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Leave Yesterday Behind chapter 1 Leave Yesterday Behind , meaning Leave Yesterday Behind , genre Leave Yesterday Behind , book cover Leave Yesterday Behind , flies Leave Yesterday Behind , Leave Yesterday Behind 8512aa3d031db Callie Chennault Vaulted To Fame On The Nighttime Soap Sumner Falls, But After A Decade Of Playing The Same Role, She Is Ready For A New Acting Challenge When Callie Is Attacked By A Stalker On The Streets Of New York, She Takes A Leave Of Absence From The Show And Returns To Her Roots In Aurora, Louisiana, To Heal Both Physically And Emotionally And Determine Her Next Career MoveFormer Professional Baseball Pitcher Nick La Chappelle Has Also Come To Aurora To Lick His Own Wounds After A Messy Divorce A Cy Young Winner And One Time ESPN Broadcaster, Nick Longs For The Quiet Of A Small Town In Order To Write Murder Mysteries Under A Pen NameSparks Fly When Callie Believes Nick Is Taking Advantage Of Her Great Aunt S Hospitality, But They Resolve Their Differences And Surprise Themselves By Falling In Love Their Bond Is Tested When Both Nick And Callie Become The Focus Of A Serial Killer Nicknamed Lipstick Larry Can They Outwit A Murderer Bent On Seeing Them Dead And Survive To Build A Lasting Relationship

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    Vikki s MusingsRating 4.5 StarsThis is definitely an exciting read, filled with plenty of suspense from the first page to the last I ve read Ms Linwood s medieval romances and also one of her western stories I enjoy her writing style and her stories are unique Leave Yesterday Behind is her first foray into contemporary romantic suspense, and it is fantastic Callie Chennault, a soap opera star, is questioning her recent lack of enthusiasm for her job She wonders if something else would bring her fulfillment While walking to her subway stop after Yoga class, she s attacked and left for dead Her injuries are so severe she takes a leave of absence to recover She heads to Aurora, Louisiana, where her amazing great aunt lives.While recuperating, she meets Nick La Chappelle, a man she met briefly when she was a teenager The attraction she feels for him is stronger than anything she has ever felt before, and he returns her feelings When she finds out he is also one of her favorite authors of murder mysteries, that only makes him attractive.When Callie starts receiving notes from a stalker, she realizes that the man caught in New York was not the same stalker who killed all those women, resembling her Now he is not only after her, but Nick as well.In a race for time, will she and Nick evade the serial killer, while discovering a love that will stand the test of time, or will they find themselves victims of the killer Wow Ms Linwood has penned a compelling and thrilling story that had me flipping pages as quickly as possible on my Kindle Not only are the main characters unforgettable, she also has amazing cast of secondary characters who enhance the tale of murder and mystery greatly.I m amazed by her ability to switch so dramatically from historical romance to contemporary romantic suspense and doing it so successfully That is not easy to do Romantic suspense is not my first choice of a read, but Leave Yesterday Behind may very well change my mind If you re looking for a story with plenty of twists and turns and a great romance as well, then you will not be disappointed This story is unique and is full of surprises along the way I m sure you will enjoy it as much as I have Happy reading

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    A well written and entertaining thriller I found this enjoyable from start to finish Minor spoilers aheadThe main characters, Callie and Nick, were relatable and sympathetic in spite of their high profile careers and ridiculous good looks The supporting characters were also great and helped to flesh out the mains and their relationship There were one or two niggles that stopped this from being a five star read though unfortunately Some of the transitions were really abrupt For example, when Callie and Nick meet they re really antagonistic towards one another, however in a rather abrupt move they re suddenly in love and planning a future I bought it, I was on board with their relationship, I just thought it was abrupt rather than instalove and that threw me a little The other thing that I thought could have been better was the villain His reveal was pretty anticlimactic, as was the ending Don t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the story and thought it was particularly impressive as it was Linwood s contemporary romance debut but thought it had the potential to be even better.

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    Another great romantic suspense by Lauren Linwood Another one of her books that kept my attention through the entire book It s filled with suspense What happens when a lunatic has a hankering to kill a soap star lots of bad things I couldn t guess who the killer was, or why he wanted Jessica Callie dead The hero, Nick, is totally awesome He is one patient hunk of man The romance between him and Callie is a good story all by itself As I was reading this, the story just flowed I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it, especially if you like romantic suspense.

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    Characters that are believable.A book you can just sit back and enjoy reading The character s emotions and actions are understandable, believable, and most importantly Nick LaChappelle and Callie Chennault truly care for each other While both have been hurt in the past they are able to talk about their past problems and work together to solve their differences instead of non communication being the conflict of the story.Oh, yes, this is a romantic suspense with a cloud hanging over Nick and Callie The twist and turns with a killer chasing them provide the added dimension that makes a good story great Lauren Linwood has successfully moved from Historical Romance to present day thriller with love included.I was provided an advanced copy for an honest review.

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    4.5 5.0An intense and intriguing tale of mystery and suspense, Leave Yesterday Behind lacks only one thing a bit exploration of Raymond Morris s deranged behaviors Read full review in the

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    A very exciting read, filled with suspense from beginning to end The main characters are well written, and the secondary characters are perfect for enhancing the story I was drawn into the story from the first page, and kept turning pages anxious to find out what was going to happen next Perfect read for those who enjoy action, suspense, romance and comedy in the same tale.

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    Review to come

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