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Women in Mathematics summary Women in Mathematics, series Women in Mathematics, book Women in Mathematics, pdf Women in Mathematics, Women in Mathematics 6ecee10d57 The Colorful Lives Of These Women, Who Often Traveled In The Most Avant Garde Circles Of Their Day, Are Presented In Fascinating Detail The Obstacles And Censures That Were Also A Part Of Their Lives Are A Sobering Reminder Of The Bias Against Women Still Present In This And Other Fields Of Academic Endeavor Mathematicians, Science Historians, And General Readers Will Find This Book A Lively History Women Will Find It A Reminder Of A Proud Tradition And A Challenge To Take Their Rightful Place In Academic Life Today

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    Una lectura amena e inspiracional he tenido que agregar varias hero nas a mi lista personal Impresionante cuanto han tenido que luchar las mujeres por su lugar en las matem ticas.

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    Women in Mathematics isn t quite the book I wanted it to be Written in the 70s, it s fairly dated and Western centric, and I m sure there are some non European women in math history who would have been highlighted had this been written today The writing s also stilted and occasionally bad see Her education had been a rather desultory one, mostly self directed, quite haphazard and scant Please remove some adjectives But on the positive side, the women highlighted are all heroes for doing the work they did when they did it From Hypatia, who was martyred by ignorant Christians afraid of her new ideas, to the Marquise de Ch telet, who translated Newton into French and provided intelligent commentary, to Mary Fairfax Somerville, who studied Euclid at night despite her family confiscating her candles, these women s determination is admirable And although her contributions were primarily in astronomy, Caroline Herschel is awesome A moon crater is named after her But my recommendation is to just read the wikipedia articles on these pioneers, as they re probably enjoyable to read than this book.

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    A cross section of important female personalities in mathematics such as they were over the history of the field Some names were familiar to me in some way, but many of them were completely unknown to me, despite some important contributions to mathematics.As far as the contributions themselves go, this book falls well short of the mark, mostly only naming in something like a laundry list the topics to which each woman contributed Notable exceptions are the works of Sonya Kovalevsky and Emmy Noether, which are given a mathematically teethed exposition I came away from each vignette wishing I had better insight into the actual work the mathematician being discussed had done.Beyond the scope of their work, however, the author does an extremely good job of humanizing each woman, flaws and all, along with discussion of the historical context in which they lived I was tempted by each vignette to look for a biography of the woman, and I very well may end up reading one about Kovalevsky, the description of whom left a particularly strong impression on me.An enlightening read, but a series of biographical vignettes that includes the mathematical aspects of each woman s life rather than the work oriented discussion I expected going into it.

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    Nice slim novel contains biographies of Hypatia, Maria Agnesi, Emilie de Breteuil, Caroline Herschel, Sophie Germain, Mary Fairfax Somerville, Sonya Corvin Krukovsky Kovalevsky, and Emmy Noether.A good resource should you be looking for positive role models for women and girls Written from a well balanced feminist perspective that does not gloss over, nor focus exclusively on, the barriers these women faced in the academic mathematical community Contains theory and mathematical meat than many biographies Written in the 70s, the language is understandably a bit dated.

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    For a high school math project, I had to choose a book title from the list my teacher gave me, and I decided to read this book because it was relatively short However, once I started reading it, I was surprised about how interested I was I would recommend it to anyone who loves reading about strong, confident women who are not afraid to turn against society s expectations.

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    This book is a good introduction to the subject of women in mathematics The biographies are short, and include both mathematical accomplishments as well as interesting information about personal lives.

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    Well researched articles about a variety of women mathematicians.

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