fc A Midsummer Night S Kiss Four Wonderful, Scandalous, And Emotionally Charged Regency Romance Novellas Written By Stacy Reid, Lily Maxton, Nicola Davidson, And Ally Broadfield THE MARQUESS AND ILady Willow Arlington, Hauntingly Lovely, Is Also Blind And Known By The Ton As The Dowry Less Daughter Alasdair Morley, The Marquess Of Westcliffe, Is In Need Of An Heiress, But Lady Willow Should Be The Last Person He Craves After She Was Persuaded To Reject His Offer Of Marriage When He Was A Mere Third Son Passion Reignites Between Them, And He Makes An Enticing Offer She Cannot Resist, Drawing Them Into A Dance Of Lust And Love Despite The Misgivings In His HeartMIDNIGHT WISHHeiress Jane Cartwright Wants A Suitor Who Likes Her Instead Of Her Dowry Her Parents Want A Titled Son In Law When A Stranger Falls Out Of A Tree And Lands At Her Feet At The Midsummer Ball, She S Intrigued With This Charmingly Awkward, Science Minded Man She Thinks Her Deepest Wish Has Been Answered When She Finds Out He S Titled But Jane Learns That Wishes Can Be Fickle, And Her Whirlwind Romance Might Just Be Too Good To Be TrueONCE UPON A PROMISELong Abandoned By Her Aristocratic Soldier Husband, Emma Montclair Craves A Formal Separation To Forget The Man Who Pulled Her Into His Glittering, Stifling World, Introducedher To Sizzling Passion, Then Broke Her Heart Home At Last, Major Caleb Montclair Offers The Wife He Never Stopped Loving A Counter Bargain Grant Him The Six Weeks Until Midsummer Night To Win Her Back But Even As Oldtenderness Rekindles, Lost Time And Shocking Secrets Threaten Their Second ChanceAND THEN THE MOONAfter Unexpectedly Inheriting A Viscountcy, Duncan Newfield Must Join Society He Seems To Be The Only One Not Enjoying The Midsummer Night S Ball Until He Discovers Lady Madalene Parish Hiding In The Garden Her Father, Lord Gilmanton, Has Ordered Her To Accept A Marriage Proposal, Any Marriage Proposal, By The End Of The Season A Bargain Is Struck And They Enter Into A Fake Engagement, But Once They Realize They Might Be Perfect For One Another, Unexpected Complications Arise That May Prevent Them From Having A Future Together

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